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                                                     LG LV270
A   AC           :Alternating Current
                                        KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS       LPF         :Low Pass Filter
    ACC          :Automatic Color Control                      M   MAX         :Maximum
    ACSS         :Automatic Channel Setting System                 MD          :Modulator
    ADJ          :Adjust                                           MECHA.CTL   :Mechanism Control
    A/E          :Audio Erase                                      MIC         :Microphone
    AFC          :Automatic Frequency Control                      MIN         :Minimum
    AFT          :Automatic Fine Tuning                            MIX         :Mixer, Mixing
    AGC          :Automatic Gain Control                           M.M.        :Monostable, Multivibrator
    A.H.SW       :Audio Head Switch                                MMV         :Mono Multi Vibrator
    ALC          :Automatic Level Control                          MOD         :Modulation, Modulator
    AM           :Amplitude Modulation                             MODEM       :Modulator-Demodulator
    AMP          :Amplifier                                        MPX         :Multiplex
    ANT          :Antenna
    APC          :Automatic Phase Control                      N   NR          :Noise Reduction
    ASS'Y        :Assembly                                     O   OSC         :Oscillator
    AUX          :Auxiliary                                        OSD         :On Screen Display
B   B            :Base                                         P   PB          :Playback
    BGP          :Burst Gate Pulse                                 PCB         :Printed Circuit Board
    BPF          :Bandpass Filter                                  P.CTL       :Power Control
    BS           :Brodcasting Satellite                            PRE-AMP     :Preamplifier
    BW or B/W    :Black and White                                  P.F         :Power Failure
C   C            :Capacitor, Chroma, Collector                     PG          :Pulse Generator
    CAN          :Cancel                                           PLL         :Phase Locked Loop
    CAP          :Capstan                                          PREM.DET    :Premire Detect
    CAP.BRK      :Capstan Brake                                    P.P         :Peak-to-Peak
    CAP.RVS      :Capstan Reverse                                  PS          :Phase Shift
    CATV         :Cable Television                                 PWM         :Pulse Width Modulation
    CBA          :Circuit Board Assembly                           PWR CTL     :Power Control
    CCD          :Charge Coupled Device                        Q   Q           :Transistor
    C.CTL        :Chro Control, Capstan Control                    QH          :Quasi Horizontal
    CFG          :Capstan Frequency Generator                      QSR         :Quick Setting Record
    CHROMA       :Chrominance                                      QTR         :Quick Timer Record
    CNR          :Chroma Noise Redution                            QV          :Quasi Vertical
    COMB         :Combination                                  R   R           :Resistor, Right
                  Comb Filter                                      RE(or RC)   :Remocon, Receiver
    COMP         :Comparator                                       REC         :Recording
                  Composite                                        REC S `H'   :Record Start `Hight'
                  Compensation                                     REF         :Reference
    CONV         :Converter                                        REG         :Regulated, Regulator
    C.ROT SW     :Color Rotary Switch                              REMOCON     :Remote Control(unit)
    CS           :Chip Selcet                                      RF          :Radio Frequency
    C.SYNC       :Composite Synchronization                        R/P         :Record/Playback
    CTL DIV      :Control Divide                                   RTC         :Reel Time Counter
    CUR          :Current
    CYL          :Cylinder                                     S   S           :Serial
                                                                   S.ACCEL     :Slow Accel
D   D            :Drum, Digital, Diode, Drain                      SAOP        :Second Audio Program
    D.ADJ        :Drum Adjust                                      SC          :Scart, Simulcast
    DC           :Direct Current
                                                                   S.DET       :Secam Detect
    D.CTL        :Drum Control
                                                                   SH          :Shift
    DEMOD        :Demodulator
                                                                   SHARP       :Sharpness
    DET          :Detector
                                                                   SIF         :Sound Intermediate Frequency
    DEV          :Deviation
                                                                   SLD         :Side Locking
    DHP          :Double High Pass
                                                                   S/N         :Signal to Noise Ratio
    DIGITRON     :Digital Display Tube
                                                                   SP          :Standard Play
    DL           :Delay line
                                                                   ST          :Stereo
    DOC          :Drop Out Compensator
                                                                   SUB         :Subtract, Subcarrier
    DUB          :Dubbing
                                                                   SW or S/W   :Switch
    D.V SYNC     :Dummy Vertical Synchronization
                                                                   SYNC        :Synchronization
E   E            :Emitter                                          SYSCON      :System Control
    EE           :Electric to Eletric
                                                               T   T           :Coil
    EMPH         :Emphasis
                                                                   TP          :Test Point
    ENA          :Enable
                                                                   TR          :Transistor
    ENV          :Envelope
                                                                   TRK         :Tracking
    EP           :Extended Play
                                                                   TRANS       :Transformer
    EQ           :Equalizer
                                                                   TU          :Tuner, Take-up
    EXP          :Expander
F   F            :Fuse                                         U   UHF         :Ultra High Frequency
    FB           :Feed Back                                        UNREG       :Unregulated
    FBC          :Feed Back Clamp                              V   V           :Volt, Vertical
    FE           :Full Erase                                       VA          :Always Voltage
    FG           :Frequency Generator                              VCO         :Voltage Controlled Oscillator
    FL           :Filter                                           VGC         :Voltage Gain Control
    FM           :Frequency Modulation                             VHF         :Very High Frequency
    F/R          :Front/Rear                                       V.H.SW      :Video Head Switch
    FS           :Frequency Synthesizer                            VISS        :VHS Index Search
    FSC          :Subcarrier Frequency                             VPS         :Video Program System
    F/V          :Frequency Voltage                                VR          :Variable Resistor or Volume
G   GEN          :Generator                                        V-SYNC      :Vertical Synchronization
                                                                   VTG         :Voltage
H   H            :High, Horizontal
                                                                   VV          :Voltage to Voltage
I   IC           :Integrated Circuit                               VXO         :Voltage X-tal Oscillator
    IF           :Intermediate Frequency
                                                               W   W           :Watt
    INS          :Insert
                                                                   WHT         :White
L   L            :Low, Left, Coil                                  W/O         :With out
    LD           :LED
                                                               X   X-TAL       :Crystal
    LD VTG CTL   :Loading Voltage Control
    LECHA        :Letter Character                             Y   Y/C         :Luminance/Chrominance
    L.M          :Level Meter                                      YNR         :Luminance Noise Reduction
    LP           :Long Play                                    Z   ZD          :Zener Diode

Prior to shipment from the factory, the products are strictly inspected to confrom with the recognized product
safety and electrical codes of the countries in which they are to be sold. However, in order to maintain such com-
pliance, it is equally important to implement the following precautions when a set is being serviced.

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