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An oscilloscope, previously called an oscillograph,[1][2] and informally known as a scope or o-scope, CRO (for cathode-ray oscilloscope), or DSO (for the more modern digital storage oscilloscope), is a type of electronic test instrument that allows observation of varying signal voltages, usually as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Other signals (such as sound or vibration) can be converted to voltages and displayed. Oscilloscopes are used to observe the change of an electrical signal over time, such that voltage and time describe a shape which is continuously graphed against a calibrated scale. The observed waveform can be analyzed for such properties as amplitude, frequency, rise time, time interval, distortion and others. Modern digital instruments may calculate and display these properties directly. Originally, calculation of these values required manually measuring the waveform against the scales built into the screen of the instrument.[3] The oscilloscope can be adjusted so that repetitive signals can be observed as a continuous shape on the screen. A storage oscilloscope allows single events to be captured by the instrument and displayed for a relatively long time, allowing observation of events too fast to be directly perceptible.

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Hitachi_V212_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_V212_Service_Manual.pdf application/pdf 4.05 MB 09-12-2018
Hitachi_V422_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_V422_Oscilloscope_Operator_Manual.pdf application/pdf 4.12 MB 09-12-2018
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Hitachi_V550_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_V550B_Operation_Manual.pdf application/pdf 4.44 MB 09-12-2018
Hitachi_V1050_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_V1050_Service_Manual.pdf application/pdf 8.45 MB 09-12-2018
Hitachi_VC5430_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_VC5430_Service_Manual.pdf application/pdf 8.61 MB 09-12-2018
Hitachi_VC6015_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_VC6015_Service_Manual.pdf application/pdf 5.31 MB 09-12-2018
Hitachi_VC6025_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_VC6025_6045_6525_6545_Service_Manual.pdf application/pdf 23.92 MB 09-12-2018
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Hitachi_VC6523_Oscilloscope_Service_Manual-Hitachi_VC6523_6524_VC6023_6024_Service_Manual.pdf application/pdf 10.98 MB 09-12-2018

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