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A liquid-crystal display (LCD) is a flat-panel display or other electronically modulated optical device that uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals. Liquid crystals do not emit light directly, instead using a backlight or reflector to produce images in color or monochrome.[1] LCDs are available to display arbitrary images (as in a general-purpose computer display) or fixed images with low information content, which can be displayed or hidden, such as preset words, digits, and seven-segment displays, as in a digital clock. They use the same basic technology, except that arbitrary images are made up of a large number of small pixels, while other displays have larger elements.

.. [DIR]
26V78 LCD Power Supply RSAG7.820.1908 [DIR]
EA32X5000 Chasis MTK5655EPDJ [DIR]
G Probe software uploader [DIR]
Hisense_LCD42P69_LCD47P69_42B04_[SM].pdf application/pdf 2.29 MB 05-12-2018
LCD19W57 Service Manual Chassis MST9 [DIR]
LCD19W57-LCD19W29EU-LCD26W57 [DIR]
LCD26W57 [DIR]
LCD32V86(P) [DIR]
LCD2601,LCD2602,LCD2603 [DIR]
LCD2633EU 2633EU Ch M-STAR [DIR]
MST6E16JS chassis Training [DIR]
MT5331 chassis [DIR]
PDP4220 [DIR]
RSAG7.820.968 psu [DIR]
RSAG7.820.1569VER.E [DIR]
RSAG7.820.1913 psu [DIR]
RSAG7.820.1947 psu [DIR]
RSAG7.820.2317 psu [DIR]
RSAG7.820.4543 [DIR]
RSAG7.820.6321 [DIR]
RSAG7.820.6348 [DIR]
TLM32E29 TLM32V68 [DIR]
TLM42E01 [DIR]
TLM2020 [DIR]
TLM2619 [DIR]

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