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DAEWOO CP-310                                                                                                                                   1
                            General Information                                                           1. Check for correct location of all neck compo-     2. Adjust VR401 so that the horizontal centre of     PIF ADJUSTMENT                                              Adjustment Sequence
                                                                                                             nents (See figure. 5).                               the picture may be coincident with the                                                                        The VCR should be adjusted in the sequence
                                                                                                          2. Rough-in the static convergence at the centre        mechanical centre of CRT.                         1. APPARATUS CONNECTION &                                   shown below.
                              Also Covers:                                                                   of the CRT, as explained in the static conver-                                                            PRESETTING
                                                                                                             gence procedure.                                  FOCUS VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT
                          DVT-1484D, DVT-2084D                                                            3. Rotate the picture control to centre of its       1. Receive RETMA pattern signal.                     CONNECTION
                                                                                                             rotation range, and rotate brightness control     2. Adjust the FOCUS VOLUME on the FBT and            1. Connect H-out of LSW-480 to X-axis of the
                                                                                                             to max. CW position.                                 make the picture on the screen be finest.            oscilloscope and V-out of LSW-480 to Y-axis
                             Ferguson                                                                     4. Apply green color signal to procedure a green                                                             of the oscilloscope.
                                                                                                             raster.                                                                                                2. Connect the sweep signal output to TP1.
                     FG 14 CB 12V, FG 20 CB 12V                                                           5. Loosen the deflection yoke tilt adjustment
                                                                                                                                                               RF AGC ADJUSTMENT
                                                                                                                                                               1. Receive PAL COLOR BAR signal in the VHF           3. Set ATTENUATOR of LSW-480 to 30dB.
                                                                                                             wedges (3), loosen the deflection yoke clamp         high band where the strength of signal can be     4. Supply 12V D.C. voltage (B+) to TP4.
                                Goodmans                                                                     screw and push the deflection yoke as close          60-65 dB.                                         5. Supply 4-5V D.C. voltage to TP3.
                                                                                                             as possible to the CRT screen.                    2. Set the CONTRAST control to Max., the
                           TVC 1400 & TVC 14 VP                                                           6. Begin the following adjustment with the tabs         BRIGHTNESS control to provide adequate            PRESET
                                                                                                             on the round purity magnet rings set together,       black and grey scales.                            1) Oscilloscope Scaling
                                                                                                             initially move the tabs on the round purity       3. Maintain the fine tuning on the screen, and       a) Put the scale of X and Y of the oscilloscope
                                                                                                             magnet rings to the side of the CRT neck.            adjust VR601 (AGC DELAY CONTROL VR.)                 to D.C level.
                                                                                                             Then, slowly separate the two tabs while at          in order that it may be located on the position   b) Set the horizontal time display to X-Y
 Electrical Adjustments (TV)                         the CRT. This is accomplished as follows:               the same time rotating them to adjust for a          which the picture noise disappear on the          c) Put the horizontal axis (X) to 1V/div. and the
                                                                                                             uniform green vertical band at the CRT               image.                                               vertical axis (Y) to 2V/div.
 GENERAL INFORMATION                                 1. Switch the receiver on allow it to warm up for       screen.
 All adjustments are throughly checked and              15 minutes.                                       7. Carefully side the deflection yoke backward to    MAIN B+ (+103V) ADJUSTMENT                           2) LSW-480 MARKER FREQ. SETTING.
 corrected when the receiver leaves the factory.     2. Apply crosshatch pattern from dot/bar                achieve green purity. (uniform green screen)      1. Set the Bright, Contrast and colour to MAX.
 Therefore the receiver should operate normally         generator to the receiver. Observe spacing           Centre purity was obtained by adjusting the       2. Connect DC voltage meter to the P405 and                        fp(n+1) fs     fc     fp-2   fp     fs(n-1)
 and produce proper colour and B/W pictures             between lines around edges of the CRT                tabs on the round purity magnet rings, outer         adjust VR801 for +103V DC.                        B/G, D/K, L   31.9    33.4   34.5   36.9   38.9   40.4
 upon installation. But, several minor adjust-          screen.                                              edge purity was obtained by sliding the                                                                              31.9    33.5   35.07 37.5    39.5   41
 ments may be required depending on the              3. Tilt the deflection yoke up and down, and            deflection yoke forward. Tighten the deflection
 particular location in which the receiver is           insert tilt adjustment wedges 1 and 2 between        yoke clamp screw.
 operated. This receiver is shipped completely in       the deflection yoke and the CRT until the mis-    8. Check for red and blue field purity by applying
 a card-board carton. Carefully draw out the            convergence illustrated in figure. 2 (A) has         red signal and touch up adjustments, if
 receiver from the carton and remove all packing        been corrected.                                      required.                                                                                                                                                          SERVO
 materials.                                          4. Tilt the deflection yoke right and left, and      9. Perform black and white tracking procedure.
 Plug the power cord into a AC power outlet.            insert tilt adjustment wedge 3 between the                                                                                                                                                                              1. PLAYBACK PHASE
 Turn the receiver ON and adjust the FINE               deflection yoke and the CRT until mis-            SCREEN & WHITE BALANCE ADJUSTMENT
 TUNING for the best picture detail. Check and          convergence illustrated in figure. 2 (B) has      1. This adjustment is to be made only after                                                                                                                           Mode                   Play
 adjust all the customer controls such as               been corrected.                                      warming up at least 15 minutes.                                                                                                                                    Adjustment Parts       R595
 BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST and COLOUR                     5. Alternately change spacing between, and           2. Receive B/W pattern signal                                                                                                                                         Check Point            TP396
 Controls to obtain a natural B/W picture.              depth of the insertion of, the three wedges       3. Set the RGB Bias VR (R522, R512, R502) to                                                                                                                          Test Equipments        Oscilloscope
                                                        until proper dynamic convergence is ob-              center.                                                                                                                                                            Test Tape              DP-1
 PROTECTION CIRCUIT CHECK                               tained.                                           4. Set the G, B Drive VR (R515, R505) to
 1. Turn on the receiver.                            6. Use a strong adhesive tape to firmly secure          CENTER.                                                                                                                                                            Location of Adjustments Parts
 2. The receiver must be turned off and changed         latch of the three rubber wedges to the funnel    5. Set the CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, COLOR                                                                    II. ADJUSTMENT OF AFT(B/G, D/K, I, L)                       MAIN PCB
    in stand-by mode.                                   of the CRT.                                          control to MIN, and Sub-brightness control to                                                          1. Connect the test point of LSW-480 to TP2.
                                                     7. Check purity and readjust, if necessary.             CENTER.                                                                                                2. Adjust L103 (AFT COIL) so that the P marker
 HIGH VOLTAGE CHECK                                                                                       6. Rotate the R, G and B Bias VR of the other                                                                 point is located on the reference level.
 1. Connect an accurate high voltage metre to        STATIC (CENTRE) CONVERGENCE                             color which did not appear on the screen
    the anode of the picture tube.                   ADJUSTMENT                                              clockwise, until a dim white is obtained.
 2. Turn on the receiver. Set the BRIGHTNESS         1. Switch the receiver on and allow it to warm       7. Rotate the Screen control gradually anti-
    and CONTRAST controls to minimize (zero             up for 15 minutes.                                   clockwise until the last horizontal line
    beam current).                                   2. Connect the output of a crosshatch generator         disappears on the screen.
 3. High voltage should be below 27.5kv                 to the receiver and concentrating on the          8. Set the CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, COLOR
    (14:25.0kv, 21": 29.0kv)                            centre of the CRT screen, proceed as follows:        control to MAX.
                                                     a. Locate the pair of 4 pole magnet rings.           9. Set the G, B Drive VR to obtain the best white                                                                                                                     Observation Waveform
 AUTOMATIC DEGAUSSING                                   Rotate individual rings (Change spacing              uniformity on the screen.                                                                                                                                          Horizontal Axis: S/DIV
 A degaussing coil is mounted around the picture        between tabs) to converge the vertical red        10.Rotate the CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS,                                                                                                                                   Vertical Axis: CH1: SW30, CH2: V.OUT
 tube so that external degaussing after moving          and blue lines. Rotate the pair of rings             COLOR controls until a dim raster is obtained                                                          Electrical Adjustments (VCR)
 the receiver is normally unnecessary. Providing        (maintaing spacing between tabs) to con-             and touch-up adjustment of RGB Bias VR to
 the receiver is properly degaussed upon                verge the horizontal red and blue lines. (Refer      obtain the best white uniformity on the screen.                                                        ALIGNMENT AND ELECTRICAL ADJUST-
 installation. The degaussing coil operates for         to fig. 1 (A))                                                                                                                                              MENT
 about 1 second after the power of the receiver is   b. After completing red and blue centre conver-      SUB-BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT
 switched ON. If the set is moved or placed in a        gence, locate the pair of 6 pole magnet rings.    1. White balance adjustment must proceed this                                                             For these adjustment, use the equipment
 different direction, the power switch must be          Rotage individual rings (change spacing              procedure.                                                                                             mentioned below The suitable output waveform
 switched off for at least 15 minutes in order to       between tabs) to converge the vertical red        2. Set the CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, COLOR                                                                    of the color-bar singal and proceed by using the
 make the automatic degaussing circuit operate          and blue (Magenta) and green lines. Rotate           control to MIN.                                                                                        alignment tape and video signal. generator is               Adjustment Procedure
 properly.                                              the pair of rings (maintaining spacing            3. Rotate the SUB-BRIGHTNESS VR (VRAO1)                                                                   shown below.
 Should the chassis or parts of the cabinet             between tabs) to converge the horizontal red         gradually CCW until the last beam disappears                                                                                                                       1. Preparation
 become magnetized to cause poor colour purity,         and blue (Magenta) and green lines. (Refer to        on the screen.                                                                                         Instrument and Tools Required                               1) Play back on test tape (COLOR BAR).
 use an external degaussing coil. Slowly move           Fig. 1(B))                                                                                                                                                  1. Color TV receiver.                                       2) Set the oscilloscope to the CHOP mode.
 the degaussing coil around the faceplate of the                                                          VERTICAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT                                                                                2. Oscilloscope having 10 MHz or more                          Connect CH1 to the SW PULSE (PT01 (3))
 picture tube, the sides and front of the receiver   COLOR PURITY ADJUSTMENT                              1. Receive RETMA pattern signal.                                                                             bandwidth.                                                  and CH2 to the VIDEO OUT (TP396) and
 and slowly withdraw the coil to a distance of       For the best result, it is recommended that the      2. Set the BRIGHTNESS control and CON-                                                                    3. Color-bar generator.                                        trigger the scope with the signal from CHi.
 about 2m before disconnecting it from the AC        purity adjustment is made in final receiver             TRAST control to Max., and the COLOR                                                                   4. Frequency counter.                                       2. Adjustment
 source.                                             location. If the receiver will be moved, perform        control to centre.                                                                                     5. VTVM.                                                    1) Adjust R595 to position the rising edge of SW
 If colour shading still persists, perform the       adjustment with it's facing east. The receiver       3. Adjust VR301 for the optimum vertical height                                                           6. VOM (20 k

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