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                                               FILE NO. 810-200329


          D IG IT A L V ID E O


                                 DOCUMENT CREATED IN JAPAN, Sep., 2003
Pickup Head consists of a laser diode that is very susceptible to external static electricity.
Although it operates properly after replacement, if it was subject to electrostatic discharge during replacement,
its life might be shortened. When replacing, use a conductive mat, soldering iron with ground wire, etc. to
protect the laser diode from damage by static electricity.
And also, the LSI and IC are same as above.

                                                        Ground conductive

                                                        wrist strap for body.

                      Soldering iron

                      with ground wire

                      or ceramic type

                                                                                1M   9
                                       Conductive mat
                                                                The ground resistance

                                                                between the ground line

                                                                and the ground is less than 10   9   .
                                              SAFETY PRECAUTIONS
Plug the AC line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet (do      Measure the AC voltage across the 1500 W resistor.
not use an isolation transformer for this check). Use an      The test must be conducted with the AC switch on and
AC voltmeter, having 5000 W per volt or more sensitivity.     then repeated with the AC switch off. The AC voltage
Connect a 1500 W 10 W resistor, paralleled by a 0.15 mF       indicated by the meter may not exceed 0.3 V. A reading
150V AC capacitor between a known good earth ground           exceeding 0.3 V indicates that a dangerous potential
(water pipe, conduit, etc.) and all exposed metal parts of    exists, the fault must be located and corrected.
cabinet (antennas, handle bracket, metal cabinet              Repeat the above test with the DVD VIDEO PLAYER
screwheads, metal overlays, control shafts, etc.).            power plug reversed.
                                                              NEVER RETURN A DVD VIDEO PLAYER TO THE
                                                              CUSTOMER WITHOUT TAKING NECESSARY
                                                              CORRECTIVE ACTION.

                                        READING SHOULD NOT EXCEED 0.3V

                                                                               AC VOLTMETER
                        DVD VIDEO PLAYER                                       (5000   9 per volt
                                                                               or more sensitivity)

                                                                               Good earth ground
                                                                               such as a water pipe,
                                                                    1500   9   conduit, etc.
                                                                    10 W

                                                             0.15   mF 150V AC
                       AC OUTLET
                                      Test all exposed metal.
                                      Voltmeter Hook-up for Leakage Current Check

                                                              The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an
                                                              equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the
                                                              presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the
                                                              product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to
                                                              constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

                                                              The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is
                                                              intended to alert the user to the presence of important
                                                              operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
                                                              literature accompanying the appliance.
                                                       SECTION 1
                                                  GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS
1. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS                                      2. LOCATION OF MAIN PARTS AND
                                                                  MECHANISM PARTS
                                                                  2-1. Location of Main Parts
                                                                  2-2. Location of PC Boards

                                                        SECTION 2
                                       PART REPLACEMENT AND ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES
1. Replacement of Mechanical Parts                                  1-2. PC Board Replacement
   1-1. Cabinet Replacement                                         1-2-1. DVD Main PC Board
   1-1-1. Top Cover                                                 1-2-2. Tivo PC Board
   1-1-2. HDD                                                       1-2-3. Power PC board
   1-1-3. Front Panel                                               1-2-4. KDB Front and Power Switch PC Board
   1-1-4. Tray Door
   1-1-5. Mechanism Chassis Assembly
   1-1-6. Fan
   1-1-7. Rear Panel

                                                       SECTION 3
                                                  SERVICING DIAGRAMS
1. CIRCUIT SYMBOLS AND                                            3-5. Output Block Diagram (DVD)
   SUPPLEMENTARY EXPLANATION                                      3-6. Tivo Block Diagrams
   1-1. Precautions for Part Replacement                          3-6-1. Tivo Block Diagram1
   1-2. Solid Resistor Indication                                 3-6-1. Tivo Block Diagram2
   1-3. Capacitance Indication                                 4. CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS
   1-4. Inductor Indication                                       4-1. Power Supply Circuit Diagram
   1-5. Waveform and Voltage Measurement                          4-2. KDB Front Circuit Diagram
   1-6. Others                                                    4-3. Power Switch Circuit Diagram
2. PRINTED WIRING BOARD AND                                       4-4. DVD Main Circuit Diagram
   SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM                                              4-5. Tivo Circuit Diagrams
3. BLOCK DIAGRAMS                                              5. PC BOARDS
   3-1. DVD Overall Block Diagram                                 5-1. Power Switch PC Board
   3-2. Power Supply Block Diagram                                5-2. KDB Front PC Board
   3-3. KDB Front, Power Switch Block Diagram                     5-3. DVD Main PC Board
   3-4. Logical System Block Diagram (DVD)

                                                       SECTION 4
                                                       PARTS LIST
SAFETY PRECAUTION                                              1. EXPLODED VIEWS
NOTICE                                                            1-1. Packing Assembly
ABBREVIATIONS                                                     1-2. Chassis Assembly
  (1) Integrated Circuit (IC)                                  2. PARTS LIST
  (2) Capacitor (Cap)
  (3) Resistor (Res)
                                                         GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS
                             SECTION 1

                                                              SECTION 1
                        GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS
Please refer to the owner's manual about the contents.
2-1. Location of Main Parts

            HDD UNIT

            Mechanism chassis                              B903 FAN
                                Fig. 1-2-1

2-2. Location of PC Boards

                                                 UT01 Tivo Main board

                                                U801 Power PC board

                                             UD01 DVD Main PC board
           UX03 Power Switch
           PC board                          UX02 KDB Front PC board

                                Fig. 1-2-2
                          SECTION 2
                    PART REPLACEMENT AND
                   ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES
 Electronic parts are susceptible to static electricity and may easily damaged, so do not forget to ground as required.
 Many screws are used inside the unit. To prevent the screws from missing, dropping, etc.always use a magnetized
 screwdriver in servicing. Several kinds of screws are used and some of them need special cautions. That is, take care of
 the tapping screws securing molded parts and fine pitch screws used to secure metal parts. If they are used improperly,
 the screw holes will be easily damaged and the parts can not be fixed.

                                                                                                                            ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES
                                                                                                                             PART REPLACEMENT AND
1-1. Cabinet Replacement

                                                                                                                                   SECTION 2
1-1-1. Top Cover                                                  1-1-2. HDD
1. Remove seven screws (1), then remove the top cover             1. Disconnect a connector (1).
   (2).                                                           2. Remove four screws (2) and a connector (3), then
                                                                     remove the HDD (4).
     Screws (1)

                                      Screws (1)

                                                                       Screws (2)
                                                                                            Connector (1)

                                                                                                            Connector (3)

                                                                  HDD (4)

         Top cover (2)
                                                Screws (1)

                         Fig. 2-1-1
                                                                                           Fig. 2-1-2
1-1-3. Front Panel                                             1-1-5. Mechanism Chassis Assembly
1. Remove the top cover. (Refer to item 1-1-1.)                Note:
2. Remove the HDD. (Refer to item 1-1-2.)                       

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