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ReVox is a brand name, registered by Studer on March 27, 1951, for Swiss audio equipment.[1] The first Studer-designed tape recorders were branded Dynavox. After the first production series of Dynavox recorders, a new marketing company was formed in 1950 called ELA AG. Revox was adopted as the brand name for amateur recorders, while the professional machines retained the Studer name

.. [DIR]
27A [DIR]
27T [DIR]
59-A [DIR]
884 [DIR]
A36 [DIR]
A50 [DIR]
A76 [DIR]
A77 [DIR]
A78 [DIR]
A88 [DIR]
A700 [DIR]
A720 [DIR]
A722 [DIR]
A740 [DIR]
A807 [DIR]
Agora B [DIR]
B36 [DIR]
B77 [DIR]
B77 mkII [DIR]
B126 [DIR]
B150 [DIR]
B160 [DIR]
B200 [DIR]
B201 [DIR]
B203 [DIR]
B206 [DIR]
B208 [DIR]
B209 [DIR]
B215 [DIR]
B225 [DIR]
B226 [DIR]
B240 [DIR]
B240-S [DIR]
B242 [DIR]
B250 [DIR]
B250-S [DIR]
B251 [DIR]
B251-252 [DIR]
B260 [DIR]
B261 [DIR]
B285-B286 [DIR]
B291 [DIR]
B291S [DIR]
B710 [DIR]
B739 [DIR]
B740 [DIR]
B750 [DIR]
B760 [DIR]
B780 [DIR]
B790 [DIR]
B791-795 [DIR]
C-27X [DIR]
C-278 [DIR]
C36 [DIR]
C88 [DIR]
C115 [DIR]
C270 [DIR]
CDC-100 [DIR]
Connector Box [DIR]
D-88 [DIR]
D780-D [DIR]
E36 [DIR]
G36 [DIR]
Model 40 [DIR]
PR99 [DIR]
S-27 [DIR]
S-39 [DIR]
S-40 [DIR]
S-59-A [DIR]
S-59-E [DIR]
T-26 [DIR]

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