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Commercial discs
                                            Indicated in these
     Disc                Logo                                                                         Remarks
                                              instructions by

  DVD-Video                                          DVD-V                       High quality movie and music discs

                                                     VCD                         Music discs with video
   Video CD
                                                                                 Including SVCD (Conforming to IEC62107)

      CD                                               CD                        Music discs

Recorded discs ( : Playable,       : Not playable)
                                                Recorded on a
                                                                                     Recorded on a personal
                                                  DVD video                                                                        6
       Disc                 Logo                                                         computer, etc.               Finalizing
                                                recorder, etc.

                                              DVD-VR       2   DVD-V       4   WMA     MP3     JPEG   MPEG4   DivX

    DVD-RAM                                                      --            --                                     Not necessary

    DVD-R/RW                                                                   --                                      Necessary

    DVD-R DL                                           3
                                                                               --      --      --      --       --     Necessary

    + R/+ RW
        +                     --                --             ( )     5
                                                                               --      --      --      --       --     Necessary
      + R DL                  --                --             ( )     5
                                                                               --      --      --      --       --     Necessary
    CD-R/RW    1
                              --                --              --                                                     Necessary   7

* For EG only
   It may not be possible to play all the above-mentioned discs in some cases due to the type of disc, the condition of
  the recording, the recording method, or how the files were created. [ Refer to Section 7.7.2. File Extension Type Support
    This unit can play CD-R/RW recorded with CD-DA or Video CD format.
    Discs recorded on DVD recorders or DVD video cameras, etc. using Version 1.1 of the Video Recording Format (a
    unified video recording standard).
    Discs recorded on DVD recorders or DVD video cameras using Version 1.2 of the Video Recording Format (a
    unified video recording standard).
    Discs recorded on DVD recorders or DVD video cameras using DVD-Video Format.
    Recorded using a format different from DVD-Video Format, therefore some functions cannot be used.
    A process that allows play on compatible equipment. To play a disc that is indicated as "Necessary", the disc must
    first be finalized on the device it was recorded on.
    Closing the session will also work.
Note about using a DualDisc
The digital audio content side of a DualDisc does not meet the technical specifications of the Compact Disc Digital Audio
(CD-DA) format so playback may not be possible.
  Discs that cannot be played                                                       Video systems
    Blu-ray, HD DVD, AVCHD discs, DVD-RW version                                     This unit can play PAL and NTSC, but your TV must
    1.0, DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CDV, CD-G,                                      match the system used on the disc.
    SACD, DivX Video Discs and Photo CD, DVD-RAM                                     PAL discs cannot be correctly viewed on an NTSC
    that cannot be removed from their cartridge, 2.6 GB                              TV.
    and 5.2 GB DVD-RAM, and "Chaoji VCD" available                                   This unit can convert NTSC signals to PAL 60 for
                                                                                     viewing on a PAL TV (OI 22, "NTSC DISC OUT" in
    on the market including CVD, DVCD and SVCD that
                                                                                     "VIDEO" menu).
    do not conform to IEC62107.

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