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Main unit:                                                             Remote control:
                                                                       The functions of the buttons without descriptions are the
   Tape mode/standby switch (TAPE/OFF)                                 same as on the main unit.

        Tune mode select button (TUNE MODE)
             CD lid
                Tuner mode/band select/auto preset button
                (TUNER/BAND -AUTO PRESET)
                                                                                                        Timer set/check button
                      CD stop button ( )                                                                (TIMER SET/CHECK)
                                                                                                               Sleep timer button
                             Tuning/CD skip, search buttons (          ,       )                               (SLEEP)
                                     Sound equalizer select button                                                      Clock display button
                                     (SOUND EQ)                                                                         (DISPLAY)
                                         CD play/pause button ( CD         )
                                             CD Iid open/close
                                             ( CD OPEN/CLOSE)
                                                 Volume control buttons
                                                 (VOLUME , )

                                                                     Clock/timer adjust button
                                                                     (CLOCK/TIMER ADJ)

                                                                     Sound virtualizer button                  1    2      3
                                                                     (SOUND VIRTUALIZER)
                                                                                                               4    5      6

                                                                     Numbered buttons
                                                                                                               7    8      9
                                                                     CD play mode/FM mode
                                                                     select button (PLAY MODE)                      0      10

                                                                     Program/clear button

                                                                     Tuner mode/band select
                                                                     button (TUNER/BAND)


                                        Record button (          )
                                     Tape play button (      PLAY )
                                                                                                              Normal tuning/CD skip,
                                   Rewind/review button (      REW/REV)                                       search/clock, timer adjust
                                                                                                              buttons (      ,     )
                                 Fast-forward/cue button (    FF/CUE)

                           Remote control signal sensor (SENSOR)
                                                                                                          Preset channel select buttons
                   Standby/on indicator ( /I )                                                            ( PRESET TUNE )
                   The indicator lights green when the unit is turned on.
                   When the AC power supply is used, it functions as an AC
                   connection indicator. (The indicator colour changes to red
                   when the unit is turned off.)

           Stop/eject button (       STOP/EJECT)

        Pause button (   PAUSE)


   These speakers do not have magnetic shielding. Do not place
   them near televisions, personal computers or other devices
   easily influenced by magnetism.

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