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                                           S/M No. : TCP185C/NEF

Service Manual
Color Television
CHASSIS : CP-185N and CP-185C

    Version                     Pal multi system
    TV Standard                 PAL-SECAM B/G, D/K, H, I/I (NTSC : AV Only)
    Sound system                Mono
                                * 1 Speaker
                                14":49W / 20":60W / 21" 68W
    Power consumption           * 2Speaker
                                14":57W / 20":64W / 21":74W
    Speaker                     3W 8 Ohm o 7.5W 8 Ohm
    Teletext system             Option
    Aerial Input                75 Ohm unbalanced
    Channel coverage            off-air channels, S-cable channels and hyperband
    Tuning system               Ferquency synthesiser tuning system
    Visual screen size          20':48cm
    Channel indication          On screen display
    Program selection           100 Programmes
                                RCA jack : Audio input and Vidio input
                                ERUO SCART Jack : Audio/Video and R/G/B input.
                                Sloe and fast swtching, SVHsin
    Auxiliary Outpup Terminal
                                Audio - Video jack on front of cabinet in common
                                connection with EURO-SCART
                                Headphone jack on front of cabinet
                                R-40A10 (None teletext) AAA Battery type
    Remote control              R-40A01(With teletext) AAA Battery type
                                R-44C05(With teletext) AA Battery type

                                                              Sep. 2001
SAFETY INSTRUCTION                                                           2

SPECIFICATIONS                                                               3
 21 Pin EURO-SCART                                                           3
CIRCUIT BLOCK DIAGRAM                                                        4

ALIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS                                                       5
 1. Service mode                                                             5
 2. Microcontroller configuration                                            5
 3. TV SET Alignment                                                       5~6

SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM                                                            7

EXPLODED VIEW                                                             8~10

PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD                                                        11

SERVICE PARTS LIST                                                        12~23
 The different parts list                                                    24

 APPENDIX (Appendix is provide only by internet [])
FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION                                                     1~6

IC DESCRIPTION                                                            7~20


   WARNING : Only competent service personnel may carry out work involving the testing or repair of this equipment

1. Excessive high voltage can produce potentially hazardous X-RAY RADIATION. To avoid such hazards, the high
   voltage must not exceed the specified limit. The nominal value of the high voltage of this receiver is 22-23 kV (14")or
   24-26 kV (20"-21")at max beam current. The high voltage must not, under any circumstances, exceed 27.5 kV (14",
   20"), 29KV (21"). Each time a receiver requires servicing, the high voltage should be checked. It is important to use an
   accurate and reliable high voltage meter.).

2. The only source of X-RAY Radiation in this TV receiver is the picture tube. For continued X-RAY RADIATION
   protection, the replacement tube must be exactly the same type tube as specified in the parts list.

1. Potentials of high voltage are present when this receiver is operating. Operation of the receiver outside the cabinet or
   with the back cover removed involves a shock hazard from the receiver.
    1) Servicing should not be attempted by anyone who is not thoroughly familiar with the precautions necessary when
       working on high voltage equipment.
    2) Discharge the high potential of the picture tube before handling the tube. The picture tube is highly evacuated and if
       broken, glass fragments will be violently expelled.
2. If any Fuse in this TV receiver is blown, replace it with the FUSE specified in the Replacement Parts List.
3. When replacing a high wattage resistor (oxide metal film resistor) in circuit board, keep the resistor body 10 mm away
   from the circuit board.
4. Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature components.
5. This receiver must operate under AC 230 volts, 5O Hz. NEVER connect to a DC supply of any other voltage or

Many electrical and mechanical parts in this equipment have special safety-related characteristics. These characteristics
are often passed unnoticed by a visual inspection and the X-RAY RADIATION protection afforded by them cannot
necessarily be obtained by using replacement components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. Replacement parts
which have these spe- cial safety characteristics are identified in this manual and its supplements, electrical components
having such features are identified by designated symbol on the parts list. Before replacing any of these components,
read the parts list in this manual carefully. The use of substitutes replacement parts which do not have the same safety
characteristics as specified in the parts list may create X-RAY Radiation.


 PIN    SIGNAL DESCRIPTION                            MATCHING VALUE
  1    Audio Output Right    0.5 Vrms, Impedance < 1k, (RF 54% Mod)
  2    Audio Input Right     0.5Vrms, Impedance > 10k
  3    Audio Output Left     0.5 Vrms, Impedance < 1k, (RF 54% Mod)
  4    Audio Earth
  5    Blue Earth
  6    Audio Input Left      0.5Vrms, Impedance > 10k
  7    Blue Input            0.7Vpp + 0.1V, Inpedance 75
  8    Slow Switching        TV : 0 to 2V, AV : 4.5 to 12V, Impedance > 10k
  9    Green Earth
 10    N.C
 11    Green Input           0.7Vpp + 0.1V, Impedance 75
 12    N.C
 13    Red Earth
 14    Blanking Earth
 15    Red Input             0.7Vpp 0.1V, Impedance 75
       Chroma Input             3dB for a luminance signal of 1 Vpp
 16    Fast Switching        0 to 0.4V : Logic :"0", 1 to 3V : Logic "1", Impedance 75
 17    Video Out Earth
 18    Video In Earth
 19    Video Output          1 Vpp     3dB, Impedance 75
 20    Video Input           1 Vpp    3dB, Impedance 75
 21    Common Earth


Microcontroller configuration : Service mode
To switch the TV set into service mode please see instruction below.

  1 - Select pr. number 91
  2 - Adjust sharpness to minimum and exit all menu.
  3 - Quickly press the key sequence : RED - GREEN - menu

To exit SERVICE menu press menu key or Std By key.

In Service Mode press "OK" to the microcontroller i.e. the I2C bus is free and the set can be controlled by external
Press "OK" again to allow the microcontroller to control the set again

Microcontroller configuration :

Tuner Option
     Option           Tuner maker
       DW             DAEWOO / SAMSUNG
       PHI            LIPS (tuner internal AGC )
      PH2             PHILIPS ( Video processor AGC )

TV set Alignment
  1 - G2 alignment
      - Set TV in NORMAL I mode
      - TV in AV mode without video signal ? Black screen.
      - TV preset with WP Red, WP Green and WP Blue equal to 32.
      - TV preset with Black R, Black G equal to 8.
      - Adjust screen volume ( on FBT ) such that the highest cathode cut-off voltage measured on CRT board, is Vcut-
        off 5V
   Screen size          Vcut-off
       14"              115V
    20" & 21"           125V

  2 - White balance
      - Select a dark picture and adjust Black G and Black R to the desired colour temperature.
      - Select a bright picture and adjust WP Red, WP Green, WP Blue to the desired colour temperature.


3 - Focus
    - Adjust the Focus volume ( on FBT ) to have the best resolution on screen.

4 - Vertical geometry
    - Adjust the Vertical Amplitude, Shift, S-Correction and Slope
      to compensate for vertical distortion

5 - Horizontal picture centering
    - Adjust H Shift to have the picture in the center of the screen.

7 - AGC
    - Adjust the antenna signal level to 68dB

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