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Instruction Manual

-}     GOULD

Telephone 01-500 1000
Telegrams Attenuate Ilford
Telex 263785

SECTION   1     Introduction                               4              ILLUSTRATIONS
                                                               Fig.   1    Alias Effects                       10
SECTION   2     Specification                              5   Fig.   2    Block Diagram of Instrument         12
                                                               Fig.   3    Block Diagram of ADC               '16
SECTION   3     Operating Instructions                     6   Fig.   4    Typical Signal Waveforms (ADC)     17
          3.1   Supplies                                   6   Fig.   5    Timing Signal Waveforms (ADC)      18
          3.2   C.R.T. Controls                            6   Fig.   6    Timing Chart (ADC)                 19
          3.3   Y Channel Controls                         6   Fig.   7    Logic Block Diagram:
          3.4   Timebase Controls                          6                   Refreshed Mode                 20
          3.5   Store Controls                             7   Fig.   8    Tim ing Diagram: Refreshed
          3.6   Alias Effects                              8                   Mode                           21
          3.7   Additional Facil ities                     9   Fig.   9    Tim ing Diagram: Address
          3.8   Functional Checks                          9                   Sequence                       22
                                                               Fig. 10     Logic Block Diagram: Roll Mode     23
SECTION   4     CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION                       12   Fig. 11     Timing Diagram: Roll Mode          24
          4.1   System Description                        12   Fig. 12     Simplified Control Logic           28
          4.2   Power Supplies                            13   Fig. 13     Timebase Block Diagram:
          4.3   Y Amplifier                               14                   Normal Mode                    30
          4.4   Analogue-Digital Converter                16   Fig. 14     Bottom View                        37
          4.5   Store and Control     Logic               20   Fig. 15     Righthand View                     37
          4.6   Mode Control                              27   Fig. 16     R ighthand View:   Maintenance
          4.7   Trigger and Timebase                      30                   Position                       38
          4.8   D-A Converter and Dot Joiner              34   Fig. 17     Control Condition Table            40
          4.9   Calibrator                                35   Fig. 18     Data Faults                        50
                                                               Fig. 19     ADC Waveforms                      51
SECTION   5     Maintenance                               36   Fig. 20     Circuit Diagram: Power Supplies,
          5.1   General                                   36                   Y Output and Blanking          57
          5.2   Mechanical Assembly                       36   Fig. 21     Circuit Diagram: Pre-amplifiers    59
          5.3   Fault Finding                             39   Fig. 22     Circuit Diagram: A-D Converter     63
          5.4   Calibration Procedure                     52   Fig. 23     Circuit Diagram: Timing and
          5.5   Wiring details for l00V       operation   52                  Store Logic                     69
                                                               Fig. 24     Circuit Diagram: Timebase          71
SECTION   6     Circuit Diagrams and
                                                               Fig. 25     Circuit Diagram: D-A Converter
                Component       Schedules                 55
                                                                               and Dot Joiner                 73
                                                               Fig. 26     Interconnection Diagram            75
SECTION   7     Guarantee and Service Facilities          79
                                                               Fig. 27     Mechanical Views                   77
                                                                                                  Section 1

The Gould Advance OS4000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope       oscilloscope with the addition of the minimum number of
is a versatile instrument which combines conventional       additional controls for the storage functions.
lOMHz oscilloscope performance with a digital storage       APPLICATIONS
system, capable of storing signals up to 450kHz. The        The OS4000 is "ideally suited for viewing:
digital method of storage offers several advantages over    1. Transient waveforms, e.g. in Medical, dynamic testing,
the more common tube storage, notably the facility of          vibration, pulse testing application.
pre-trigger viewing, the simultaneous viewing of a stored   2. All LF applications where the 'Refresh' mode
and a real-time display, absence of deterioration of the       eliminates flicker. The slowest sweep speed of 200s
stored display with time, completely flicker free, low         maximum allows the instrument to be used for new
frequency performance, and the abolition of the very           classes of viewing application.
expensive storage tube.                                     3. Normal (real time) viewing with the 10MHz real time
Careful attention to the ergonomic design allows the           performance.
OS4000 to be operated in the same way as a conventional     4. Comparisons between stored and real time waveforms.
Specification                                                                                                     Section 2

DISPLAY                                                                   FASTEST RISE TIME
8 x 10 cm rectangular CRT operating at 4kV                                For step response: 0.551ls single trace
Illuminated graticule                                                                        I.Ills dual trace or Alt. Lock
                                                                                             (Equivalent Bandwidth 600kHz and
Two identical input channels
                                                                          Maximum Storage        450kHz single trace
Bandwidth:     DC-lOMHz in the Normal mode
                                                                          Frequency - 3 db:      225kHz dual trace or Alt. Lock
Sensitivity:   5mV/cm to 20V/cm in 12 ranges
                                                                          Limited Store:      For timebase speeds faster than
               Uncalibrated fine gain control gives between
                                                                                              SOils/cm the number of samples per
               range sensitivity adjustment
                                                                                              cm is reduced in proportion to the

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