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                                                                                                 Digital receiving board

                AV BOARD              SIGNAL BOARD                                                                                                                     PANEL
                                                                                                                           DDR RAM
                     TIF                                                     FLI8548
                                                                           CORTEZ Plus w HDMI
                                                                                         VBI Data
                                                                                         Processor                              OSD
                     1 RQ
                                                                                                                                                           PANEL I/F
     Input                                                                     Analog     Video
     Terminal                                                                   Front    Decoder
     (Audio)                                                                    End
                                                                                                                                BEP        LVDS
     S-VIDEO(L/R)                                                                                                  2nd
     YCbCr(L/R)                                                                                                  Channel
                            Standby                                                                    MUX
                             uCON                                              Digital                                                               I2C
                                         I2C                                  Input A
                                                                                                                                 Micro-      GPIO
                                                                                                                     IR I/F    processor
                   APRO                                 AMP   DAC
                    MSP                                                < & E& U ELW

                                                                                                I2C                                         FLASH ROM

                 Sound AMP
                                           %W % L  W
                                           + '  '  /.
                                               9 &
                                                                                                         8 $57
                Input                      5(4

                CVBS                                                HDMI SW
                PC IN


Headphone                                                                                                  +Low B                                   AC INPUT&
                                                                                                        POWER BOARD                                   Power


Service Mode

Entering to Service Mode

                            1. Set VOLUME to minimum and press
                               button once on remote control.


                            2. Press    button again and hold button down.


     Service Mode display

                            3. While holding the    button, press MENU
                               button on TV set.
Displaying the Adjustment Menu

Press MENU button on TV for the Adjustment mode.
Pressing MENU button will switch between Service and Adjustment modes.

           Service Mode


         Adjustment Mode

Key Function in the Service Mode

The following key entry during display of adjustment menu provides special functions.

 CAUTION: Never try to perform initialization unless you have changed the
 memory IC.
Test signal selection                             button (on remote control)

Selection of the adjustment items            CH          (on TV or remote control)

Change of the data value                     Volume       +/- (on TV or remote control)

Adjustment menu mode ON/OFF                  MENU button (on TV)

Initialization of the memory (QA02)          CALL + CH button on TV (     )

Reset the count of operating
                                             CALL + CH button on TV (     )
protect circuit to "00"

"RCUT" selection                             1 button

"GCUT" selection                             2 button

"BCUT" selection                             3 button

"CNTX" selection                             4 button

"COLC" selection                             5 button

"UVTT" selection                             6 button

Automatic A/D Adjustment
                                             7 button
(PC, Component, Composite (PAL, NTSC))

Self diagnostic display ON/OFF               9 button

Selecting the Adjusting Item

Every pressing of CH      button in the service mode changes the adjustment items in the
order of table below. (   button for reverse order)





The image system data of RCUT-BDRV is different by each image format.
The PAL value is indicated in the table.
Never adjust H.POS and V.POS except PAL/WIDE mode.
 Item    Name of adjustment   Preset Data
RCUT    R CUT OFF              00H   

GCUT    G CUT OFF              00H   

BCUT    B CUT OFF              00H   

RDRV    R DRIVE                7AH   

GDRV G DRIVE                   78H   

BDRV    B DRIVE                7EH   


COLC    COLOR CENTER           B8H   


CNTX    CONTRAST MAX           86H   


PLLW0 PLL WAIT TIME            14H   

PLLW1 PLL WAIT TIME            03H   

PLLW2 PLL WAIT TIME            0FH   

PLLW3 PLL WAIT TIME            05H   

PLLW4 PLL WAIT TIME            14H   

PLLW5 PLL WAIT TIME            04H   

OPT1    TVSTS-OPT6             33H   

OPT2    TVSTS-OPT7             00H   

OPT3    TVSTS-OPT8             02H   

OPT4    TVSTS-OPT4             45H   

OPT5    TVSTS-OPT9             21H   

OPT6    TVSTS-OPT10            00H   

OPT7    TVSTS-OPT11            00H   

OPT8    TVSTS-OPT12            00H   

TVOP    TVSTS-OPT5             30H   


BDWID                          00H   

BDHIT                          00H   
Adjusting the Data

Pressing of VOLUME        +/- button will change the value of data in the range from 00H to
FFH. The variable range depends on the adjusting item.

Exit from Service Mode

Pressing POWER button to turn off the TV once.

Initialization of Memory Data of QA02

After replacing QA02, the following initialization is required.

 CAUTION: Never attempt to initialize the data unless QA02 has been

  1. Enter the service mode, then select any register item.

  2. Press and hold the CALL button on the remote control, then press the CH        button on
     the TV.
     The initialization of QA02 has been completed.

  3. Check the picture carefully. If necessary, adjust any adjustment item above.
     Perform "Auto tune" on the owner's manual.

Test Signal Selection

Every pressing of     button on the remote control changes the built-in test patterns on
screen as described below in Service Mode.
    Picture           Signal

                   Red raster

                   Green raster

                   Blue raster

                   All Black

                   All White

Self Diagnostic Function

 1. Press "9" button on remote control during display of adjustment menu in the service
    mode. The diagnosis will begin to check if interface among IC's is executed properly.

 2. During diagnosis, the following displays are shown.
(1) Firmware :
    Version information of microprocessor
    In case of file name : WL66_ASIA and Version : 0370 indicates [WL66_ASIA_0370].
(2) Time : Total hour of turn the TV on. (Unit : H)
(3) Bus line : -- "OK" is normal
    SCL-GND (Red indication) : SCL-GND short circuit
    SDA-GND (Red indication) : SDA-GND short circuit
    SCL-SDA (Red indication) : SCL-SDA short circuit
(4) Bus cont : --- "OK" is normal.
                   NG is abnormal (Red indication).
                   When the abnormal status is detected, type name of semiconductor is
                   indicated in red colour.
(5) Block
    UV      : TV reception mode
    V1 - V4 : VIDEO 1-4 input mode
    PC      : PC mode

          WL66As, Es, Rs, Ts
    UV             RF

    V4          HDMI

    PC            PC

Version Check Mode

 1. Press "9" button twice on remote control during display of adjustment menu in the
    service mode.
    The version of main MPU will be checked.

 2. During Version Check, the following displays are shown.

(1) MAIN MPU :
    Version information of microprocessor
    In case of file name : WL66_ASIA, Version 0370 for Code Program Version and (A01)
                           for OSD Version indicates [WL66_ASIA_0370 (A01)]
(2) EEPROM :
    Version information of EEPROM : Display 1 byte data.
(3) SUB MPU :
   Version information of SUB MPU : Display 1 byte data.
(4) OPTION :
    Option information : Display six numbers of 1 byte data.
(5) HDMI ID :
    HDMI ID information : Display 4 byte data.
(6) A/D Adjust
    A/D adjustment item.
    --COMP : Component input
    --PC    : PC input
    --NTSC : NTSC (60 Hz) SD signal (composite input)
   --PAL    : PAL (50 Hz) SD signal (composite input)
   --OK     : A/D adjustment set correctly.
   --NG     : A/D adjustment set incorrect.
(7) LCD Panel Vender information display
    The following Panel Vender and screen size are displayed.

    Panel Vender Screen Size (Inch)
         AUO           -26 -32 -37

   Example : AUO-32 indicates that Vender is AUO and Screen Size is 32 inch.

Status Check Mode

 1. Press "9" button thrice on remote control during display of adjustment menu in the
    service mode.
    The status of this model will be checked.

 2. During Status Check, the following displays are shown.
(1) MAIN :
    Main source information :
    Display RF position number (0 - 99) on the main screen, or Input Source
    (EXT1/2/3/HDMI etc.)
    Display Video and PC format information
(3) MAIN PLL :
    Main PLL information : Display 1 byte data at five.
    Display the one of screen size as follows.

    Super Live 2

    Cinema 2


    Super Live 1

    Cinema 1



    Other status information : Display three numbers of 2 byte data.

Setting Hotel Mode
Enter to service mode and select Hotel Mode menu by pressing P or P .
After selecting Hotel Mode, press     + to enter details setting in Hotel Mode.

To select menu, press P or P and press OK to enter the adjustment menu of OPT2 or
To move the cursor in the adjustment, press + or     -.

  1. By pressing P or P       , OPT2 setting will change the value either 1 or 0 on selected
     items as follows;

  OPT2      FUNCTION DESCRIPTION                            1                     0 (Normal)
D5 (bit5) Hotel mode FRONT Key           Disable                                  Enable

D4 (bit4) Hotel mode input change key Disable                                     Enable

D3 (bit3) Hotel mode user remote         Disable                                  Enable
            control disable              (Service mode and Super User mode
                                         may possible to setting only)

D2 (bit2) Hotel mode set up menu only Disable                                     Enable
            language                     Display the language only

D1 (bit1) Hotel mode SETUP MENU          Disable                                  Enable

D0 (bit0) HOTEL Mode                     On (Enable the setting of D1 to D7)      Off (Normal)

  OPT6      FUNCTION DESCRIPTION                            1                     0 (Normal)
D7 (bit7) Hotel mode power On Pos/       Enable                                   Disable
            Video Number

D6 (bit6) Hotel mode power On Pos/       0~99 [dec]: Pos No.

D5 (bit5) Video Number                   100 [dec]: DTV
                                         101~127 [dec]: Video No.
D4 (bit4)
                                         (101 = VIDEO1, 102Video2 ... )
D3 (bit3)

D2 (bit2)

D1 (bit1)

D0 (bit0)

LED Indication

The Green and Red LEDs on the TV (at the bottom right of the TV) indicate the TV's status,
as described below.
    Red ON (solid) and Green OFF = The TV power cord is plugged in.

    Green ON (solid) and Red ON = The On timer is operating.

          LED Indication                 Condition                  Solution
1 Green is OFF;                     Abnormal operation   Turn OFF the TV and unplug
  Red blinks continuously at 0.5-                        the power cord.
  second intervals.                                      Plug the power cord in again
                                                         and turn ON the TV.

2 Green is OFF;                     Abnormal operation of Turn OFF the TV and unplug
  Red blinks continuously at 1-     BUS line.            the power cord.
  second intervals.                                      Plug the power cord in again
                                                         and turn ON the TV.

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