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        DATAmatic 1000
Electronic Data Processing System

     Manual of Information

      DATAmatic Corporation
        151 Needham Street
Newton Highlands 61, Massachusetts

                                     March 31, 1956
            DATAmafic 1000
         Performance Specifications

     INPUT: Punched cards
      INPUT RATE: 900 punched cards per minute
      INTERNAL CODE: Binary coded decimal and alpha-
     STORAGE: 2700-ft. reels of 3-inch wide magnetic
     MAGNETIC TAPE CAPACITY: 37,200,000 decimal
     digits per reel, up to 100 reels can be directly
     connected ..
     MAGNETIC READ-WRITE RATE: 60,000 decimal digits
     per second
     INDEPENDENT OPERATIONS: Input conversion, out-
     put conversion, and processing may take place
     TRANSFER STORAGE: Two input, two output buffers
     BUFFER CAPACITY: 744 decimal digits per buffer
      INTERNAL MEMORY: Magnetic cores
     MEMORY CAPACITY: 24,000 decimal digits
     MEMORY ACCESS TIME: Parallel access to 12 decimal
     digits in 10 microseconds
     MULTI-TAPE SEARCH: Scans up to 10 magnetic tapes
     SEARCH RATE: Up to 600,000 decimal digits per
     COMPARISON RATE: 5000 alphabetic or numeric
     comparisons per second
      ADDITION RATE: 4000 sets ll-digit (plus sign)
      numbers per second
      MULTIPLICATION RATE: 1000 sets       II-digit (plus
      sign) numbers per second
      OUTPUT FORMAT: Exceptional flexibility via plug-
      OUTPUT RATE -    PUNCHED CARDS: 100 per minute
      OUTPUT RATE -     LOW SPEED PRINTER: 150 120-char-
      acter lines per minute maximum
      OUTPUT RATE -     HIGH SPEED PRINTER: 900 120-char-
      acter lines per minute maximum
      ORDER STRUCTURE: Three address

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