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                                                                             Auto lip sync
                                                                           (Avail e w hen usi VI Li " AVICont ol wi h
                                                                                abl           ng ERA nk HD            r " t
                                                                           "HDAVICont ol3 ( l er"com patbl TV)
                                                                                       r     or at )         i e
                                                                           This function automatically provides synchronised audio and video
                                                                           output. (This works only when the source is DVD/CD , USB , AUX or
                                                                            D-IN .)
                                                                             When using DVD/CD or USB as the source, set TIME DELAY in
                                                                             VIDEO menu to 0 ms/AUTO

                                            RADIO                           One touch play
                                            EXT-IN   RADIO/EXT-IN
                                                                           You can turn on this unit and the TV, and start playing the disc with a
            SEARCH                   PLAY              PLAY                single press of a button.

                 SKIP       SKIP
                                                                                                      Start disc playback
                                                                                      PLAY            This unit s speakers will be automatically

                                                                           Playback may not be immediately displayed on the TV. If you miss the
                                                                           beginning portion of playback, press [  ] or [  ] to go back to where
                                                                           playback started.
                                                                             Auto input switching
                                                                            When you switch the TV input to TV tuner mode, this unit will
                                                                            automatically switch to AUX * or D-IN * . (For IPOD mode, this works
                                                                            only in iPod music mode, or when iPod is not connected.)
                                                                            When this unit is in DVD/CD mode, the TV will automatically switch its
                                                                            input mode for this unit.
VIERA Link "HDAVI Control"
                                                                            When playback stops ( DVD-V VCD ) or when this unit turns off, the TV
VIERA Link HDAVI Control is a convenient function that offers linked
                                                                            will automatically return to TV tuner mode.
operations of this unit, and a Panasonic TV (VIERA) under HDAVI
                                                                            When you select AUX * or DIGITAL IN * from Input Selection in
Control . You can use this function by connecting the equipment with the
                                                                            START menu, the TV will automatically switch to TV tuner mode.
HDMI cable. See the operating instructions for connected equipment for
operational details.
  VIERA Link HDAVI Control , based on the control functions provided by      Power off link
  HDMI which is an industry standard known as HDMI CEC (Consumer
  Electronics Control), is a unique function that we have developed and    When the TV is turned off, this unit goes into standby mode automatically.
  added. As such, its operation with other manufacturers equipment that    To continue audio playback even when the TV is turned off, select
  supports HDMI CEC cannot be guaranteed.                                   VIDEO .
  This unit supports HDAVI Control 4 function.                               When the TV is turned on, this unit does not turn on automatically.
   HDAVI Control 4 is the newest standard (current as of December,           (Power on link is not available.)
  2008) for Panasonic s HDAVI Control compatible equipment. This
  standard is compatible with Panasonic s conventional HDAVI               Note
  equipment.                                                               When you press [ ], only this unit turns off. Other connected equipment
  Please refer to individual manuals for other manufacturers equipment     compatible with VIERA Link HDAVI Control stays on.
  supporting VIERA Link function.
The TV with HDAVI Control 2 (or later) function enables the following
operation: VIERA Link Control only with TV s remote control [for
 HDAVI Control 2 (or later)]

 Confirm that the HDMI connection has been made.
 Set VIERA Link to ON .
 To complete and activate the connection correctly, turn on all VIERA
 Link HDAVI Control compatible equipment and set the TV to the
 corresponding HDMI input mode for this unit.
Setting the TV audio for VIERA Link "HDAVI Control"
Select between AUX and D-IN to work with the linked operations.
Confirm the audio connection to the AUX terminal (for AUX ) or
OPTICAL IN terminal (for D-IN )

1     Press [RADIO/EXT-IN] to select AUX or D-IN .
2     Press and hold [SETUP] to select TV AUDIO , then press
      to switch AUX or D-IN .

Whenever the connection or settings are changed, reconfirm the points

*    AUX or D-IN ( DIGITAL IN ) works depending on the TV AUDIO
    setting ( above, Setting the TV audio for VIERA Link HDAVI
    Control ).

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