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1432 im fro GR incl 510

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                              t_   'tV, -\'\.,.   -~ ..f~ {   -:-

                                     ~Type                          1432 DECADE RESISTORS
                             Type 510 DECADE-RESISTANCE UNITS
USES:     Decade resistors are used in circuits where a wide                   Each decade has eleven contact studs and ten resistors,
range of resistance values is required or where variable                   so t hat the dial values overlap. Positive detent mechanisms
dummy generator and load resistances are needed. The                       and bar-type knobs permit the operator to sense the posi-
accuracy of General Radio decade resistors easily meets                    tion of the switches without looking a t t he panel. Each
the requirements of these applications and a lso permits                   resistor is adjusted to be accurate \\'ithin its specified
Lhem to be used as laboratory standards and as raLio arms                  tolerance at its terminals, so t hat resistance increments are
for direct- and alL ernat ing-current .b ridges. Although de-              accurate to thaL tolerance.
signed primarily for direct-current and audio-frequency                        'Winding methods are chosen to reduce the effects of
work, many of the models are useful well into the radio-                   residual reactances. The 1-ohm steps are Ayrton-P erry
frequency range.                     .                                     wound on molded phenolic forms especially shaped and
   These resistors are available as assemblies of 4, 5, or                 heat t reated to minimize aging efTects. The 10- and 100-ohm
6 decades in cabinets for laboratory use, or as shielded                   st.eps are Ayrton-Perry wound on a form of silicone-fiber-
single:..decade units for building inLo experimental equip-                glas laminate. T he 0.01- and 0.1-ohm steps are straight
 ment, production-test instruments, bridges, and other                      wire and hairpin-shaped ribbon, respectively, while the
 permanent assemblies.                                                      1000-, 10,000-, 100,000-, a nd 1,000,000-ohm steps are uni-
                                                                            filar wound on t hin mica cards.
DESCRIPTION:     Each TYPE 510 Decade-Resistance Unit
is enclosed in an aluminum shield, and a knob and etched-                  FEATURES:
meLal dial plate are supplied. The assembly is also avail-                 + Low zero resistance.
able complete except for resistors, as the TYPE 510-P3 and                 + High accuracy.
-P3L Switches.                                                             + Low temperature coefficient of resistance.
   The TYPE 1432 Decade Resisto r is an assembly of                        + Low thermal emf to copper .
TYPE 510 Decade-Resistance Units in a single cabinet ,                     + Resistors are adjusted so tha t resistance increments are
Mechanical as well as electrical shielding of the units and                   always correctly indicated.
switch contacts is provided by the attractive aluminum                      

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