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                    MK-150FA SERIES
                5.25-INCH FIXED DISK DRIVES
                       OEM MANUAL

                     TOSHIBA AMERICA, INC.
                    DISK PRODUCTS DIVISION

Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice.

           Copyright 1988, 1989 Toshiba America, Inc.
                       All rights reserved

                                                Document Number D W54-0 1-007-02
                                          REVISION RECORD
        Edition       Date Published                     Revised Contents

           01            April 1986                      Initial Release

           02          February 1989                     Revised Format

       Direct comments concerning this publication to:

                                       TOSHIBA AMERICA, INC.
                                        Disk Products Division
                                           9740 Irvine Blvd.
                                           Irvine, CA 92718
                                            (714) 583-3000

                                      AGENCY APPROVALS
                                 UL              CSA             TUV
                               E63303       LR39635-65 UEA-C046

MK-150FA Series OEM Manual                        -i-
                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

      1.1    Purpose of Manual                                               1-1
      1.2    Related Documents                                               1-1
      1.3    Ge neral Description                                            1-2


      2.1    Storage Capability                                              2-1
      2.2    Functional Specifications                                       2-1
      2.3    Environmental Specifications                                    2-2
      2.4    Reliability Characteristics                                     2-3
      2.5    Power Requirements                                              2-4
      2.6    Physical Dimensions, Weight and Mounting                        2-5


      3.1    Mounting Orientation                                            3-1
      3.2    Cooling and Disk Drive Enclosures                               3-1
      3.3    Switch and Jumper Functions                                     3-2
             3.3.1 PJ7 Jumper Functions                                      3-3
             3.3.2 PJ5 and PJ31 Jumper Functions                             3-4
             3.3.3 PJ32 Jumper Functions                                     3-4


      4.1    Control Cable                                                   4-1
      4.2    Data Cable                                                      4-1
      4.3    Control Cable Pin ASSignments                                   4-2
      4.4    Data Cable Pin Assignments                                      4-3
      4.5    ESDI Commnad Configuration and Functions                        4-4
      4.6    Request Status Command                                          4-5
      4.7    Configuration Data Command Modifiers                            4-6
      4.8    Configuration Data Response                                     4-7
      4.9    Control Command Modifiers                                       4-7
      4.10   Data Strobe Offset Command                                      4-8
      4.11   Track Offset Command                                            4-8


      5.1    Hard Sector Format                                              5-1
      5.2    Soft Sector Format                                              5-1
             5.2.1 Speed Variance Gap                                        5-2
      5.3    Defect Map Format                                               5-2


      6.1    Equipment Maintenance
             6.1.1 In-Warranty Maintenance                                   6-1
             6.1.2 Out-of-Warranty Maintenance                               6-1
             6.1.3 Equipment Return Instructions                             6-1

                                              -ii-      MK-1S0FA Series OEM Manual
                                          TABLE LIST

TABLE     TITLE                                          PAGE

  1       Related Documents                               1-1
  2       Sto rage Capability                             2-1
  3       Functional Specifications                       2-1
  4       Environmental Specifications                    2-2
  5       Reliability Characteristics                     2-3
  6       Power Requirements                              2-4
  7       PJ7 Jupmpers for 65 x 256 byte                  3-3
  8       Common PJ7 Jumper Configuration                 3-4
  9       Control Cable Pin Assignments                   4-2
  10      Data Cable Pin Assignments                      4-3
  11      ESDI Command Configuration                      4-4
  12      ESDI Command Functions                          4-4
  13      Request Status Command                          4-5
  14      Configuration Data Command Modifiers            4-6
  15      Configuration Data Response                     4-7
  16      Control Command Modifiers                       4-7
  17      Data Strobe Offset Command Modifier Bits        4-8
  18      Track Offset Command Modifier Bits              4-8

                                         FIGURE LIST
FIGURE    TITLE                                          PAGE

  1       MK-150FA Dimensions and Mounting Holes          2-5
  2       Mounting Orientation                            3-1
  3       Clearance Requirements                          3-1
  4       Switch and Jumper Settings                      3-2
  5       SW1 (Switch 1) Functions                        3-2
  6       SW2 (Switch 2) Functions                        3-2
  7       PJ32 Jumper                                     3-4
  8       Hard Sector Format                              5-1
  9       Soft Sector Format                              5-2
  10      Defect Map Format                               5-3

  MK-150FA Series OEM Manual                     -iii-
                                             SECTION 1


The purpose ofthis manual is to describe the MK-150FA Series 5 .25-inch fixed disk drives to the level of detail
required for product integration.

System designers planning to develop a custom controller and others who require additional product
information should refer to the MK-150FA Series Product Specification for more details.


Detailed product and interfacing information is given in the M K-150 FA Series Product Specification docu me nt

number 71Y101397.

Table 1 lists OEM Manuals that are available for other Toshiba disk products. The MK-150FA is included to
indicate how its storage capacity compares to other disk products available from Toshiba.

      Toshiba      Media          Storage            Unformatted                Type Of         Document
      Product      Size         Technology           Capacity (MB)             Interface         Number

   MK-134FA          3.5         Winchester                 23 to 53          ST506/412       DW32-01-012

      MK-50FB       5.25         Winchester                 43 to 86          ST506/412       DW54-01-006

   MK-150FA         5.25         Winchester             86 to 173                ESDI         DW54-01-007

   MK-250FA         5.25         Winchester                  382.5               ESDI         DW54-01-014

   MK-180FB          8.0         Winchester             83 to 166                SMD          DW80-01-008

   MK-280FC          8.0         Winchester             340 to 510              HSMD          DW80-01-009

   MK-388FC          8.0         Winchester                   720               HSMD          DW80-01-013

                                       Table 1 -   Related Documents

Contact your nearest Toshiba Disk Products Division Sales Representative to order a manual or obtain more
detailed technical information.

                                                      1-1                        MK-150FA Series OEM Manual

The MK-150FA Series is a family of 5.25-inch Winchester disk drives designed primarily to be incorporated
into systems supporting multi-user and multi-tasking applications. Three models comprise the MK-150FA
Series: MK-153FA (86.5 MB), MK-154FA (121 MB) and MK-156FA (173 MB).

All drives comply with the ST506/412 size, mounting and power requirements

The MK-150FA Series supports the Enhanced Small Disk Interface (ESDI). ESDI provides device level
capabilities for multi-spindle or highly optimized applications.

The positioning system utilizes a rare earth magnet and a rotary voice coil actuator to provide a 25 millisec-
ond average seek time and a 45 millisecond maxim~m seek time.

The Head Disk Assembly (HDA) is enclosed in a die cast aluminum base plate and shroud and incorporates
numerous safety features to maximize reliability:

         The base plate and shroud assembly provides mechnical mounting and EMI (Electronic
         Magnetic Interference) shielding for the heads, disks and actuator.

         The sealed assembly incorporates an air recirculatory system and a 0.3 micron lifetime filter
         to ensure a contamination-free environment and even thermal distribution.

         A barometric filter in the HDA provides ambient pressure equalization.

         When power is removed, a fail-safe system automatically returns the heads to a dedicated
         landing zone and a solenoid automatically locks the carriage in this location. This prevents
         head and media damage during transit.

Use of a center stack servo system improves head positioning accuracy across the full environmental
operating range and allows servo writing to be performed with the disk stack mounted in the drive.

Careful planning in regard to the location of components on the circuit card, especially those with electrical
noise potential, contributes to very low levelS of read channel noise and enhances data recovery.

To further reduce read channel nOise, DC voltages are filtered before being used on the read channel.

Extensive use of VLSI minimizes the number of components and optimizes MTBF (Mean Time Between

MK-150FA Series OEM Manual                           1-2
                                                SECTION 2


                        STORAGE CAPACITY                        MK-153FA MK-154FA MK-156FA

                        Unformatted Capacity                    86.5 MB    121.0 MB     173.0 MB

                        Number of Disks                            3           4              6

                        Number of Data ReadlWrite Heads            5           7           10

                        Number of Tracks                         4,150       5,810        8,300

                                            Table 2 - Storage Capability

                                    Specifications are the same for all models

      Number of Cylinders                                                               830

      Track Capacity                                                               20,832 Bytes

      Tracks per Inch                                                                 900 TPI

      Bits per Inch                                                                  18,766 BPI

      Flux Changes per Inch                                                          12,510 FCI

      Recording Method                                                               2,7 (RLL)

      Data Transfer Rate                                                   10.0 Megabits per Second

      Head Recovery Time:
           Head Change                                                         13 Microseconds
           Write to Read                                                        8 Microseconds

      Seek Time: (includes settling)
           Track-to-Track                                                       5 Milliseconds
           Average                                                              23 Milliseconds
           Full Stroke                                                          45 Milliseconds

      Start Time                                                 20 Seconds Typical- 30 Seconds Maximum
      Stop Time                                                  20 Seconds Typical - 30 Seconds Maxim um

      Rotational Speed                                                         3,600 RPM 

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