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                                           MB 500
                                        OWNER'S MANUAL

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                                                              MB 500

               Your purchase of a new Gallien-Krueger MB
               Series amplifier is surely the result of much
               careful consideration on your part. For our part,
               we at Gallien-Krueger are pleased that you chose
               us, and are determined that you will be a satisfied

               customer. In choosing a MB Series amplifier, you
               now own an amplifier with many unique features
               which will allow you to create your own distinct

               To get the most out of your new purchase, please            GK Philosophy
               take a few minutes to read through this manual.                      I have never seen the point in doing things
               If you are in a hurry, we suggest you at least read         the way others have done them. I also have not
               through the Quick Start section before setting up           been very interested in following the latest fad.
               your new rig. This will help get you started and            I'm a Stanford educated engineer who worked
               give you a few quick tips, but is not a substitute          my way through school as a musician. Like all
               for reading the rest of the manual.                         musicians, I have lugged amplifiers up stairways
                                                                           and into car trunks, always wondering why these
               Your amplifier should have come with the                    things had to be so heavy, bulky, and hard to
               following items, please check the contents of the           handle.
               box to ensure that you have everything.                              As the principal innovator at GK, our
                                                                           products reflect my attitudes and life
               Included with your MB 500 Amplifier:                        experiences. I don't model my designs after
                                                                           other manufacturers' products. Instead, I
               Power cord                     1                            believe new and old problems are best solved with
               Owner's manual                 1                            new solutions. Having taken our own path, GK
               Warranty card (US only)        1                            products enjoy a unique, unmatched sound,
               Safety instructions sheet      1                            allowing you every opportunity to make an
               One button foot switch         1                            original statement.
                                                                                    Having supported my products for over
               If your MB Series amplifier did not come with all the       thirty years, I have learned from the story they tell.
               items listed, or if you encounter problems while            Gallien-Krueger is a reflection of that story, and
               setting up your new equipment, please contact               has a commitment to support that legacy. Just as
               your local dealer or GK as soon as possible.                the products I created over thirty five years ago
                                                                           are still telling their story, the products we create
               Gallien-Krueger, Inc.                                       today will be talking to us tomorrow.
               2234 Industrial Drive
               Stockton, CA 95206                                          We'll be listening,
               phone: (209) 234-7300
               fax:    (209) 234-8420
               Email: [email protected]
                                                                             Robert Gallien
               We wish you a lifetime of good playing and                    Founder and President
               remember to always have fun!


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                                                                                         MB 500
                                     Table Of Contents

                                     Safety Information __________________________ 4
                                     Quick Start ________________________________ 5
                                     Front Panel Controls ________________________6

                                                                                                                                                               Table of Contents
                                     Rear Panel Features _________________________7
                                     Sample Settings ____________________________8
                                     Sound Tips ________________________________9
                                     Installation and Maintenance _________________10
                                     Tech Talk _______________________________ 11
                                     Speci cations _____________________________12

                                     *All Features and speci cations are subject to change without notice

                                     Please read the Safety Information section on page 4 and installation
                                     instructions on page 12 before continuing.

                                     2234 Industrial Drive
                                     Stockton, CA 95206
                                     phone: 209.234.7300
                                     fax: 209.234.8420

                                     email: [email protected]

                                              This amplifier is capable of producing high sound
                                            pressure levels. Continued exposure to high SPL's can
                                         cause damage to your hearing. Always set the volume at
                                          a safe listening level or use hearing protection if the unit
                                                          is operated at higher levels.

                                                                                          RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK
                                                                                                DO NOT OPEN

                                          CAUTION:               TO R E D U C E T H E R I S K O F E L E C T R I C S H O C K , D O N O T
                                                                 R E M O V E TO P C O V E R . N O U S E R - S E RV I C E A B L E PA RT S
                                                                 I N S I D E . R E F E R S E RV I C I N G TO Q U A L I F I E D S E RV I C E
                                                                  The lightning flash with arrow                           The exclamation point within an

                                                                    head symbol, within the                                equilateral triangle, is intended
                                                                  equilateral triangle, is                                 to alert the user to the presence
                                                                  intended to alert the user to the                        of important operating and
                                            presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage"                        maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
                                            within the product inclosure that may be of                        literature accompanying the appliance.
                                            s u ff i c i e n t m a g n i t u d e t o c o n s t i t u t e
                                            a risk of electitric shock to persons

                                          WA R N I N G : TO R E D U C E T H E R I S K O F F I R E O R E L E C T R I C S H O C K ,
                                                             D O N O T E X P O S E T H I S A P P L I A N C E TO R A I N O R M O I S T U R E

                                          C A U T I O N : TO P R E V E N T E L E C T R I C S H O C K , M AT C H W I D E B L A D E O F P L U G TO
                                                              W I D E S L O T, F U L LY I N S E RT E D .

                                          ATTENTION: P O U R E V I T E R L E S C H O C S E L E C T R I Q U E S , I N R O D U I R E L A L A M E L A
                                                              PLUS LARGE DE LA FICHE DANS LA BORNE CORRESPONDANTE
                                                              DE LA PRISE ET POUSER JUSQU'AU FOND.


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                                                                     MB 500

                     Safety Information                                            AC Power Cord:
                                                                                   To avoid safety hazards, use only the power cord
                     Please read all enclosed safety precautions before            supplied with your unit. If a replacement cord is
                     connecting or operating this product.                         needed, make certain to use a standard IEC
Safety Information

                                                                                   compliant cord. Damaged power cords should be
                     Verify Line Voltage and Amperage                              replaced immediately. When setting up, make
                     Your amplifier has been factory configured for use            certain that the AC plug is easily accessible. If you do
                     with the specific line voltage for your location only.
                     For example, units set to operate within countries that       not intend to use the amplifier for a considerable
                     supply 100-120 volt electrical service are not                length of time, disconnect the plug from the AC
                     compatible with 230-240 volt systems used in other
                     countries.                                                    Mains Socket. Do not use an extention cord.
                     120 Volt/60Hz 15 amp circuit for the USA and
                     Canada.                                                       Earth Grounding Connection:
                     230 Volt/(50/60Hz) 10 amp circuit for the UK and
                     Australia.                                                    To prevent electric shock, do not remove the
                     230 Volt/(50/60Hz) 10 amp circuit for Europe.                 grounding plug on the power cord, or use any plug or
                     100 Volt/50Hz 15 amp circuit for Japan.
                     220 Volt/50Hz 10 amp circuit for Korea.                       extension cord that does not have a grounding plug
                     Proper AC circuit for all other countries.                    provided. Make certain that the AC outlet is
                                                                                   properly grounded as well. Do not use an adapter
                     Connecting the amplifier to a line with                       plug with this product.
                     specifications other than indicated above can create
                     safety and fire hazard, and may damage the                    Do Not Open the Amplifier Enclosure:
                     amplifier. If you have any questions about the                There are no user serviceable parts inside this
                     voltage requirements for your specific model, or              product. Opening the amplifier enclosure may
                     about the line voltage in your area, contact your             present a shock hazard. Modification to the product
                     dealer before plugging the unit into a wall outlet.           will void your warranty. If liquid enters the unit,
                                                                                   or any metal object such as a paper clip
                     Verify AC Circuit Capacity Before Use:                        accidentally falls inside the enclosure, disconnect
                     The high power output of your amplifier may                   the unit from the AC power source immediately and
                     require heavy current draw             under full-load        consult an authorized service station.
                     conditions. To insure proper performance and
                     avoid potential safety hazards, we recommend                  Setup:
                     connection to line circuits with amperage specified           To insure proper operation and to avoid potential
                     "as above". Connecting to the same circuit used               safety hazards, place the unit on a firm, level surface.
                     by other heavy-power devices, such as                         Do not plug or unplug the instrument or speaker
                     high-wattage lights, may cause circuit breakers to            cable while the amplifier power is on.
                     trip. It is always a good idea to avoid using any audio
                     equipment on the same AC circuit as equipment with            Heat & Ventilation:
                     motors, such as air conditioners or refrigerators. This       Make sure there is space provided for proper
                     will lessen the possibility of power variation and            ventilation. Avoid using in extremely hot or cold
                     electrical start-up noise affecting your sound.               locations and areas that are exposed to direct
                                                                                   sunlight or near heating equipment. Avoid using in
                     Please refer to page 10 for more                              moist or high humidity areas. NEVER BLOCK
                     instructions concerning installation.                         THE FAN VENT HOLES ON THE SIDES
                                                                                   OF THE UNIT.


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                                                            MB 500

                  Quick Start
                The MB 500 amplifier is designed to be simple to operate. All controls have a well defined purpose.
                These directions will take you through the basics and give you a good start for setting up your sound.

                1. Plug it in:

                                                                                                                             Quick Start
                Set the power switch to Off and connect the supplied power cord, from the amplifier AC receptacle, to
                an AC power outlet of proper voltage and power rating (see safety information on page 5 for details).

                2. Connect your cabinets:
                Connect your speaker cabinets to the amplifier outputs marked Speaker. Use a two conductor or the
                GK 4 conductor Speakon cable only.

                Maximum Recommended Speaker Loads:
                One 4 Ohm, or two 8 Ohm cabinets.

                3. Initial front panel control settings:
                Set all EQ controls and contour knob to 12 o'clock. Set the Input Volume, Master and Master B
                controls at 0. The Boost knob should be set to 12 o' clock and the boost button (between Boost and
                Master B konbs) in the out position.

                4. Plug in your bass:
                Using an instrument (shielded) cable, connect your bass to the Input jack and press the power switch
                on. If you have active tone controls on your bass, turn all of the controls to the middle or flat position
                and turn the volume all the way up. If you have conventional, passive tone controls, turn all tone and
                volume controls all the way up.

                5. Level and Master Volume settings:
                Set the Master Volume to 3 o'clock. Turn the Input Volume knob up as you play to the desired output
                level. If the clip light (pad button) flashes more than occasionally, press the -10db pad button in and
                turn the Input Volume knob up. If it is still lighting often, try turning the volume down on your bass.

                6. Boost/Master B:
                Engage the button located between the Boost and Master B knobs. This will activate the Boost section
                of the pre amp. This can also be done with the included foot switch. Turn up the Master B knob to the
                desired volume level.*

                You should be hearing your bass quite well through the Master and Master B channels. At this point
                you can experiment with different EQ, Contour and Boost settings. Various sample settings can also be
                found on page 8.
                        * It is recommended that the limiter is used for during high volume applications.


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                                                                                    MB 500

                                   INPUT                                                                                                                         POWER

                                           -10dB   MUTE   GAIN   CONTOUR   TREBLE   HI-MID   LOW-MID     BASS   BOOST             MASTER-B        MASTER
Front Panel Features

                                            OFF     OFF                                                                  OFF
                                            ON      ON                                                                   ON




                                                                                                                                                        MB 500

                                    1        2      3      4       5         6        7          8        9      10      11         12             13              14

                           Front Panel Features
                       1   Input: A standard 

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