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                 40_50L2546/56 Service manual

Be sure to read this manual before servicing. To ensure safety from fire, electric shock, injury, harmful
radiation and materials, various measures are provided in this LCD Television.
Be sure to read cautionary items described in the manual before servicing.
These servicing instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only. To reduce the risk of electric
shock, do not perform any servicing other than that described in the operating instructions unless you are
qualified to do so.

                                         Service Warning
1. Since the Panel Module and the front Filter are made of glass, handling the broken Module and Filter
   carefully and with caution in order not to receive injury.
2. Replacement work should be started after the Panel Module and the AC/DC Power supply have become
   sufficiently cool.
3. Special care should be taken when working near the display area in order not to damage its surface.
4. The Panel Module should not be touched with bare hands in order to protect its surface from blemishes
   and damage.
5. It is recommended that you use clean soft gloves during the replacement work in order to protect not only
   the display area of the Panel Module but also yourself.

  1.   Features.................................3        6.
  2.  2. Specifications...........................4  Service points.............................13
  3.  Component names.....................9          7. Adjustment.................................14
  4.  Side Inputs..............................10    8. TTroubleshooting..........................20
  5. Remote Control........................11

                                     CAUTION FOR SAFETY
Please read this page before repair the monitor.
The following safety precautions are designed to help you stay safe and prevent accidents during the repair
     Please take note of these cautionary flags.

            Warning        This means "Potential to sustain injury or even death."

             Caution       This means "Potential to sustain breakage or irreparable damage."

     Also note these cautionary icons

          This means "CAUTION"                                             This means "MUST"

          This means "POTENTIAL ELECTRIC
                                                                           This means "DO NOT"

     Follow instructions.                                       Must use same types of wires and
            The cabinet, chassis, and labels are parts               The Monitor uses special tubes and tapes
            that require attention. You must follow the              made from insulated materials. Moreover,
            caution notes and safety instructions                    some materials are kept from making
            presented throughout this User Manual to                 contact with the PWB for the sake of
            prevent damage to them or injury to                      safety.Internal leads are kept from hot
            yourself.                                                parts or high voltage parts by means of
                                                                     clamps or other measures. As such, you
     Prevent electric shock.                                         must restored these parts to their original
           Exercise caution while working on the                     conditions in order to prevent electric
           device as the Monitor contains high                       shock or fire.
           voltage parts and power supply.It is
           possible to sustain severe injury or death           Perform safety check when done.
           if you accidentally touch the wrong
           parts.You must disconnect the power                         Every part (such as removed screws,
           supply while servicing, reassembling, or                    components, and wiring) must be restored
           change parts. If you touch a live                           to their prior conditions after servicing.Be
           connection it is possible to sustain severe                 sure to check everything that was
           injury or death.                                            repaired for damage or mistakes. Also
                                                                       measure the insulated impedance with a
     Use recommended components.                                       meg-ohm meter to confirm that the
           Use only the recommended components                         impedance value is more than 4M ohm.If
           or componentst that structurally identical                  the impedance value is less than 4M ohm,
           to the originals. This is to ensure safety                  then electric shock or fire may result.
           and reliability. Pay special attention to
           parts in the parts list and circuit diagrams
                                                                Do not try to check the HDCP code and
            marked with       . If you use
            non-recommended components, then                  combination circuit.
            electric shock or fire may result.                       Never remove the shield case protecting
                                                                     the HDCP code and combination circuit.


     Cleaning the LCD panel of the television
     Please make sure to unplug the power cord before cleaning the television.
      Wipe the panel with a lint-free and dry cloth in order to prevent damage to the panel surface.
      Do not use a chemical cloth or cleaner. Depending on the ingredients, it may cause discoloration and
       damage the panel surface.
      Do not wipe with a hard cloth or rub hard. It may hurt the panel surface.
      In case of the greasy dirt such as fingerprint, wipe with a lint-free cloth moistened by a diluted neutral
       detergent solution, and then wipe with a soft and dry cloth.
      Do not use a spray cleaner. It could cause malfunction.

     Cleaning the monitor's cabinet of the television
      The following may cause crack, deformation, and paint peeling.
      Do not wipe the cabinet with benzene, thinner, and other chemical products.
      Do not spray volatile solutions such as insecticide over the cabinet.
      Do not leave the cabinet in prolonged contact with plastic or rubber materials.
      Do not use a chemical cloth, cleaner or wax. Depending on the ingredients, it may cause crack and
      Use a lint-free cloth to clean the cabinet and control panel of the television. In case of the heavy dirt,
      wipe with a soft cloth moistened by a diluted neutral detergent solution, and then wipe with a soft and
      dry cloth.
      Never use the following detergents. It could cause crack, discoloration, and scratch.
      Acid/ alkaline detergent, alcoholic detergent, abrasive cleaner, powder soap, OA cleaner, car wax, glass
      cleaner, etc.
1.   Features
 Large-screen and high-definition LCD panel.
 Improved Digital signal processor.
 Accept more digital input devices with HDMI terminals.
 Great diversity of connecting terminals to cover wide range of audio-visual equipments.
 Enjoy the image from PC with large, high-definition LCD screen.
 Easy-to-use On-Screen Display system operating with Remote control.
 Low power consumption.

2. Specifications
      SPECIFICATION                           40L2546/56                             50L2546/56
             Display dimensions
 Panel                            878.112 (H) x 485.352 (V) mm           1095.84 (H) x 616.41 (V) mm
             Resolution           1920(H) x 1080 (V) pixels              1920(H) x 1080 (V) pixels

                                  including Stand: 904 (W) x 567 (H) x   including Stand: 1122 (W) x 701(H) x
Net dimensions
                                  194(D) mm                              216(D) mm

Net weight                        including Stand: 11.0 kg               including Stand: 16.5 kg

                                  Operating: 5

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