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Fic md02

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                     Notebook Specification
                     This appendix provides the technical specification of the MD02 notebook:

                     A.1 System Specification
                      CPU            Intel Dothan 1.8GHZ
                      Core Logic     Intel Montara-GM+ (North Bridge) :
                                             CPU(Dothan) I/F
                                             VGA Controller
                                                   LVDS I/F
                                                   DVOB&DVOC IF.
                                                   RGB analog I/F
                                              200/266/333 DDR MEMORY I/F
                                              Hub-Link I/F

                                     Intel ICH4-M (South Bridge) :
                                               Integrated Hub-Link I/F to connect with PCI Bridge
                                              Dual IDE Master/Slave Controller ,Integrated DMA
                                              1.1/2.0 Universal Serial Bus Host Controller
                                              Integrated 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC Controller
                                              Integrated Audio Controller with AC97 V2.2 Interface
                                              Advanced Power Management(ACPI)
                                              Integrated PCI to LPC Bridge
                                              Integrated Audio Controller with AC97 Interface
                                              PCI Bus Interface (PCI 2.2 compliant)
                                              Advance PIC

                      Cache          L1 Cache (Pentium Processor internal):
                      Memory                32KB code and 32KB data

                                     L2 Cache (Pentium Processor internal):
                                         1MB Advanced Transfer Cache,8 way associativity
                                         64-byte line size
                      System         Expansion Memory: 2 SO-DIMM Slot (1.25")
                      Memory                Size:      128/256/512MB/1G
                                            Type:      DDR DRAM, 3.3V
                                            Data Path:        64Bit
                                            Frequency : 266/200MHz

                                         Please refer to the MD02 Key component list in detail.
                      BIOS ROM       Flash ROM
                                     1st Vendor : SST 49LF004A TSSOP Package 4Mbit LPC flash
                                     2nd Vendor : 
                                             4Mbit, 32 pin TSSOP package

                     FIC MD02 Service Manual                                                         A-1

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                                    Notebook Specification

               Super I/O      None
               RTC +          Integrated in South Bridge (Intel ICH4-M)
               NVRAM                    Real Time Clock with 256 byte extended CMOS.
                                         IBM AT Clock/Calendar/Alarm (14 Bytes)
               K/B            Mitsubishi M38859 LPC KBC
               Controller             Internal K/B, Touch Pad, External K/B or M/S
                                       Supported A20Gate,firmware version 2.14
               PMU            New PMU08
                              Mitsubishi M38859FFHP
                                  Embedded Controller
               VGA            Embedded in Intel Montara-GM+
               Controller                High Performance and high quality 3D accelerator
                                         Integrated dual DVO bridge
                                         Integrated LVDS Interface
                                         Integrated RGB analog Interface
                                         High performance 2D accelerator
                                         Complete TV-OUT/Digital Flat Panel Solution
               VRAM           Share system memory, UMA (using DVMT configuration)
               TV out         None
               CardBus        TI PCI4510 (PCI Card Bus controller)
               Controller         PC/Card Bus Type II x1
                                   Build in smart card (none)
               Sound          AC'97 CODEC
                              Realtek ALC202
                              AC'97 Revision 2.2 Compliant

               Modem          Ambit MDC modem
                                 V.90, K56flex, ITU-T V.34, V.32, RJ11 Jack
                                 TIA/EIA 602, V.42
                                 ITU-T V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21 Ch2
                                 TIA/EIA 578 Class1 FAX
                                 Wake up on Ring

               On board       Intel ICH4-M + BroadCom BCM4401
               LAN            Support LAN boot
                              Support for auto-negotiation (10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX)
                              Wake up On LAN
               802.11b        Support by Intel Calexico Mini-PCI Wireless LAN Card
               1394           TI PCI4510, support one port
               Cellular I/F   Support PDC/PIAFS/CdmaOne/Dupa(None)
               USB            Integrated in South Bridge Intel ICH4-M)
               Intel ICH4-M   USB v.1.1 and Intel Universal HCI v.1.1 compatible
                              USB v.2.0 and Enhance Universal HCI v.2.0 compatible
                              Eighteen level (doublewords) data FIFO with full scatter and
                              gather capability
                              Root hub and four function ports
                              Integrated physical layer transceivers with optional over-current
                                                detection status on USB inputs
               IDE            Fast IDE, 2 ports:

              A-2                                                              FIC MD02 Service Manual

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                                              Notebook Specification

                      Interface        --Integrated multithreaded I/O link mastering with read
                      (Intel ICH4-     pipelined streaming
                      M)               --Dual independent IDE channel each with 16 DW FIFO
                                       --Native and compatibility mode
                                       --PIO mode 0,1,2,3,4, and multiword DMA mode 0,1,2
                                       --Ultra DMA 33/66/100
                      Printer          None
                      Serial           None
                      External         External Keyboard or PS/2 Mouse
                      PS/2 Port                Exclusively connected.
                      (M38859)                 Can use both device by using branch cable(option)
                      Universal        --Integrated multithreaded IO link mastering
                      Serial Bus       --Dual independent OHCI controllers with root hub
                      (Intel ICH4-     --Support up to 6 USB ports
                      M)               --Support legacy devices
                                       --Over current detection equipped
                                       --Option to separately configure each port as a wake-up source

                     A.2 Display Specification
                                                        14.1" TFT LCD (AU)
                      LCD Model                           B141XN04
                      LCD Type                            14.1" TFT
                      Display Pixels                      H1024 x V768 pixels
                      Pixel Arrangement                   RGB vertical stripe
                      Display colors                      262K Colors
                      Module Size                         298.5(W) x 227.5(H) x 5.8(D) [mm]
                      Weight                              Approx. 500g
                      Contrast Ratio                      200:1 (typ.)
                      Power Supply                        3.3V
                      Response Time                       30ms (max)
                      Operating Temperature               0 to 50 degrees Celsius
                      Storage Temperature                 -20 to 60 degrees Celsius

                     A.5 DVD/ RW Combo Drive Specification
                      Drive Manufacturer                  KME UJDA745FC-A
                      Physical Dimension                  128.0 x 12.7 x 129 [mm] ( W * H * D )

                     FIC MD02 Service Manual                                                            A-3

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                                       Notebook Specification

               Weight                           250g +/- 10g
               Loading                          Manual tray loading
               Ejection                         Manual eject using the eject button
                                                Auto eject using the eject command on software
               Host Interface                   Enhanced IDE (ATAPI)
               Average Access Time              150ms Typ.
               Data Transfer Rate (burst)       16.7 MByte/s (PIO Mode 4)
                                                16.7 MByte/s (Multi word DMA transfer mode-2)
                                                33.3 MByte/s (Ultra DMA transfer mode-2)
               Data Transfer Rate (sustained)   Max. 2,100Kbyte/s (CD-RW) ; Max.3,600Kbyte/s(CD)
               Data Write Rate                  Max. 1,200Kbyte/s (CD-R) ; Max.600Kbyte/s(CD-RW)
               Starting Time                    Max. 10 sec (from stand by to ready)
               Data Buffer Capacity             2MB
               Supply Voltage                   +5VDC +/- 15%
               MTBF                             50,000POH or more

              A.6 Keyboard Specification
               Keyboard Type                    ALLTOP PAN-international
               Type of key switch               Membrane (PE) Switch
               Number of keys                   87 keys with embedded numeric keypad
               Compatibility                    Enhanced 101/102 emulation
               Travel                           3.0 mm 

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