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Before using, please carefully read the Safety Precautions pages to
allow for safe operation of the product. After reading the operation
manual, please keep it in an easily accessible location.

VR6260 Ser.
VR6270 Ser.


               Corner Master
               By having adopted a brand new concept design that is appropriate for walls,
               the Robot Cleaner's cleaning performance is incredibly efficient.

               Learning Mode
               The Robot Cleaner is capable of memorizing the cleaning environment via
               its Smart Operation feature for smarter cleaning.

               Turbo Mode
               In the "Turbo" mode, the Robot Cleaner runs more powerful giving cleaner
               When selected, the "Turbo" mode is automatically activated on carpets,
               which enables the Robot Cleaner to run more efficiently.

               Drawer Mop Plate
               The "Drawer mop plate" makes it much easier for users to change the mop
               without having to flip the device over.

               My Space Mode
               By commanding it to clean a particular space, the Robot Cleaner quickly
               cleans the desired space.

               Repeat Cleaning
               The Robot Cleaner will continuously clean until the battery runs out.


               Location Search Function
               When the Robot Cleaner is moved from a spot while operating, the device
               will automatically search for the previous location and return to the spot from
               where it was interrupted.
1                                                           4
BEFORE USING                                                ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
2~5     Safety precautions                                  35~37 Troubleshooting
6       Included with product                               38    Before you call for service
7~8     Parts description
9~10 Button functions
11      Display status information
12      Before you start
13      Overview                                            39      Product specifications
                                                            40      Open source software notice

14    How to install the home station
15    How to turn the Robot Cleaner power supply on & off
16    How to start and stop cleaning
17~18 How to charge the battery
19~20 Cleaning modes
21~22 Auxiliary cleaning modes
23    Time setting
24    Scheduled cleaning
25    Mop cleaning (option)
26    Location search function
27~28 Smart diagnosis

29      Cleaning the dust bin
30      Cleaning the dust bin filter
31      Cleaning the brush
32      Cleaning the sensor/charging terminal
33      Cleaning the side brush
34      Cleaning the ultra microfiber mop (option)

    The purpose of the safety precautions described below is for the user to use the product safely and
    correctly to prevent any unexpected risk of injury or damage.

     Basic safety precautions
     After reading this manual, please keep it in an easily accessible location.
                    This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can result in
                    property damage and/or serious bodily harm or death.
        WARNING Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
        CAUTION Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate

      1. This appliance is not intended for use by persons
         (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
         mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
         unless they have been given supervision or instruction
         concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible
         for their safety.
      2. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do
          not play with the appliance.
      3. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
          LG Electronics Service Agent in order to avoid a hazard
      4. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8
          years and above and persons with reduced physical,
          sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
          and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
          instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way
          and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not
          play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance
          must not be made by children without supervision.
                        For your safety, do not remove the                           Never use the Robot Cleaner with
                        battery from the Robot Cleaner. If                           a battery and/or home station from
                        you need to replace the battery or the                       any other product than the
                        Robot Cleaner, take it to the nearest                        Robot Cleaner.
                        authorized LG Electronics service
                                                                                     Doing so can cause fire or product
                        center or dealer for assistance.
                        Failure to follow this warning can
                        cause fire or product failure.

                                                                     SAFETY PRECAUTIONS

                         Make sure the power cord of the                                Do not use the Robot Cleaner when
                         home station is not crushed under a                            candles or fragile objects are placed
                         heavy object or damaged by contact                             on the floor.
                         with sharp objects.
                                                                                        Doing so can cause fire or product
                         Failure to follow this warning can cause                       failure.
                         electric shock, fire or product failure.
                         If the power cord is broken, do not
                         plug it in. Take the product to an LG
                         Electronics Authorised service repairer.
                         Do not place the home station and                              Always use a dedicated power
                         the Robot Cleaner near a heating                               outlet with a 10 amp rating.
                                                                                        If multiple appliances are connected
                         Doing so can cause product                                     to an outlet simultaneously, they
                         deformation, fire, or product failure.                         can generate enough heat to cause
                                                                                        a fire.

                         Do not force the power plug to                                 When pulling out the home station
                         bend. Do not use the power plug                                power plug, always pull it out by
                         when it has been damaged or                                    grabbing the plug, not the cord. When
                         loosened.                                                      pulling out the power plug, do not to
                                                                                        touch the prongs with your fingers.
                         Doing so can cause fire or product
                         failure.                                                       Doing so can cause an electric shock.

                         Do not touch the power plug with                               Do not allow children or pets to play
                         wet hands.                                                     with or rest upon the Robot Cleaner
                                                                                        at any time. Do not use the Robot
                         Doing so can cause electric shock.                             Cleaner while an object is hanging
                                                                                        from it.
                                                                                        Doing so can cause injury or
                                                                                        product damage.
                         Do not spray or use inflammable                                Turn the power supply off
                         materials, surfactants, or drinking water                      immediately if any abnormal sound,
                         in the vicinity of the Robot Cleaner.                          odor, or smoke is generated from

                                                                                        the Robot Cleaner by removing it
                         Doing so can cause fire or product                             from the home station and turning
                                                                                        off the main switch on the rear side
                         * Inflammable materials: gasoline,
                           thinner, etc.                                                of the unit.
                         * Surfactant: detergent, articles for                          Failure to do so can cause fire or
                           bath, etc.                                                   product failure.
                         Do not insert any part of the body,                            Do not operate the Robot Cleaner
                         such as a hand or foot, below the                              in a room where a child is sleeping.
                         brush or wheels of the
                                                                                        Doing so can cause injury or
                         Robot Cleaner while in use.
                                                                                        product damage.
                         Doing so can cause injury or
                         product damage.

                         Do not operate the Robot Cleaner                               Do not leave Children or pets near
                         on narrow and high furniture such                              the Robot Cleaner unsupervised.
                         as a wardrobe, refrigerator, desk,
                                                                                        Doing so can cause injury or
                         table, etc.
                                                                                        product damage.
                         Doing so can cause injury, product
                         failure or damage which is not
                         covered by the warranty.

                         Do not activate the device on a floor        This product is intended for indoor domestic home
                         that has more than a 10 degree               use and should not be used in mobile applications. it
                         incline.                                     should not be used in commercial applications such as
                                                                      workshops or garage, etc.
                         The device may not work properly.


          Frequently empty the dust bin and       Do not drop the Robot Cleaner or
          maintain its cleanliness.               subject it to strong impacts.
          The dust collected in the dust          Doing so can cause injury or
          bin can trigger allergies and may       product failure not covered by the
          contain harmful insects.                warranty.

          Use the Robot Cleaner indoors only.     Do not expose the Robot Cleaner to
                                                  cold temperatures (less than -5 C)
          Using it outdoors can cause product     for a long period of time.
          failure and irreparable damage to
          the unit.                               Doing so can cause product failure.

          Close the cover of the dust bin         Remove any cables or string from
          on the main unit before starting        the floor before starting.
                                                  Cable or string can get tangled in
          If the cover is not closed, it can      the wheels of Robot Cleaner and
          cause injury or product damage.         cause product failure or the cord of
                                                  an appliance can be disconnected.

          DO NOT use the Robot Cleaner            Make sure the Robot Cleaner is
          around a banister, staircase or any     not put on a table or desk, with the
          other dangerous place.                  power ON.
          Otherwise, the user or the product      It may result in injury of the user or
          can be exposed to damage.               damage in the product.

          In rare cases, the Robot Cleaner's      Do not allow the Robot Cleaner to
          brush can damage the carpet. If         sweep up liquids, blades, thumb
          this happens, immediately stop the      tacks, kindling, etc.
          cleaning operation.
                                                  These items can cause product
          When a carpet has long tassels, the     failure.
          tassels can be damaged.

          Do not let the main unit and            Do not put sharp objects into the
          charging terminal of the home           opening of the Robot Cleaner's
          station come into contact with          ultrasonic sensor.
          metallic objects.
                                                  Doing so can cause product failure.
          Doing so can cause product failure.

          Do not put water, detergent, etc.       Do not use the Robot Cleaner when
          into the Robot Cleaner.                 the dust bin is completely filled up.
          Doing so can cause product failure.     Doing so can cause product failure.
          Do not put any water or detergent
          on the Robot Cleaner. If liquids get
          inside of the Robot Cleaner, turn off
          the power supply and contact an LG
          Electronics sales agent or customer
          care center.

                                                    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS

            If the floor is wet or has wet spots,                    When the robot cleaner is
            wipe them up before using the                            operating, it may hit the chair leg,
            Robot Cleaner. Do not use the                            desk leg, table leg or other narrow
            Robot Cleaner on a wet surface.                          pieces of furniture.
            Failure to do so can cause product                       For quicker and better cleaning,
            failure.                                                 place the dining chairs on top of the
                                                                     dining table.

            When attaching the mop, do not                           Make sure the plate on the floor is
            block the bottom camera sensor.                          higher than 2 cm from the ground
                                                                     before starting the cleaning.
            Blocking the bottom camera sensor
            may not allow the product to work                        If the threshold is low, the Robot
            smoothly.                                                Cleaner can go over it and perhaps
                                                                     into an undesirable location. Make
                                                                     sure that all the doors of the rooms
                                                                     that are not to be cleaned are closed.
            If you do not use it to save the
            energy, turn off the power switch,
            and turn on the power switch when
            you are cleaning or recharging it.

Tip   Check the following items before use:

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