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                   MOUSE PROGItAMMER'S TOOLKIT

LOGITECH, Inc.            WGITECH,SA               ALGOL LOG:IJECH, Spa
Corporate Headquarters    European Headquarters

805 Veterans Blvd.                                 Via Durazzo.2
Redwood City, CA 94063    tH-llll Romanel-Morges   .~134 MiJano"Mt
U.S.A.                    Switzerland' .           Italy
(415) 365-9852            41/21/W' 96 56           3912/21~:~~2
First Edition   November 1986

Copyright (C) 1986 LOGITECH, Inc.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means
without the prior written consent of LOGITECH, Inc.

LOGITECH, Inc. makes no warranties with respect to this documentation and disclaims any implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The information in this document is
subject to change without notice. LOGITECH, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors that may
appear in this document.

From time to time changes may occur in the filenames and in the files actually included on the
distribution disks. LOGITECH, Inc. makes no warranties that such files or facilities as mentioned in this
documentation exist on the distribution disks or as part of the materials distributed.


Initial issue: November 1986

Current revision: November 1986

This edition applies to Release 3.0 and above of the software.

Printed: November 1986


     LOGIMOUSE is a registered trademark and CLICK and LOGIMENU are trademarks of
         LOGITECH, Inc.
     IBM is a registered trademark of, and ffiM PC/XT and ffiM AT are trademarks of International
         Business Machines Corporation.
     HerculesTM Graphics Card is a trademark of Hercules Computer Technology.
     HP Vectra is a registered trademark of Hewlett Packard Company.
     Lotus and 1-2-3 are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corp.
     WordStar is a registered trademark of MicroPro.
     AT&T, AT&T 6300 and AT&T 6300 Plus are trademarks of AT&T.
     Sigma Color 400 is a trademark of Sigma Designs, Inc.
     Tecmar Graphics Master is a trademark of Tecmar, Inc.
     Microsoft and MSDOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
     Compaq Portable is a trademark of Compaq Computer Corp.


WGITECH MOUSE DRIVER FUNCTIONS                                   1

   1.1 PROGRAM INTERFACE                                         2
        1.1.1 Programming Interface for Assembler                2
        1.1.2 Programming Interface for Modula-2                 2
        1.1.3 Programming Interface for C                         2
        1.1.4 Programming Interface for Microsoft Pascal          2
        1.1.5 Programming Interface for Turbo Pascal              2
        1.1.6 Programming Interface From the BASIC Interpreter   3
        1.1.7 Notes                                               4

   1.2 THE STANDARD MOUSE DRIVER FUNCTIONS                        5

   1.2.0 FUNCTION 0 

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