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XJ                                                                                           POWER SEAT SYSTEMS                 8R - 1

                                         POWER SEAT SYSTEMS
                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                             page                                                                 page

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                   DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING
 INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1    POWER SEAT SYSTEM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
 POWER SEAT SYSTEM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1           CIRCUIT BREAKER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION                                              POWER SEAT ADJUSTER AND MOTORS . . . . . . 2
 POWER SEAT SWITCH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1          POWER SEAT SWITCH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
 CIRCUIT BREAKER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2     POWER SEAT SWITCH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                       POWER SEAT ADJUSTER AND MOTORS . . . . . . 3

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                   tem. Refer to the owner's manual in the vehicle glove
                                                                      box for more information on the features, use and
INTRODUCTION                                                          operation of the power seat system.
  Six-way power seats are an available factory-in-
stalled option for Left-Hand Drive (LHD) versions of                  DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION
this model. Refer to 8W-63 - Power Seat in Group 8W
- Wiring Diagrams for complete circuit descriptions
                                                                      POWER SEAT SWITCH
and diagrams.
                                                                        The power seat can be adjusted in six different
NOTE: This group covers both Left-Hand Drive                          ways using the power seat switch. The switch is
(LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) versions of this                     located on the lower outboard side of the seat cushion
model. Whenever required and feasible, the RHD                        on the seat cushion side shield. Refer to the owner's
versions of affected vehicle components have been                     manual for more information on the power seat
constructed as mirror-image of the LHD versions.                      switch functions and the seat adjusting procedures.
While most of the illustrations used in this group                      The individual switches in the power seat switch
represent only the LHD version, the diagnostic and                    unit cannot be repaired. If one switch is damaged or
service procedures outlined can generally be                          faulty, the entire power seat switch unit must be
applied to either version. Exceptions to this rule                    replaced.
have been clearly identified as LHD or RHD, if a
special illustration or procedure is required.                        POWER SEAT ADJUSTER AND MOTORS
                                                                        There are three reversible motors that operate the
                                                                      power seat adjuster. The motors are connected to
POWER SEAT SYSTEM                                                     worm-drive gearboxes that move the seat adjuster
   The power seat system option allows the front                      through a combination of screw-type drive units.
seating positions to be electrically adjusted for opti-                 The front and rear of a seat are operated by differ-
mum control and comfort using the power seat                          ent motors. They can be raised or lowered indepen-
switches located on the outboard seat cushion side                    dently of each other. When the center seat switch is
shield. The power seat system allows the seating                      pushed to the Up or Down position, both the front
position to be adjusted forward, rearward, front up,                  and rear motors operate in unison, moving the entire
front down, rear up, or rear down. The power seat                     seat up or down. The forward-rearward motor is
system receives battery current through a fuse in the                 operated by pushing the center seat switch to the
Power Distribution Center and a circuit breaker in                    Forward or Rearward position.
the junction block, regardless of the ignition switch                   When a switch is actuated, a battery feed and a
position.                                                             ground path are applied through the switch contacts
   The power seat system includes the power seat                      to the motor(s). The motor(s) and drives operate to
adjuster and motors unit, the power seat switch, and                  move the seat in the selected direction until the
the circuit breaker. Following are general descrip-                   switch is released, or until the travel limit of the
tions of the major components in the power seat sys-                  power seat adjuster is reached. When the switch is
8R - 2    POWER SEAT SYSTEMS                                                                                   XJ
moved in the opposite direction, the battery feed and      from the Power Distribution Center (PDC) as
ground path to the motor(s) are reversed through the       required.
switch contacts. This causes the motor to run in the
opposite direction.                                        POWER SEAT ADJUSTER AND MOTORS
  Each motor contains a self-resetting circuit breaker        For circuit descriptions and diagrams, refer to
to protect it from overload. Consecutive or frequent       8W-63 - Power Seat in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams.
resetting of the circuit breakers must not be allowed         Operate the power seat switch to move all three
to continue, or the motors may be damaged. Make            seat motors in each direction. The seat should move
the necessary repairs.                                     in each of the selected directions. If the power seat
  The power seat adjuster and motors cannot be             adjuster fails to operate in only one direction, move
repaired, and are serviced only as a complete unit. If     the adjuster a short distance in the opposite direction
any component in this unit is faulty or damaged, the       and test again to be certain that the adjuster is not
entire power seat adjuster and motors assembly must        at its travel limit. If the power seat adjuster still
be replaced.                                               fails to operate in only one direction, see Power Seat
                                                           Switch in the Diagnosis and Testing section of this
CIRCUIT BREAKER                                            group. If the power seat adjuster fails to operate in
   An automatic resetting circuit breaker in the junc-     more than one direction, proceed as follows:
tion block is used to protect the power seat system           (1) Test the circuit breaker in the junction block as
circuit. The circuit breaker can protect the system        described in this group. If OK, go to Step 2. If not
from a short circuit, or from an overload condition        OK, replace the faulty circuit breaker.
caused by an obstructed or stuck seat adjuster.               (2) Remove the power seat switch from the seat.
   The circuit breaker cannot be repaired and, if          Check for battery voltage at the fused B(+) circuit
faulty or damaged, it must be replaced.                    cavity of the power seat switch wire harness connec-
                                                           tor. If OK, go to Step 3. If not OK, repair the open
                                                           circuit to the junction block as required.
DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING                                         (3) Check for continuity between the ground cir-
                                                           cuit cavity of the power seat switch wire harness con-
POWER SEAT SYSTEM                                          nector and a good ground. There should be
   Before any testing of the power seat system is          continuity. If OK, go to Step 4. If not OK, repair the
attempted, the battery should be fully-charged and         open circuit to ground as required.
all wire harness connections and pins cleaned and             (4) Test the power seat switch as described in this
tightened to ensure proper continuity and grounds.         group. If the switch tests OK, check the wire harness
For circuit descriptions and diagrams, refer to 8W-63      for the inoperative power seat motor(s) between the
- Power Seat in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams.                power seat switch and the motor for shorts or opens.
   With the dome lamp on, apply the power seat             If the circuits check OK, replace the faulty power
switch in the direction of the failure. If the dome        seat adjuster and motors assembly. If the circuits are
lamp dims, the seat may be jamming. Check under            not OK, repair the wire harness as required.
and behind the seat for binding or obstructions. If
the dome lamp does not dim, proceed with testing of        POWER SEAT SWITCH
the individual components and circuits.                      For circuit descriptions and diagrams, refer to
                                                           8W-63 - Power Seat in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams.
CIRCUIT BREAKER                                              (1) Disconnect and isolate the battery negative
   For circuit descriptions and diagrams, refer to         cable.
8W-63 - Power Seat in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams.            (2) Remove the power seat switch from the power
   (1) Locate the correct circuit breaker in the junc-     seat.
tion block. Pull out the circuit breaker slightly, but       (3) Use an ohmmeter to test the continuity of the
be certain that the circuit breaker terminals still con-   power seat switches in each position. See the Power
tact the terminals in the junction block cavities.         Seat Switch Continuity chart (Fig. 1). If OK, see the
   (2) Connect the negative lead of a 12-volt DC volt-     diagnosis for the Power Seat Adjuster and Motors in
meter to a good ground.                                    this group. If not OK, replace the faulty power seat
   (3) With the voltmeter positive lead, check both        switch module.
terminals of the circuit breaker for battery voltage.
   If only one terminal has battery voltage, the circuit
breaker is faulty and must be replaced. If neither ter-
minal has battery voltage, repair the open circuit
XJ                                                                     POWER SEAT SYSTEMS           8R - 3

                                                     REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION
                                                     POWER SEAT SWITCH
                                                       (1) Disconnect and isolate the battery negative
                                                       (2) Remove the three screws that secure the seat
                                                     cushion side shield to the outboard seat cushion
                                                       (3) Pull the seat cushion side shield away from the
                  POWER SEAT SWITCH
                                                     seat cushion frame far enough to access the power
                  LEFT SEAT SWITCH                   seat switch wire harness connector.
  SWITCH POSITION          CONTINUITY BETWEEN          (4) Unplug the wire harness connector from the
                                                     power seat switch.
            Off               B-E, B-J, B-K, B-L,      (5) Remove the seat cushion side shield from the
                                   B-M, B-N          seat.
        Vertical Up           A-J, A-M, B-E, B-N       (6) Remove the two screws that secure the power
                                                     seat switch to the inside of the seat cushion side
       Vertical Down          A-E, A-N, B-J, B-M     shield (Fig. 2).
     Horizontal Forward             A-L, B-K
  Horizontal Rearward               A-K, B-L
        Front Tilt Up              A-M, B-N
      Front Tilt Down              A-N, B-M
        Rear Tilt Up                A-J, B-E
      Rear Tilt Down                A-E, B-J

                  RIGHT SEAT SWITCH
            Off                A-E, A-J, A-K, A-L,
                                    A-M, A-N
        Vertical Up           A-J, A-N, B-E, B-M
       Vertical Down          A-E, A-M, B-J, B-N           Fig. 2 Power Seat Switch Remove/Install

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