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                                          KB2LJJ Radio Mods Database and Manuals

  Please read this information, so you'll know how to help me, and make this site better.

  If you have any new modifications that are not listed on this site, please mail the modification to me.

Any technical information like manuals, service notes, service manual, diagrams or other stuff, I will be very happy if you
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KB2LJJ Privacy Guarantee
I will not give any guaranty on the radio modification.

Remember it is Illegal to transmit out of band.
The Radio Modification is for Informational purposes ONLY.
Doing such modifications on your radio may void any warranty and damage your equipment.
All mods found on this database are offered by other amateur radio hams or captured by the Packet system.
KB2LJJ takes no responsibility or liability for any damage done resulting from any modification.

For more information please email to [email protected]

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                    INTRODUCTION                                                            DANGER
This service manual describes the latest service information         NEVER connect the transceiver to an AC outlet or to a DC
for the IC-706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF ALL MODE TRANS-                       power supply that uses more than 16 V. This will ruin the
CEIVER at the time of publication.                                   transceiver.

     VERSION NO.           VERSION              SYMBOL               DO NOT expose the transceiver to rain, snow or any liquids.
        #02, #12          Europe                  EUR
                                                                     DO NOT reverse the polarities of the power supply when con-
        #03, #13          France                  FRA                necting the transceiver.
        #04, #14          Spain                   ESP
                                                                     DO NOT apply an RF signal of more than 20 dBm (100 mW)
        #05, #15          U.S.A.                  USA                to the antenna connector. This could damage the trans-
        #08, #18          Other                   OTH                ceiver's front end.

 To upgrade quality, any electrical or mechanical parts and
 internal circuits are subject to change without notice or

                   ORDERING PARTS                                                      REPAIR NOTES
Be sure to include the following four points when ordering           1. Make sure a problem is internal before disassembling the
replacement parts:                                                      transceiver.
                                                                     2. DO NOT open the transceiver until the transceiver is
1. 10-digit order numbers                                               disconnected from its power source.
2. Component part number and name                                    3. DO NOT force any of the variable components. Turn
3. Equipment model name and unit name                                   them slowly and smoothly.
4. Quantity required                                                 4. DO NOT short any circuits or electronic parts. An insu-
                                                                        lated tuning tool MUST be used for all adjustments.
                                                       5. DO NOT keep power ON for a long time when the trans-
 1110004080 S.IC   

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