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O W N E R S   M A N U A L
               Year 2000 Compliance

        Linn has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure
that the software in the products manufactured by it
is capable of normal operation before, during and after
1 January 2000 and in respect of past, present and
future dates without replacement, alteration or upgrade
("Year 2000 Compliant"). Linn, however, gives no express
warranties, representations or undertakings and to the
maximum extent permitted hereby excludes any terms,
warranties, representations or undertakings implied by
law to that effect. Linn cannot give any warranties,
representations or undertakings that non Linn software is
or will be Year 2000 Compliant or that Linn's software
will be Year 2000 Compliant if used in conjunction with
non Linn products, systems or software. The Purchaser,
Installer, Retailer or Distributor will be solely responsible
for ensuring that Linn's software will be Year 2000
Compliant when used in conjunction with such non
Linn software, systems or products and for any failure if
it is not Year 2000 Compliant in such circumstances.
Except to the extent implied by law and which by law
cannot be excluded, Linn shall not be liable to any party
for any costs, claims, losses (including indirect and
consequential losses) or liabilities arising from the failure
of Linn's software to be Year 2000 Compliant if used in
conjunction with non Linn products, systems or software.
            USIC enriches your life. It can stimulate you, relax you,
            change your mood and provide entertainment and pleasure.

A good hi-fi plays recorded music well enough to give you these
benefits, and it will broaden and deepen your appreciation of music.

At Linn, we devote our energy to improving standards of music
reproduction and control because we know that the better and more
accessible the sound, the more you'll enjoy music at home.

The addition of any Linn component will improve the sound quality of
your system.

We have a policy of continuously improving our products and, wherever
possible, make these improvements available as upgrades.

      NTRODUCTION The Linn MIMIK uses the very latest CD pickup
      and decoding technology to deliver superb audio performance
      and tracking ability.

The internal DAC module used in the MIMIK employs delta-sigma
conversion technology, which necessitates an extremely high quality
clock signal. This clock signal is provided by a dedicated low phase-
noise oscillator which feeds the DAC and decoder chip independently,
keeping the signal free of any mechanism-induced noise modulation.

The MIMIK has two sets of stereo audio outputs provided for connection
to your pre-amplifier and direct connection to another system such as
a multi-room application.

The MIMIK has a high-quality digital audio output which allows it to
be connected to the Linn Numerik D/A convertor at any time in the
future, providing even greater sound quality.

Serial remote-in and remote-out connections allow communication
between the MIMIK and other Linn components.

     NSTALLATION Your Linn retailer will install your MIMIK for
     you if you wish and help you with any problems, or you can
     install it yourself. If you are in the UK and want some advice you
are welcome to phone our Customer Services on:

                     FREEPHONE 0500 888 909.

If you are installing your MIMIK yourself, proceed as follows:

Unpack the MIMIK and retain the packing for future transportation.

Check the contents are as follows:

MIMIK CD player                        Remote handset
Owner's manual                         Mains lead
1 spare fuse                           1 pair phono-phono leads


VOLTAGE SELECTION The MIMIK is factory set for a 240 Volts mains
supply and must not be connected to a mains supply before it is
adjusted for your local voltage and fitted with the appropriate fuse.

To set the voltage, rotate the voltage selector on the
underside of the product until the appropriate voltage is
aligned with the white marker.

                   To fit the fuse, first identify the correct fuse for
                   your local voltage - 400mA antisurge for 220V and
                   240V, 800mA antisurge for 100V and 120V. Pull
                   open the fuse drawer which is at the left-hand side
                   of the mains inlet on the back panel, insert the fuse
                   in the rear compartment and close the drawer.



IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UK USE: The wires in this mains lead use
the following colour code:

               Green and yellow:        Earth
               Blue:                    Neutral
               Brown:                   Live

As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not
correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in
your plug, proceed as follows:

The wire which is coloured green and yellow must be connected to the
terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E, or by the earth
symbol or coloured green or green and yellow.

The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal
which is marked with the letter N or coloured black.

The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal
which is marked with the letter L or coloured red.

You can put your MIMIK more or less anywhere you find convenient,
but there are a few considerations which may affect your choice. The
MIMIK has a low field toroidal transformer, but in some circumstances
this may induce hum in very sensitive equipment if it is placed too
close. The most sensitive circuitry is likely to be the moving-coil input
in an amplifier or pre-amplifier.

The Linn remote control system is exceptionally sensitive - you should
be able to put your MIMIK almost anywhere in a room. Keep it out of
direct sunlight, and don't obscure the control window. Smoked glass
cupboard doors usually present no problems.

Connect your MIMIK to a mains supply using the supplied mains cord.
Turn it on to see it light up!

Now you know it works, you have to connect it up to everything else,
so turn it off again. All the connections are made at the rear panel, as
illustrated above.


There are two sets of AUDIO OUTPUTS on
the back of the MIMIK. One is for you
to connect to the amplifier or pre-amplifier
in your primary system, and the second is
for connection to a subsidiary system or a
Linn multi-room system. Connect your
MIMIK to the CD inputs of your amplifier
using the interconnect cable supplied.

         Ensure that the left (upper) channel
              of the MIMIK is connected
                    to the left input channel of your amplifier, and
                           the right (lower) channel of the MIMIK is
                                 connected to the right input
                                       channel of your amplifier.

We recommend using high-quality interconnect leads, such as the
Linn cable supplied with the MIMIK. Linn interconnect cable is
directional, and should be connected such that the arrow points from
the MIMIK towards your amplifier.

CONNECTING TO A DtoA CONVERTOR The Digital to Analogue
convertor in the MIMIK gives very high sound quality, so to upgrade
your MIMIK requires an even better external DAC such as the Linn
NUMERIK. Be sure to audition any upgrade to your system. To connect
an external DAC use a BNC lead from the MIMIK ELECTRICAL DATA
OUTPUT to the DAC input. If necessary, use a BNC/phono adaptor at
the DAC. Your Linn retailer will supply you with the correct lead.

remote control commands recieved by the MIMIK to be relayed to
other Linn components via an appropriate cable. This can be useful if
the other Linn components are an a separate room, or enclosed in a
cupboard. To do this, connect the REMOTE OUT socket of the MIMIK
to the REMOTE IN socket of the next Linn product in the chain using a
phono-phono lead that your Linn retailer will supply.

CONNECTING POWER Connect the mains lead to the MIMIK and
plug it into a suitable mains outlet.

             PERATION Like the other products in its family, we
             designed the MIMIK to be easy to operate. It has a clear
             display, a simple front panel and full remote control.

The control area looks like this:

 Display                                                     Play-Anzeige
                                                            play indicator
 Modus                                                     Pause-Anzeige
                                                          pause indicator

All commonly used functions require only one key press. To access the
less commonly used functions, such as SEARCH, two adjacent keys
must be pressed at the same time. To access the most rarely used
functions, such as PROGRAM, a pair of keys must be pressed and held.

If you find that your MIMIK does not respond to the controls as
you expect, please refer to the GETTING UNSTUCK section on
page 15.

                          DISPLAY MODES
The display area on the MIMIK can be set to show any one of five
different parameters, depending on your preference:

TRACK                     will display the number and index position of
                          the track being played. If the disc is not
                          playing, the total number of tracks on the
                          disc will be displayed. If there is no disc in
                          the MIMIK, '00' will be displayed.

TRACK TIME                will display the length of time the current
                          track has been playing.

REMAIN TRACK TIME         will display the length of time remaining for
                          the current track.

TOTAL TIME                will display the length of time that the whole
                          disc has been playing. If a disc is loaded but
                          not playing the total time of the disc will be

TOTAL REMAIN TIME         will display the length of time remaining for
                          the whole disc.

The MIMIK powers up in TRACK mode. Refer to the DISPLAY section
on page 11 for details of how to select one of these display modes.

TO TURN THE MIMIK ON press the POWER button. The display will
light up, and if a disc is in the drawer it will start to play at track 1.

TO TURN THE MIMIK OFF press the POWER button again.

If you get lost in some of the advanced features while learning to use
your MIMIK, just turn the POWER off and back on. We recommend you
turn the MIMIK off when it is not in use.

Notice that whenever you don't do anything to your MIMIK for about
20 seconds, the display will turn off to save power, showing only two
dashes. (It is possible to have your MIMIK adjusted so that the display
remains on permanently - contact your Linn retailer for details.)

TO OPEN THE DRAWER press the OPEN key. The drawer will open
enabling you to load a disc.

TO CLOSE THE DRAWER press the OPEN key, or push the drawer.
These will both load the disc, but it will not start playing.

                               PLAY    w
TO PLAY A CD press the PLAY w key. If the drawer is open, it will
close. The disc will start playing from track 1 and the w indicator will

TO REPLAY THE CURRENT TRACK from the beginning press PLAY w.

                        u SKIP SKIP i
TO SKIP TO A PARTICULAR TRACK press either of the uSKIP or
SKIPi keys until the desired track is reached and displayed. Notice
that the first press of uSKIP will take you to the beginning of the
current track if one is playing.

uSKIP and SKIPi can also be used when the disc is stopped or
paused to select a track. When the selected track is reached, press
PLAY w to start the disc.

                              PAUSE    p
FOR A BREAK IN PLAY press the PAUSE p key. The audio will mute
and the p indicator will illuminate.

TO RESTART after you have pressed PAUSE p, press PAUSE p again
or press PLAY w. The p indicator will go out and the w indicator will

paused, use the SKIP or SEARCH keys to move to the new position.
When you then press PAUSE p or PLAY w, play will continue from the
new position. If you are using SEARCH to move to a new position while
paused, you will probably find it helpful to set the display mode to one
of the time parameters so you can set where play will resume.

                               STOP    o
TO STOP press the STOP o key. The MIMIK will stop playing and the
w indicator will go out. The display will briefly show the total time of
the disc, and will then show the number of tracks.

The next group of functions, which are less commonly used, require
pressing two adjacent keys at the same time. These functions are
printed in dark grey on the pairs of keys involved.

                      t SEARCH SEARCH y
TO SEARCH A DISC press and hold either the pair of keys marked
SEARCH y to search forward, or the pair of keys marked t SEARCH
to search backwards. The search is executed at two speeds; for the
first four seconds it is slow and thereafter it is faster. You will hear the
music accelerated accordingly. When searching backwards during
play, if the start of the first track is reached the disc will start to play.

TO CHANGE THE DISPLAY MODE press the pair of keys marked
DISPLAY . If a disc is playing or paused, the display mode will advance
with each press through the following cycle:          TRACK, TRACK TIME,
loaded, but not playing or paused, then DISPLAY will toggle the display
between showing the total number of tracks on the disc, or the total
time. The current display mode is indicated at the left of the display.

TO REPEAT THE ENTIRE DISC press the pair of keys marked REPEAT.
You must release REPEAT within 0.5 seconds. The REPEAT indicator
will light when you release REPEAT and the disc will repeat when it
gets to the end. To cancel this repeat press REPEAT twice more. The
REPEAT light will go out, and the disc will stop at the end.

TO REPEAT A SECTION OF THE DISC advance to the start of the
section you wish to repeat using the SKIP or SEARCH keys and then
press and release REPEAT . The REPEAT indicator will light when you
release the REPEAT key. Use SKIP or SEARCH to get to the end of the
section you wish to repeat and then press REPEAT again. This section
of the disc will be repeated. To cancel this repeat press REPEAT once.
The REPEAT indicator will go out when you release REPEAT, and the
disc will finish playing at the end.

The last two functions are used least often and require pressing two
adjacent keys at the same time and holding them.

TO PLAY A SELECTION OF TRACKS make sure the disc is loaded but
not playing. You can tell that this is the case if the w indicator is not
lit and the display is showing the number of tracks on the disc. (If you
have just put the disc in, allow the MIMIK the few seconds necessary
to read and display the number of tracks.) Press and hold the pair of
keys marked PROGRAM for about 2 seconds until the display shows


which indicates that programming mode A has been entered. (If the
display shows "P--b" you've held PROGRAM too long. Press OPEN twice,
and start again). Release PROGRAM and the display will show

       P 00

which indicates that the MIMIK is ready for you to enter your selection.
Use the SKIPi or uSKIP keys to enter a track number, or use the
remote control to enter a track number directly. Press PROGRAM again
to enter this track as your selection. The display will show

       P 01

indicating that your first selection has been accepted. Enter further
track numbers the same way, pressing PROGRAM to store each track in
sequence. You can enter up to 20 tracks.

The display will show P 02, P 03 ... and so on as each track is
programmed in.

TO FINISH THE PROGRAM press STOP o. The display will show the
total number of tracks you have entered.

TO CHECK OR ADD TO THE PROGRAM after you have pressed
STOP o, press SKIPi and the first track in the program will be shown.
Pressing SKIPi again will display the second track, and so on. The
display shows the track number, followed by its position in the
program. So, "703" signifies that track 7 is 3rd in the program. If you
want to add more tracks, press and hold PROGRAM until "P--A"
appears. Then release PROGRAM and the display will show "P" followed
by the number of program slots used. Enter the additional tracks using
SKIP and PROGRAM as described previously. Press STOP o when you
have finished adding tracks.


PAUSE p . This is useful when you are making a tape. When you are
ready to listen or record, press PAUSE p again or PLAY w to start your

TO ADD MORE TRACKS TO THE PROGRAM after it is playing press
STOP o . You can now check or add to the program as described above.

TO CANCEL THE PROGRAM press              OPEN.   The program is now

TO OMIT A SET OF TRACKS make sure the disc is loaded but not
playing. Press and hold the pair of keys marked PROGRAM for about 4
seconds until the display shows


which indicates that programming mode b has been entered. Release
PROGRAM ,  and the display will show


indicating that the MIMIK is ready for you to enter to your selection.
Enter tracks in the same way as for programming mode A. When you
now play the disc the tracks you have entered will not be played.

NOTES ON PROGRAM MODE While the MIMIK is playing a stored
program the A-B REPEAT function is disabled and SKIPi or uSKIP
will skip to the next or previous track in the programmed sequence.
SEARCH y will search through the current track, and then into the
next track in numerical, rather than program, sequence. So, you can
use SEARCH y to break out of the stored program. If you do so though,
the program will resume at the end of the track you used SEARCH y
to get into.

                    DIGITAL AUDIO DISABLE
marked DIGITAL and hold them for 2 seconds. The DIGITAL indicator will
go out and no data will be transmitted from the digital output of the
MIMIK. This facility is of particular use in a Linn multi-room system
using a Linn NUMERIK D/A convertor as it allows you to switch inputs
to the NUMERIK. If you are using another dual channel D/A convertor
this facility allows you to avoid intermodulation problems between
the channels in the convertor.

TO ENABLE THE DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT if it has been disabled,
press the pair of keys marked DIGITAL and hold them for 2 seconds. The
DIGITAL indicator will illuminate, and digital data will once again be
transmitted from the digital output of the NUMERIK.

                     USEFUL INFORMATION
PERMANENT DISPLAY By default, the MIMIK is configured to turn
the display off after about 20 seconds after the last command. If you
would prefer the display to stay on permanently, please contact your
Linn retailer who will make the simple modification necessary.

The MIMIK is supplied with a small handset which controls the CD
player and provides basic control for other Linn components. The
larger handset supplied with some other Linn products may also be
used with the MIMIK.

                     TO ENTER A TRACK FROM 1 TO 9 DIRECTLY
                     press the corresponding digit on the remote control
                     for less than 0.5 seconds. When the digit is
                     pressed it is shown on the display. When the
                     button is released the MIMIK will play the selected

                     TO ENTER A TRACK FROM 10 TO 99 DIRECTLY
                     press and hold down the button for the first digit.
                     The digit will be shown on the display. After 0.5
                     seconds the displayed digit will move one place
                     to the left and a dash will appear in the original
                     digit position. Press the button for the second
                     digit. The dash on the display will be replaced by
                     this second digit, and the MIMIK will play the
                     selected track.

                        GETTING UNSTUCK
Occasionally, you may find that your MIMIK fails to respond the way
you expect when you press a key. This will usually be because
inadvertently you have pressed a key you didn't intend to, which then
puts your MIMIK into a mode where it behaves unexpectedly. Of
course, you can always turn off and start again, but it's worthwhile
learning how to interpret the display and indicator lights.

If the display is asleep and just showing "--" press DISPLAY to wake the
display up.

The display will show "00" if a disc is not loaded.

The display will show "." if the MIMIK is unable to read a disc,
indicating a probable disc fault.

When a disc is loaded but not playing, the display will show either the
total number of tracks or the total time of the disc, depending on the
display mode you have selected.

The indicator lights have the following significance:

w            indicates that a disc is loaded and playing. The display will
             show the track and index numbers, or one of the time
             parameters, depending on the display mode that has been

p            indicates that play has been paused. Play can be resumed
             by pressing PAUSE p or PLAY w.

DIGITAL      indicates that digital data is being transmitted out of the
             ELECTRICAL DATA OUTPUT socket at the rear of the MIMIK.
             If you are using an outboard DAC with your MIMIK, this
             light should be on, otherwise the DAC will not be receiving
             any input. The DIGITAL key toggles this function off and on.

REPEAT       indicates that the MIMIK has been set to repeat the whole
             disc, or some portion of it. To cancel the repeat, you need
             to press and release REPEAT either once or twice, depending
             on whether a full or part disc repeat was specified initially.

                         COMPACT DISC CARE
The compact disc is not an invulnerable medium. For the longest
lifetime and highest performance of your CD collection, pay attention
to the following points:

1.        Do not touch either side of the disc. Handle it by its edges only.

2.        Scratches or dirt on either side of the disc activate correction
          circuits in the transport. This complicates the retrieval of
          information and may result in degradation of sound quality. A
          badly scratched or dirty disc may skip, or refuse to play.

3.        The edge of the CD centre hole must be kept in pristine
          condition, as a transport relies on an accurate fit of the hole to
          the spindle to maintain the highest performance.

4.      Keep your discs away from excessive heat. Warped discs
        complicate the retrieval of information and may result in a
        degradation of sound quality.

FUSE PROTECTION A fuse is fitted to the power input socket on the
rear of the MIMIK. The fuse holder also contains one spare fuse.

The Linn MIMIK CD player is designed for a long life and any servicing
should be carried out by an authorised retailer.

CLEANING Dust or finger marks can be removed using a soft damp
cloth. Avoid the use of domestic cleaning products.

TURNTABLES For best results, a turntable should be placed on a
small, light, rigid table, or alternatively, wall mounted on a light, rigid

CD PLAYER The KARIK and MIMIK should be positioned on a level
surface. Extensive internal screening in the KAIRN pre-amplifier,
KREMLIN tuner, KARIK and NUMERIK facilitates stacking the products
one on top of the other without interference if desired.

POWER SUPPLIES Take care not to position too close to signal
leads, turntables or pre-amplifier.

AMPLIFIERS Pre- and power amplifiers may hum if positioned too
close together. For minimum hum, experiment by moving the
components with the system at full volume but not playing music
(although it is best to turn the volume down whilst actually moving the

LOUDSPEAKERS Loudspeakers should be positioned correctly. They
should be mounted on rigid stands and not subject to any rocking

CLEAN CONTACTS It is important that the electrical contacts in a
hi-fi system are kept mechanically sound and clean. Occasionally
unplugging and re-plugging all the connectors will effectively clean

WARNING: This should be carried out after the mains supply has
been switched off.

INTERCONNECT LEADS Correct cables should be used. We
recommend good quality copper cable for interconnect leads and
advise 4 mm2 multicore copper cable, such as Linn K20, for speaker

Your Linn retailer can supply high-quality interconnects for linking all
your hi-fi components.

Width:    320mm
Depth:    325mm
Height:   80mm
Weight:   3.8Kg

15 Watts maximum

100V and 120V:   800mA antisurge
220V and 240V:   400mA antisurge

Nominal +/- 10% with no performance degradation

Triple Beam Laser Pickup

Current loop remote control input
Maximum DC current source: 20mA (short circuit protected)
Sensitivity: 5mA differential signal current
Bias voltage: 7V (to power remote IR sensor)

Current loop remote control output
Connector: RCA phono
Level: 6mA output signal current

2 stereo audio outputs
Connector: RCA phono
Output level: 2.0V rms (peak code)
Output impedance: 100 Ohms
Minumum load: 1 KOhm

S/P-DIF Digital Audio Electrical Output
Connector: 75Ohm BNC
Level: 0.5V pp (75 Ohms)

                   GUARANTEE AND SERVICE
This product is guaranteed under the conditions which apply in the
country of purchase.

In addition to any statutory rights the customer may have, we undertake
to replace any parts which have failed due to faulty manufacture. To
help us, please ask your retailer about the Linn Warranty Scheme in
operation in your country.

In the UK and other markets, extended warranty is offered to customers
who register their purchase with Linn. A Registration Card can be
obtained from your retailer and should be stamped by him. This will
also enable you to receive the Linn RECORD Newsletter and details of
music available from Linn.

WARNING Refer all enquiries to authorised retailers only.
Unauthorised servicing or dismantling of the product invalidates the
manufacturer's warranty.

If you are in any doubt, please contact your nearest Linn retailer. For
information on your nearest retailer, contact the Linn factory in
Scotland or your national distributor.


Please keep a copy of the sales receipt to establish the purchase date
of the product.

Please ensure that your equipment is insured by you during any transit
or shipment for repair.

                   TELEPHONE: (041) 644 5111.
         TELEX: 77301 LINN G. FACSIMILE: (041) 644 4262
         CUSTOMER SERVICES: FREEPHONE 0500 888 909


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