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PL                                                                                           POWER WINDOWS           8S - 1

                                             POWER WINDOWS

                                                          page                                                        page

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                 WIRING TEST . . . . . . . . . . . .   .............. 1
  INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1   REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION
DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING                                               2 DOOR WINDOW MOTOR . .               .............. 2
  WINDOW MOTOR TEST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1           4 DOOR WINDOW MOTOR . .               .............. 4
  WINDOW SWITCH TEST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1          WINDOW SWITCH . . . . . . . . .       .............. 2

  The window lift motors are of the permanent mag-
net type. A battery positive and negative connection
to either of the two motor terminals will cause the
motor to rotate in one direction. Reversing current
through these same two connections will cause the
motor to rotate in the opposite direction.
  Each individual motor is grounded through the
master switch.

NOTE: This group covers both Left-Hand Drive
(LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) versions of this
model. Whenever required and feasible, the RHD
versions of affected vehicle components have been
constructed as mirror-image of the LHD versions.
While most of the illustrations used in this group
represent only the LHD version, the diagnostic and
service procedures outlined can generally be                                 Fig. 1 Window Switch Connectors
applied to either version. Exceptions to this rule
                                                                   WINDOW SWITCH TEST
have been clearly identified as LHD, RHD, or Export
                                                                     Remove the switch from its mounting, refer to the
if a special illustration or procedure is required.
                                                                   Window Switch Removal and Installation proce-
                                                                   dures.. Using an ohmmeter, refer to the test proce-
                                                                   dures below, Driver Side or Passenger Side Window
DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING                                              Switch Continuity Test to determine if continuity is
                                                                   correct (Fig. 2) and (Fig. 3). If the results are not
WIRING TEST                                                        obtained, replace the switch.
  The following wiring test determines whether or
not voltage is continuous through the body harness                 WINDOW MOTOR TEST
to switch.                                                           (1) Remove door trim panel, refer to Group 23
  Remove switch for testing. Connect a voltmeter                   Body for removal procedures.
positive lead to Pin 4 and negative lead to Pin 3 of                 (2) Connect positive (+) lead from a test battery to
the switch connector (Fig. 1). Turn ignition switch to             either of the two motor terminals.
the ON position. Voltmeter should read battery volt-                 (3) Connect negative (-) lead from test battery to
age. If OK, go to Window Switch Test. If not OK,                   remaining motor terminal.
check the 30 amp circuit breaker behind the fuse                     (4) The motor should now rotate in one direction to
block or for a broken wire. For wiring, specific con-              either move window up or down.
nector type and location, refer to Group 8W, Wiring                    (a) If window happens to already be in full UP
Diagrams.                                                            position and motor is connected so as to move it in
                                                                     UP direction no movement will be observed.
8S - 2   POWER WINDOWS                                                                                   PL
                                                        (5) If window moved completely up or down, the
                                                      test leads should be reversed one more time to com-
                                                      plete a full window travel inspection.
                                                        (6) If window does not move, check to make sure
                                                      that it is free.
                                                        (7) It is necessary that the window be free to slide
                                                      up and down in the glass channels. If the window is
                                                      not free to move up and down, the window lift motor
                                                      will not be able to move the glass.
                                                        (8) To determine if the glass is free, disconnect the
                                                      regulator from the glass lift plate. Remove the two

                                                      attaching nuts, and slide the window up and down by
                                                      hand. This check can not be made on a four door

                                                      REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION
                                                      WINDOW SWITCH
                                                        (1) Using a flat tool, insert tool in the slot on the
                                                      bottom of the switch bezel (Fig. 4).
 Fig. 2 Driver Side Window Switch Continuity Test
                                                        (2) Pry the bezel from the door trim panel.
                                                        (3) Disconnect wire connector from switch.
                                                        (4) Remove switch by releasing the tabs from

                                                        For installation, reverse above procedures.

                                                                     Fig. 4 Switch Removal
                                                      2 DOOR WINDOW MOTOR
 Fig. 3 Passenger Side Window Switch Continuity
                       Test                           WARNING: DO NOT HAVE ANY HANDS OR FIN-
                                                      GERS IN SECTOR GEAR AREA WHERE THEY CAN
     (b) Likewise, motor connected to move window     BE PINCHED BY SMALL MOVEMENTS OF REGULA-
  in DOWN direction no movement will be observed      TOR LINKAGE.
  if window is already in full DOWN position.
     (c) Reverse battery leads in Step 2 and Step 3
  and window should now move. If window does not      REMOVAL
  move, remove motor. See below for motor removal       (1) Move the window to the full-up position, if pos-
  from vehicle.                                       sible.
                                                        (2) Remove door trim panel and window regulator,
                                                      refer to Group 23 Body for removal procedures.
              SCREWS         CLAMP   REGULATOR GEAR
                                       SECTOR    TO

PL                                                                                POWER WINDOWS           8S - 3
ING THE MOTOR CAN RESULT IN INJURY.                       REMOVALCABLE DRUM                            MOTOR
                                                            (1) Move the window so it is not in the full up or
  (3) Secure the sector gear and mounting plate with      down position, if possible.
a C clamp or similar clamping tool. This will prevent       (2) Remove door trim panel, refer to Group 23
a sudden and forceful movement of the regulator           Body for removal procedures.
when the motor is removed.                                  (3) Disconnect wiring connector from motor.
  (4) Remove three mounting screws that hold motor          (4) Remove the three nuts attaching the window
gearbox to regulator (Fig. 5).                            regulator motor/housing to the door inner panel. This
  (5) Remove motor from regulator.                        will allow the motor/housing to be moved to the lower
                                                          door inner panel opening since the cables will flex
                                                          (Fig. 6).
                                                            (5) Turn the motor/housing to gain access to the
                                                          three nuts attaching the motor to the housing.
                                                            (6) Remove the three nuts attaching the motor to
                                                          the housing.
                                                            (7) Remove the motor from the housing. Be careful
                                                          not to pull the cable drum from the housing, as the
                                                          motor shaft will tend to pull the drum with it.

            Fig. 5 2 Door Motor Removal
   (1) Install new motor on regulator by positioning
motor gearbox so that it engages regulator sector
   (2) A slight rotational or rocking movement may
be necessary to bring three motor gearbox screw
holes into proper position.
   (3) Install three gearbox screws and one tie down
bracket screw, if applicable. Tighten to 5.6 to 8 N

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