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                  TRACE ELLIOT
                         ISSUE 1

Date:                 October 28, 1996
Product Code :        T3440/3441
Model No :            Speedtwin RH100/C100
Technical File No :   TE00014

                                      Issued by:

                            Trace Elliot Limited.
                       Blackwater Trading Estate
                          The Causeway, Maldon
                                Essex CM4 4GG.
       Description       Part Code       Qty               Where Used

          PCB        PC00035x2           1


10R      1/4W        72-RM10R            2     R10   R11
100R     1/4W        72-RM100R           3     R2    R3 R14
470R     1/4W        72-RM470R           1     R39
470R       1W        72-RM470K-1WATT     7     R89   R90 R91 R92 R93 R94
1K0      1/4W        72-RM1K0            4     R32   R33   R43 R44
1K5      1/4W        72-RM1K5            6     R24   R38   R52 R57 R63 R64
4K7      1/4W        72-RM4K7            2     R6    R20
10K      1/4W        72-RM10K            14    R1    R12   R26 R27 R45 R46
                                               R48   R51   R61 R75 R77 R78
                                               R85   R87
33K      1/4W        72-RM33K            5     R4    R42   R53 R67 R73
39K      1/4W        72-RM39K            1     R55
47K      1/4W        72-RM47K            2     R18   R69
56K      1/4W        72-RM56K            1     R13
68K      1/4W        72-RM68K            1     R83
82K        1W        72-RM82K-1WATT      1     R40
100K     1/4W        72-RM100K           9     R7    R8    R15 R17 R22 R23
                                               R60   R62   R84
100K      1W         72-RM100K-1WATT     8     R25   R30   R41 R50 R66 R68
                                               R71   R88
220K     1/4W        72-RM220K           5     R16   R29   R31 R34 R65
220K       1W        72-RM220K-1WATT     3     R54   R72   R86
330K     1/4W        72-RM330K           1     R47
470K     1/4W        72-RM470K           6     R5    R28 R58 R59 R70 R76
680K     1/4W        72-RM680K           1     R79
1M0      1/4W        72-RM1M             9     R9    R19 R21 R36 R37 R49
                                               R56   R74 R81 R82
3M9      1/4W        72-RM3M9            1     R35
82R      2.5W        72-RWW82R-2.5W      1     R80


IN4148               72-D-IN4148         4     D1    D2    D3   D4
BZX55 C9V1 ZENER     72-D-BZX55C9V1      2     Z1    Z2
J175                 72-FET-J-175        1     TR1
2N3904               72-T2N3904          2     TR2   TR3
MPSA42               72-TMPSA42          1     TR4
TL072 OPAMP          72-IL-TL072         1     IC1
RC4558 OPAMP         72-IC-RC4558P       2     IC2   IC3


10p     500V ceramic      72-C10P-500VC        1    C25
33p     100V ceramic      72-C33P-100VC        2    C17   C24
47p     500V ceramic      72-C47P-500VCD       1    C26
100p    100V ceramic      72-C100P-100VCD      1    C5
100p    1KV ceramic       72-C100P-1KVCD       3    C21   C31 C49
150p    500V ceramic      72-C150P-CER-R       1    C40
220p    1KV ceramic       72-C220P-1KVCD       1    C47
330p    100V ceramic      72-C330P-100VCD      1    C12
470p    1KV ceramic       72-C470P-1KVCD       2    C51   C65
1n0     1KV ceramic       72-C1000P-1KVCD      3    C36   C56 C66
2n2     1KV ceramic       72-C2200P-1KVCD      2    C60   C61

1u0     35V   tant        72-C1-35VT           3    C2    C3 C73
1u5     35V   tant        72-C1.5-35VT         2    C50   C52
2u2     35V   tant        72-C2.2-35VT         1    C46
10u     35V   elect rad   72-C10-35VER         7    C1    C6    C7   C14 C16 C44
22u     63V elect rad     72-C22-63VER         3    C18   C30 C48
100u    16V elect rad     72-C100-16VER        8    C39   C68 C69 C70 C71 C72
                                                    C78   C79
220u    25V elect rad     72-C220-25VER        3    C76   C77 C80

22n     100V poly box     72-C22N-100VP        3    C34   C35 C41
22n     400V poly box     72-C22N-400VPR       11   C19   C23 C27 C28 C29 C37
                                                    C42   C57 C62 C63 C64
47n     100V poly box     72-C47N-100VP        1    C13
47n     400V poly box     72-C47N-400VP        1    C53
100n    100V poly box     72-C100N-100VP       13   C4    C8 C9 C10 C11 C15
                                                    C33   C38 C43 C45 C54 C58
100n    250V poly box     72-C100N-250VB       4    C20   C22 C74 C59


Omron G5V-1 5V            73-RELAY-5V-SPCO     8    RL1-8


2 way 0.1"                72-HEAD-2W           1    PL1
6 way 0.1"                72-HEAD-6W           2    PL2     PL4
10 way 0.1"               72-HEAD-10W          1    PL3


3mm GRN LED               72-LED-GRN-3mm       2    LED1        LED6

3mm YEL LED             72-LED-YEL-3mm      2   LED4       LED3
3mm RED LED             72-LED-RED-3mm      2   LED5       LED2


1/4" STEREO JACK SK     73-SKT-JCKBBBG      2   SK1    SK2
1/4" MONO JACK SKT      73-SKT-JCKBNBG      3   SK3    SK4      SK5


Mini Toggle DPDT vert   73-SWT-M-TGL-VCO    1   SW1
Mini Toggle SPDT vert   73-SWT-M-TGL-PCB    3   SW2    SW3       SW4


10K                     73-POT-A10K         3   RV1    RV2      RV6
25K                     73-POT-A25K         1   RV13
25K LINEAR              73-POT-B25K         1   RV9
100K                    73-POT-A100K        2   RV10   RV15
250K                    73-POT-A250K        3   RV5    RV7 RV8
250K with Pull Switch   73-POT-A250K-PS     2   RV4    RV14
1M0                     73-POT-A1M          3   RV3    RV11 RV12


B9A PCB valve base      73-VAL-SOCKET       5   V1    V2   V3    V4    V5



A                       45-WIR-16/02BRN     1   A-A       110mm
B                       45-WIR-16/02RED     1   B-B       130mm
E                       45-WIR-16/02ORN     1   E-E       160mm
F                       45-WIR-16/02YEL     1   F-F       150mm
G                       45-WIR-16/02GRN     1   G-G       210mm
H                       45-WIR-16/02BLU     1   H - H 240mm
I                       45-WIR-16/02VIO     1   I - I     350mm
K                       45-WIR-16/02WHT     1   K-K       480mm


6 way ribbon cable      72-LEAD-54          1   PL2 - PL4
L                       45-WIR-16/02WHT     1   L1 - L2   220mm
LA                      45-WIR-SCRE-2       1   LA1-LA2 570mm
LB                      45-WIR-SCRE-1R      1   LB1-LB2 450mm

LC                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LC1-LC2     540mm
LD                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LD1-LD2     350mm
LE                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LE1-LE2     390mm
LF                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LF1-LF2     180mm
LG                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LG1-LG2     200mm
LH                   45-WIR-SCRE-2        1   LH1-LH2     220mm
LI                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LI1-LI2     200mm
LJ                   45-WIR-SCRE-2        1   LJ1-LJ2     190mm
LK                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LK1-LK2     260mm


6 way ribbon cable   72-LEAD-53           1   PL2 - PL4
L                    45-WIR-16/02WHT      1   L1 - L2     380mm
LA                   45-WIR-SCRE-2        1   LA1-LA2     220mm
LB                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LB1-LB2     110mm
LC                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LC1-LC2     190mm
LD                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LD1-LD2     170mm
LE                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LE1-LE2     180mm
LF                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LF1-LF2     130mm
LG                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LG1-LG2     280mm
LH                   45-WIR-SCRE-2        1   LH1-LH2     490mm
LI                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LI1-LI2     600mm
LJ                   45-WIR-SCRE-2        1   LJ1-LJ2     530mm
LK                   45-WIR-SCRE-1R       1   LK1-LK2     410mm

8 MARCH 1996
Paul Stevens

                PARTS LIST FOR PC00013STC
                 SPEED TWIN HEAD/COMBO
                   100W POWER BOARD
                                                        ISSUE 3 (23/9/96) PS
       Description             Part Code    Qty          Where Used

          PCB            PC00013 isssue 2   1


0 Ohm Link               72-RCZERO          2     R17 R18 R20
1K5 1/4W                 72-RM1K5           4     R5    R6    R7     R8
10K 1/4W                 72-RM10K           3     R19 R30
12K 1/4W                 72-RM12K           1     R21
56K 1/4W                 72-RM56K           3     R22 R23 R24
100K 1/4W                72-RM100K          1     R25
180K 1/4W                72-RM180K          2     R9    R10
10K 1W                   72-RM10K-1WATT     5     R16 R27 R28        R29
                                                  and across SW1
220K 2W                  72-RC220K-2W       4     R11 R12 R13        R14
1K   4W                  72-RWW1K-6W        4     R1    R2    R3     R4
6K8 4W                   72-RWW6K8-4W       1     R15


1N4002                   72-D-IN4002        5     D5     D6    D7    D8
1N4007                   72-D-IN4007        4     D1     D2    D3    D4
1N4148                   72-D-IN4148        1     D10


100n 250V poly box       72-C100N-250VB     6     C9     C12   C13   C14
                                                  C17    C18
22u 160V elect radial    72-C22-160VER      1     C15
47u 63V elect radial     72-C47-63VER       1     C16
220u 25V elect radial    72-C220-25VER      1     C11
2200u 35V elect radial   72-C2200-35VA      1     C10
47u 450V elect radial    73-CAP47450V       4     C5     C6    C7    C8
330u 250V elect radial   73-CAP-330250V     4     C1     C2    C3    C4


SPCO G5V-1               73-RELAY-5V-SPCO   1     RL1

2 way 0.1"                  72-HEAD-2W         2   PL2   PL3
3 way 0.1"                  72-HEAD-3W2        1   PL4
10 way 0.1"                 72-HEAD-10W        1   PL1
7 way 0.2"                  72-HEAD-7W-2       1   T2
9 way 0.2"                  72-HEAD-9W-2       1   T1
2 way wire terminal         73-TERM-PCB-2WAY   1   L1


1/4" MONO JACK PCB          73-SKT-JCKBNBG     2   SK1   SK2


Mini Toggle SPDT vertical   73-SWT-M-TGL-PCB   2   SW1 SW3
Large slide DPDT horiz      73-SWT-SLIDER-DP   2   SW2 SW4


47K vertical trimmer        72-PRESET-47K-V    2   RV1   RV2
1M0                         73-POT-A1M         1   RV3


Octal PCB valve base        73-VAL-SOCKET-2    4   V1    V2    V3   V4

        WIRE LINKS

A                           45-WIR-16/02BR     1   A-A         90mm
B                           45-WIR-16/02BR     1   B-B         60mm
C                           45-WIR-16/02BR     1   C-C         125mm
D                           45-WIR-16/02BL     1   D-D         90mm
E                           45-WIR-16/02BL     1   E-E         90mm
F                           45-WIR-16/02BL     1   F-F         90mm
G                           45-WIR-16/02BL     1   G-G         90mm
H                           45-WIR-16/02WT     1   H-H         90mm
I                           45-WIR-16/02RD     1   I-I         125mm
J                           45-WIR-16/02WT     1   J-J         165mm
K                           45-WIR-16/02RD     1   K-K         90mm
L                           45-WIR-16/02RD     1   L-L         90mm
M                           45-WIR-16/02VT     1   M-M         60mm
N                           45-WIR-16/02VT     1   N-N         125mm
O                           45-WIR-16/02PK     1   O-O         90mm
P                           45-WIR-16/02PK     1   P-P         125mm
Q                           45-WIR-16/02OR     1   Q-Q         90mm
R                           45-WIR-16/02YL     1   R-R         125mm
S                           45-WIR-16/02GY     1   S-S         90mm
T                           45-WIR-16/02GN     1   T-T         135mm
U & V twisted pair    45-WIR-16/02BU     4   U/V - U/V   90mm X 2


7824 24V REGULATOR    72-7824-REG        1   IC1
LARGE T03 HEAT SINK   E13-HS-PC00013     1   IC1
T03 SPACER/WASHER     73-MOS-PAD-T03P2   1   IC1
SCREW M3x8            71-SCR-M3X8PP/TT   1   IC1
WASHER M3             71-WAS-M3ABLK      1   IC1
SHAKE PROOF M3        71-WAS-M3INTSP     1   IC1
NUT M3                71-NUT-M3ZINC      1   IC1
SCREW M3x40           71-SCR-M3X40PPB    1   IC1
NYLON SPACER 34mm     71-SPA-34MM        1   IC1

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