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A Large -Scale Scientific Processor

                         George B. Bailey
                         C. Norman Cannin~;
                         William S. GrinKe r
                         Rolf Kates
                         William L. Mellentin
                          Norman Nisenoff
                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

Section                                                Pages

          Introduction                            v    thru vii
     I    Summary of Advantages                  I-I thru       1- 4
   II     Hardware Characteristics              11-1 thru      11-43
   III    Software Characteristics             111-1 thru      111- 21
   IV     Special Equipment                    IV-l    thru    IV -17
    V     Typical Equipment Configurations      V-I    thru     V- 2
   VI     Competitive Comparisons              VI-l    thru    VI- 2
  VII     Honeywell Scientific Users          VII-l    thru VII- 3
 VIII     Honeywell Capabilitie s             VIII-l   thru VIII-22
   IX     Miscellaneous



     A great variety of factors determine the applicability
and'utility of a Data processing System with respect to the
requirements of the scientific community. Any computer, no
matter how fast or large, is unfinished unless its hardware
is properly complemented by a full repertoire of software
that is capable of economically assimilating and solving
the wide range of problems encountered in a Scientific
Computing Facility.
     The Honeywell H-lSOO-II has made a significant break-
through in total SYSTEM'S CONCEPT by combining extremely
fast Central Processor Operations, flexible peripheral
Devices, completely proven and integrated SOFTWARE, and
parallel Processing at a modest Systems cost.
     The factors that have prevented users from achieving
total utility from competitive systems have been solved by
the H-1800-II as follows:
     -120,000 three address operations per second execution,
the equivalent of 300,000 single address operations per second.
     -10 microsecond floating binary multiplication for a
full 48 bit word.
      The availability of all peripheral units to the central
processor through the use of the Input Output Control Center
(IOCC) and hardware parallel Processing allow AUTOMATH 1800
 (FORTRAN IV) to operate in a mixture of load and go and execute
later modes. This combination of hardware and software give
the user IMMEDIATE turn-around.

     The hardware features of Multiprogram Control and Buffer
Traffic     Control combined with the ADMIRAL Master Monitor
allows complete    independ~nce   of up to eight programs operating
in parallel.     Not

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