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                                                           ART 7SERIES
                                                           PROFESSIONAL ACTIVE
                                                           SPEAKER SYSTEMS

                   a new generation of speakers            is born and it's ready to rock audiences all over the world
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              Before connecting and using the amplifier, please read this instruction manual carefully and keep it on hand for future reference. The
              manual is to be considered an integral part of the product and must accompany the amplifier when it changes ownership as a reference for
              correct installation and use as well as for the safety precautions. RCF S.p.A. will not assume any responsibility for the incorrect installation
              and/or use of the product.

                   WARNING: To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, never expose this equipment to rain or humidity.

              1. All the precautions, in particular the safety ones, must be read with special attention, as they provide important information.
              2. The power supply voltage of this equipment is sufficiently high to involve a risk of electrocution; therefore, never install or connect the
              product with the power supply switched on.
              3. Before powering up the amplifier, make sure that all the connections have been made correctly and that the voltage of your power
              mains corresponds to the voltage shown on the rating plate on the unit; if it does not, please contact your RCF dealer.
              4. The metallic parts of the unit are earthed by means of the power cable. In the event that the current outlet used for power does not
              provide the earth connection, contact a qualified electrician to earth the equipment using the dedicated terminal.
              5. To protect the power cable from damage, make sure that it is positioned so that it cannot be stepped on or crushed by objects.
              6. To prevent the risk of electric shock, never open the amplifier. There are no parts on the inside that the user needs to access.
              7. Make sure that no objects or liquids can get into the amplifier, as this may cause a short circuit.
              8. Never attempt to carry out any operations, modifications, or repairs that are not expressly described in this manual. Contact your
              authorized service centre or qualified personnel should any of the following occur:
              - the amplifier does not function (or functions in an anomalous way);
              - the power supply cable has been damaged;
              - objects or liquids have got into the unit;
              - the amplifier has been subject to heavy impact.
              9. When the amplifier is not to be used for long periods of time, switch it off and disconnect the power cable.
              10. If the amplifier begins to emit any strange odours or smoke, switch it off immediately and disconnect the power supply cable.
              11. Do not connect this product to any equipment or accessories not specified.
              For suspended installation, only use the dedicated anchoring points and do not try to hang this product using HANDLES or elements that
              are unsuitable or not specific for this purpose.
              Also check the suitability of the support surface to which the product is anchored (wall, ceiling, structure, etc.), and the components used
              for attachment (screw anchors, screws, brackets not supplied by RCF etc.), which must guarantee the security of the system/installation
              over time, also considering, for example, the mechanical vibrations normally generated by the transducer.
              To prevent the risk of falling equipment, do not stack multiple units of this product unless this possibility is specified in the instruction
              12. RCF S.p.A. strongly recommends this product is installed by professional qualified installers (or specialised firms) who can ensure
              correct installation and certify it according to the regulations in force.
              13. SUPPORTS AND TROLLEYS
              The equipment should only be used on trolleys or supports, where necessary, that are recommended by the manufacturer. The
              equipment/support/trolley assembly must be moved with extreme caution. Sudden stops, excessive pushing force and uneven floors may
              cause the assembly to overturn.
              14. There are numerous mechanical and electrical factors to be considered when installing a professional audio system (in addition to
              those which are strictly acoustic, such as sound pressure, angles of coverage, frequency response, etc.).
              15. HEARING LOSS
              Exposure to high sound levels can cause permanent hearing loss. The acoustic pressure level that leads to hearing loss is different from
              person to person and depends on the duration of exposure. To prevent potentially dangerous exposure to high levels of acoustic pressure,
              anyone who is exposed to these levels should use adequate protection devices. When a transducer capable of producing high sound levels
              is being used, it is therefore necessary to wear ear plugs or protective earphones. See the technical specifications in the instruction manual
              for the maximum sound pressure the loudspeaker is capable of producing.
              IMPORTANT NOTES
              To prevent the occurrence of noise on the cables that carry microphone signals or line signals (for example, 0 dB), only use screened
              cables and avoid running them in the vicinity of:
              - equipment that produces high-intensity electromagnetic fields (for example, high power transformers);
              - mains cables;
              - lines that supply loudspeakers.

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              - Do not obstruct the ventilation grilles of the unit. Situate this product far from any heat sources and always ensure adequate air
              circulation around the ventilation grilles.
              - Do not overload this product for extended periods of time.
              - Never force the control elements (keys, knobs, etc.).
              - Do not use solvents, alcohol, benzene or other volatile substances for cleaning the external parts of this product.

               ART 7 SERIES                                                             EVOLUTION IN TECHNOLOGY, REVOLUTION IN SOUND

              Back in 1996 RCF moved into the forefront of the active loudspeaker technology with the introduction of the ART Series: a loudspeakers
              range that was able to deliver perfect and powerful sound with a lightweight cabinet strong enough to withstand everyday use.
              The RCF R&D team kept evolving the ART technology during the last decade, developing reference products such as the ART 322-A, the ART
              310-A and the new digitally amplified ART 525-A.

              The RCF Team always has the performer's needs at the forefront of the design in order to create new lines of speakers with renewed
              features, improved sound clarity and definition and even lighter weight systems.

              The latest iconic design is the ART 7 Series: an evolution in the active loudspeaker technology with a revolutionary design and sound. Every
              detail of the 7 Series has been carefully studied in order to offer musicians and professionals the perfect tool to amplify their performance,
              night after night. High quality materials, precise manufacturing, careful assembly and extensive quality control procedures complete the
              groundbreaking design work of the RCF R&D team.

              All the transducers in the Art 7 Series speakers feature ferrite magnets in order to guarantee a better performance and make for easier
              All Compression drivers and Transducers are precision built taking advantage of RCF's superior moulding, assembly technologies and a
              wealth of professional knowledge and experience dedicated to achieving extremely high standards.

              All Art 7 Series two-way speakers are equipped with a new generation of 750 Watt Digital Amplifiers, 500 Watt for the woofers and 250
              Watt for the compression drivers . The result of this is very high output, extremely low distortion and an incredible natural sound.
              Each amplifier presents both XLR/jack (Combo) balanced inputs, XLR output link, volume and a switchable EQ Mode (Flat/Boost),
              additional MIC/Line input switch.
              The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilize the amplifier during transportation but also assist in
              the heat dissipation.
              All the Art 7 Series amplifiers presents PFC power supply section in order to produce maximum output even in case of tension drops from
              main supply.

              The new loudspeaker design looks aggressive whilst retaining familiar Art ergonomics and is the result of extensive combined functional
              and acoustic research.
              The Art 7 Series two-way system cabinets are moulded in a special polypropylene composite material and are designed to dampen down
              vibrations even at maximum volume settings. The reflex porting has been resized to offer a better efficiency. The ART 710-A MK II model is
              equipped with a top aluminium handle with rubber handgrip for greater portability; the bigger models have 3 ergonomically designed
              forged aluminium handles with rubber handgrip - 2 on the sides and one at the top. At the bottom a rugged steel pole mount has been
              installed in all models.
              The new cabinet shape will allow every ART 7 Series model to be used in the standard configuration as well as in stage monitor mode.
              Two M10 threaded inserts are provided for optional mounting hardware in Installed Sound Applications.

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                                                               1    JACK/FEMALE XLR INPUTS (BAL/UNBAL)
                                                                    The system accept jack or XLR input connectors.

                                                               2    LIMITER LED
                                                                    The amplifier has a built in limiter circuit to prevent clipping
                                                                    of the amplifiers or overdriving the transducers. When the
                                                                    soft clipping circuit is active the LED blinks orange. It is
                                                           2        okay if the limit LED blinks occasionally. If the LED blinks
                                           6                        frequently or lights continuously, turn down the signal level.
                            1                                  3    SIGNAL LED
                                                           4        The signal indicator lights green if there is signal present on
                                                                    the main XLR input
                            5                              7
                                           1                   4    STATUS LED
                                                           8        The status indicator flash if the temperature protection is

                                                               5    MALE XLR SIGNAL OUTPUT
                                                                    The output XLR connector provides a loop trough for
                                                                    speakers daisy chaining.

                                                               6    VOLUME CONTROL
                                                                    Adjust the amplifier volume.

                                                               7    FLAT/BOOST SWITCH
                                                                    Set the flat or boost equalization. "Boost" equalization is a
                                                                    loudness recommended for background music applications,
                                                                    when the system plays at a low level. For all other
                                                                    applications "Flat" equalisation is recommended.

                                                               8    INPUT SENSITIVITY SWITCH. Position the switch in LINE
                                                                    to use a line level source (0 dB) or MIC to use a
                                                                    microphone source.

                                                               9    IEC AC SOCKET
                                                                    The IEC AC socket connect the power cord to the socket.

                                                               10   FUSE CARRIER. Mains fuse housing.

                                                               11   POWER MAIN SWITCH
                                                                    The power switch turns the AC power ON and OFF.

                             11                   10

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                                                                                                2           1
              The XLR connectors use the following AES standard:                  HOT                                 GND

              PIN 1 = GROUND (SHIELD)                                                                 3
                                                                                  COLD                            BAL. XLR
              PIN 2 = HOT (+)
              PIN 3 = COLD (-)

              On the back panel you will find all the controls, the signal and current inputs. At first verify that the voltage selector on the speaker is in
              proper position for your country (115 Volt or 230 Volt).
              The switch shall be in proper position (unless moved from unauthorized people), but a fast check will avoid problems. In case is necessary
              to change the voltage please call your vendor or authorized RCF SERVICE CENTRE. This operation require the substitution of the fuse value
              and is reserved to an RCF SERVICE CENTRE.

              At this point you can connect the power supply cable and the signal cable, but before turning on the speaker make sure that the volume
              control is at the minimum level (even on the mixer output). It is important that the mixer is already ON before turning on the speaker. This
              will avoid damage to the speakers and noisy "bumps" due to turning on parts on the audio chain. It is a good practice to always turn on
              speakers at last and turn them off immediately after the show.
              Now you can turn ON the speaker and adjust the volume control to a proper level.

              A 35 mm socket for mounting the loudspeaker on a speaker stand is provided in the bottom of the cabinet.
              ART speakers MUST be suspended only with approved rigging hardware. In any case always use at least 2 M10 threaded inserts on
              opposite sides of the cabinet.

                   WARNING: Never suspend ART speakers by there handles. Handles are intended for transportation, not for rigging.

              ART Series active speakers are equipped with a complete system of protection circuits. Two led on the amplifier back panel indicate the
              working status of the amplifier: the green led indicate that the speaker is ON and the red led is on when the protection circuit is active. The
              circuit is acting very gently on audio signal, controlling level and maintaining distortion at acceptable level. If this led is ON for a long
              period is better to reduce immediately the signal level from the mixer or from the speaker volume control.

               VOLTAGE SETUP                                                                              (RESERVED TO THE RCF SERVICE CENTRE)
                 230 Volt, 50 Hz SETUP:
                 FUSE VALUE T 1.6 A 250V

                 115 Volt, 60 Hz SETUP:
                 FUSE VALUE T3.15 A 250V

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              IMPORTANTE. Prima di collegare ed utilizzare questo prodotto, leggere attentamente le istruzioni contenute in questo manuale, il quale 

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