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Toshiba Memory Install Guid

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MEMORY INSTALLATION GUIDE:                                                                                        #1005020C
Toshiba T1900, T1910, T1950, T1960, T4500, T4600,                                                  INSERT

T4700, T4800, T4850
Description                         Viking P/N
4Mb Memory Credit Card         T2012U, RT2012U
8Mb Memory Credit Card         T2013U, RT2013U
16Mb Memory Credit Card        T2014U, RT2014U
32Mb Memory Credit Card        T2015U, RT2015U
*     Note:
      Not every system will accept all the memory options listed. Please refer to your Toshiba Reference Manual for your specific
      upgrades and configuration paths available.
Before you install a memory credit card, the computer must be
configured for boot mode. To make sure the computer is set               Caution:
up properly, use the Pop-up Window, MaxTime or Setup.                    Electro Static Discharge (ESD) can damage electronic
*       Note:                                                            components. Before touching the memory module, ensure
        You must turn the computer off before you install a              that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a
        memory card. Failure to do so can damage the                     grounded metal object.
        computer and the memory card.
To open the memory slot cover and locate the memory slot,           3.   Locate the memory slot cover on the right side of the
follow these steps:                                                      computer. (The Toshiba T4600, T4700, T4800, T4850
                                                                         have the memory slot cover on the left side of the
1.   Turn off the computer.                                              computer.)
2.   Disconnect the AC adapter and open the display.                4.   Place your finger on top of the cover and pull it open.

To install the memory card in the slot, follow these steps:         2.   Carefully slide the memory card into the slot and push
*        Note:                                                           firmly but gently to ensure a firm connection. As you
         To avoid damaging the memory card, be careful not               insert the card, guides in the computer lead it into the
         to touch its edge connector (the edge you install into          socket. Do not force the card into position.
         the computer.                                              3.   Close the cover.
1.   Insert the memory card, label side up into the memory          4.   Connect the AC adapter and turn the power on.
     card slot as illustrated below.
                                                                         The installation is now complete.

                                                   SPEED. POWER. PERFORMANCE.

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