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Instruction Manual

-}      GOULD                ADVANCE

Telephone 01-500 1000
Telegrams Attenuate Ilford
Telex 263785
SECTION   1     Introduction                3    SECTION        5     Maintenance                        12
                                                                5.1   Fitting the 4001 to the OS4000     12
SECTION   2     Specification               4                   5.2   Access                             13
                                                                5.3   Fault finding                      14
SECTION   3     Operating Instructions      5                   5.4   Setting up Procedure               15
          3.1   General                     5
          3.2   Chart recorder speed        5    SECTION        6     Circuit Diagrams and Components
          3.3   Driving a chart recorder    5                            Schedules                       17
          3.4   The Read-out cycle          5
          3.5   Remote start                5    SECTION        7     Guarantee and Service Facilities   21
          3.6   Function Generation         7
          3.7   Digital Outputs             7
                                                     Fig.   1         Typical read-out cycle             6
                                                     Fig.   2         Connections to back panel socket   7
SECTION   4     Circuit Description         8
                                                     Fig.   3         Block diagram                      8
          4.1   General                     8
                                                     Fig.   4         Data Selector - mechanical
          4.2   D-A Converter               9
          4.3   Latches and latch control   9
                                                     Fig.   5         Clock delay - timing diagram
          4.4   X-ramp counter              9
                                                     Fig.   6         Internal view of 4001              12
          4.5   Data Selector               9
                                                                      Fixing details                     13
                                                     Fig.   7
          4.6   Clock delay                 10                                                           19
                                                     Fig.   8         Circuit diagram

The 400 I option is designed to be added to a standard         the closing of these contacts and the start of read out
OS4000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope to enable the infor-       which can be preset to allow a chart drive motor to
mation in store to be retransmitted in both analogue and       accelerate.
digital form. Two analogue outputs are provided, and
these are intended primarily to drive strip chart and X-V
recorders. Channel I and 2 signals are available simultan-    . A socket on the rear panel presents the output infor-
eously at a read-out rate which can be varied to suit the       mation in digital form as two eight bit parallel signals for
chart recorder, with a slowest time of 200 seconds              Y and one ten bit parallel signal for the X ramp. Control
representing the 10 division display. In addition, a            facilities for remote start and continuous readout are also
corresponding X-ramp signal is provided for X-Y recorder        provided. The latter can be used for continuous
use. The unit also incorporates relay contacts for pen lift     generation of a recorded transient or frequency shift of
or chart motor control. There is a variable delay between       recorded waveforms.
  Specification                                                                                      Section 2

 ANALOGUE       OUTPUTS       Via B.N.C. connectors
                                                               Remote continuous read-out by T.T.L. low or contact
 Channels 1 and 2                                              closure to ground.
 Amplitude        lOOmV per cm of screen height.
                  Bipolar with OV corresponding to                            Delay between start command and
                  middle of screen                                            initiation of read-out cycle set by front
 Accuracy         Output voltage per cm of display 

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