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RCA Corporation RCA Electronics ( logo).svg Fate Acquired by GE in 1986, various divisions liquidated Successor GE RCA (owned by Technicolor) RCA Records (owned by Sony Music Entertainment) Founded October 17, 1919; 99 years ago as Radio Corporation of America. Name changed to RCA Corporation on May 9, 1969. Defunct 1986 Headquarters New York City, New York, U.S.[1] Key people Owen Young, David Sarnoff, first general manager Products Radios Vacuum tubes Phonograph records Electric Phonograph RCA Photophone Televisions CED Videodisc TV Station equipment: Studio cameras Videotape machines Film chains TV transmitters TV broadcast antennae Satellites Divisions RCA Records NBC RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video Website www.rca.com Edit this on Wikidata The RCA Corporation was a major American electronics company, which was founded as the Radio Corporation of America in 1919. It was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric (GE); however, in 1932, GE was required to divest its control as part of the settlement of a government antitrust suit.

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PE-426_RCA_ComputerDesign_1969.pdf application/pdf 8.79 MB 11-12-2018
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Radiotron_Designers_Handbook_1954.pdf application/pdf 90.56 MB 11-12-2018
RC-22_RCA_Receiving_Tube_Manual_Jul63.pdf application/pdf 42.84 MB 11-12-2018
RCA Studio II [DIR]
RCA_87-A_RCA_Master_Voltohmyst_Model_87-A_Service_Manual-RCAMasterVoltohmystWV-87A.pdf application/pdf 11.07 MB 09-12-2018
RCA_WG-299D_WG-301A_WG-302A_probes_manual_with_schematics_1964.pdf application/pdf 530.55 KB 09-12-2018
RCA_WT-100A_MicroMhoMeter_tube_tester_manual_with_schematic_1961.pdf application/pdf 10.30 MB 09-12-2018
RCA_WV-77E_VoltOhmyst_VTVM_schematic.pdf application/pdf 2.24 MB 09-12-2018
RCA_WV-98A_Senior_VoltOhmyst_VTVM_manual_1955.pdf application/pdf 1.30 MB 09-12-2018
RCA_WV-98B_Senior_VoltOhmyst_VTVM_manual_1960.pdf application/pdf 755.39 KB 09-12-2018
RCA_WV-98C_Senior_VoltOhmyst_VTVM_manual_1964.pdf application/pdf 1.41 MB 09-12-2018
RCA_WV-98C_Senior_VoltOhmyst_VTVM_schematic_1964_11x17.pdf application/pdf 1.47 MB 09-12-2018
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