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Engine Fuel & Emission

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                                                              ENGINE FUEL &
                                        -          EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM

                                   SECTION           EFaEC
PRECAUTIONS                  ..                                                     . .           EF&EC- 2
COMPONENT PARTS LOCATION                                                                      .   EF&EC- 3
E C C S DIAGRAM        ...                                                                        EF & EC- 4
E C C S CHART           . .                                                                       EF&EC- 6
ECC.S WIRING DIAGRAM              . .   ..                            . .                         EF&EC- 8
FUEL FLOW SYSTEM DESCRIPTION                 .                       . .       ..                 EF & EC-10
AIR FLOW SYSTEM DESCRIPTION                  ....         ..                                      EF & EC-11
E C C S. DESCRIPTION   ....                    ...     .. ..              ..              ,       EF&EC-13
DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURE                .     . .                                                     EF & EC-28
SE LF-D IAGNOSIS                        . .                          ...                          EF & EC-35
ELECTRONfC CONTROL SYSTEM INSPECTION                                                              EF & E C 4 3
MIXTURE RATIO FEEDBACK SYSTEM INSPECTION                         .    ,                           EF & EC-60
FUEL SYSTEM INSPECTION                                                                            EF & EC-63
TURBOCHARGER       .          ...       . .                                                       EF & EC-66
INJECTOR COOLING FAN (VG30ET)                  .                                                  EF & EC-69
PRESSURE REGULATOR CONTROL                                                                        EF & EC-72
CRANKCASE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM                    .. ..                                    . . EF & EC-74
EXHAUST EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM .                        . ...                                    EF & EC-75
EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM                      ...                                  ,   EF&EC-76
SERVICE DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS                (SD S ) . . . . .          ..                      EF & EC-79

Always use 12 volt batteries as              *    Do not disassemble E C C S           When installing large capacity wire-
power source                                      control unit                          less equipment or a vehicle phone, be
Do not attempt to disconnect                      Do not turn diagnosis mode           sure to obsetve the following as it
battery cables while engine IS                    selector                             may adversely affect electronic con-
operating                                                                              trol systems depending on its installa-

                                                                                       tion location
                                                                                   1) Keep the antenna as far as possible
                                                                                       away from the electronic control
                                                                                   2 ) Also keep the antenna feeder line
                                                                                       more than 20 cm (7 9 in) away from

                                                                                       the harness of electronic controls
                                                                                       Do not let them run parallel for a
                                                                                       long distance
                                                                                   3) Adjust the antenna and feeder line so
Do n o t apply battery power                                                           that the standing-wave ratio can be
directly t o injectors                                                                 keot smaller
Do not remove the fuel tem-
perature sensor from the                 \
pressure regulator
Replace as an assembly                   \

                                                                                       Do not operate fuel pump when
                                                                                       there i s no fuel in lines
                                                                                       Do not use anti-freeze agents i n fuel
                                                                                   0   Do not reuse fuel hose clamps
                                                                                   0   Tighten fuel hose clamps sufficiently

                                                                                       Securely connect E C C S harness
    Handle air flow meter care-                                                        connectors
    fully t o avoid damage               *       Do not disassemble auxiliary          A poor connection can cause an ex-
    Do not disassemble air flow                  air control valve (VG30ET             tremely high (surge) voltage to
    meter                                        engine)                               develop in coil and condenser, thus
    Do not clean air flow meter                                                        resulting in damage t o IC circuit
    with any type of detergent                                                         Keep E C C S harness at least 10 cm
0   Even a slight leak i n the air in-                                /                ( 3 9 in) away from adjacent
    take system can cause serious                                                      harnesses, t o prevent an E C C S
                                                 & %$&
                                                  & $?                                 system malfunction due to reception
                                                                                       o f external noise, degraded operation
                                                                                       o f IC circuit. etc
                                                 Do not depress accelerator            Keep E C C S parts and harnesses
    Do not shock or j a r the crank              pedal when starting                   dry
    angle sensor                                 Immediately after starting, do        Before removing parts, turn o f f igni-
                                                 not rev up engine unneces-            tion switch and then disconnect
                                                 sarily                                battery ground cable
                                                 Do not rev up engine just prioi
                                                 to shutdown                                                          SEF6008

                                                      EF & EC-2
                      COMPONENT PARTS LOCATION

ECCS   conlr01 unit

           I A A C (valve
           (VG30ET engine)

                              EF & EC-3
      E.C.C. S. DIAGRAM
VG30E Engine (Without turbocharger)


           EF & EC-4
      E.C.C.S. DIAGRAM
VG30ET Engine (With turbocharger)



          EF & EC-5
                                 E.C.C.S. CHART
                         VG30E Engine (Without turbocharger)

Crank angle sensor                              -
                                                \                             I
                                                Fuel injection &
                                                mixture ratio control
                                                                          V   I                                  1

                                                Ignition timing control           Power transistor

Exhaust gas sensor               t
                                                Idle-up control                   Idle-up solenoid valve

                                 b    control

                                                E G R control                     E G R control solenoid valve
Throttle valve switch            -b

Air conditioner switch
                          1      t
                                                %el pump control                  Fuel pump

                                                -1                                                               I
                                                ixhaust gas sensor
                                                                                  Inspection lamps
                                                nonitor & self-diamosis
Battery voltage

                                      EF & EC-6
                                       E C.C.S. CHART
                               VG30ET Engine (With turbocharger)

                                                     Fuel injection &
                                                     mixture ratio control
Air flow meter                         c

Cylinder head temperature sensor       b
                                                     Ignition timing control            Power transistor


Ignition switch                        b
                                                     -                              d                                      I
                                                     Idle speed control

                                                                                Y   L
                                                                                        Auxiliary air control
                                                                                        (A A C ) valve
Throttle valve switch
                                   I   b
                                           E C C.S
                                                     E G R control                      E G R control solenoid valve

Park/Neutral switch

Air conditioner switch
                                   I                 Fuel pump control                  Fuel pump


                                                     ixhaust gas sensor
                                                                                        Inspection lamps
                                                     nonitor & self diagnosis

                                           EF & EC-7


          1               U   I


      EF & EC-8

 I '



             EF & EC-9
                         FUEL FLOW SYSTEM DESCRIPTION

                                                         Fuel pump and damper

                                                                                '       iFueirank


The amount of fuel t o be injected is determined by                               intake manifold

the injection pulse duration as well as by a pressure
difference between fuel pressure and intake mani-
fold vacuum pressure. The E.C C.S. control unit
controls only the injection pulse duration For this
reason, the pressure difference between the fuel
pressure and intake manifold vacuum pressure                                                         a From fuel tank
should be maintained a t a constant level Since the     Fuel chamber

intake manifold vacuum pressure varies with engine
operating conditions, a pressure regulator IS placed
in the fuel line to regulate the fuel pressure in
response t o changes in the intake manifold vacuum
                                                                                                    Fuel presswe

                                              EF & EC-10
                               AIR FLOW SYSTEM DESCRIPTION

VG30E engine (Without turbocharger)                up roleno,,,                  FlCD


       0 Intake air flow
       C    Exhaust gar flow

                                                                                             Air cleaner

VGJOET engine (With turbocharger)

                                         Vacuum control valve

                               Emergency relief valve

       0   Intake air flow
           Exhaust gar flow


                                                         Turbocharger unit- \Compresor                SE F 608 B

                                                         EF & EC-11
                                  AIR FLOW SYSTEM DESCRIPTION

 TURBOCHARGER                                                     EMERGENCY RELIEF VALVE
 The turbocharger is installed on the exhaust mani-               To prevent an abnormal rise in supercharging
 fold This system utilizes exhaust gas energy to                  pressure, and possible engine damage, in case the
 spin the turbine wheel which is directly connected               by-pass valve fails t o open properly, an emergency
 t o the compressor wheel The compressor supplies                 relief valve is provided as a safety device on the
 pressurized air through the throttle chamber into                intake manifold
the intake manifold Thus, the turbocharger in-
                                                                       When the p r w r e in t h e     When the prerrura tn the
creases charging efficiency and thereby increases                      Intake mandold IS below         intake mandold ISabove
power and torque.                                                      52 0 kPa 1390 mmHg.             520 kPa 1390 mrnHg,
                                                                       15 35 inHgl                     15 35 mHg)
To prevent an excessive rise in the supercharging
                                                                      Upper cover
pressure, the turbine speed is maintained within a                                                   Atmosphere

safe range by controlling the amount of exhaust
gas that passes through the turbine This system
consists of a by-pass valve which allows some of
the exhaust gas t o by-pass the turbine and to flow
directly into the exhaust tube

                                                                      Charged air pressure             Charged air pressure


                                             Engine speed

       b =F
        = i
      From exhausi man2fold   0   Superchargang pressure 41 hqh

To intake

   air flo


                                    2 Bygars valve controller
                                    3 Compressor
                                    4 Turbine

                                                       EF & EC-12
                                     E.C.C.S. DESCRIPTION
                                         E.C.C.S.        rnponents

E C C.S. CONTROL UNIT                                     Crank angle sensor has rotor plate and wave form-
The E C C S control unit consists o f a micro-            ing circuit Rotor plate has 360 slits for 1" signal
computer, connectors for signal input and output          (engine speed signal) and 6 slits for 120" signal
and power supply, inspection lamps and diagnostic         (crank angle signal) Light Emitting Diodes
mode selector The control unit controls the               ( L E D ) and Photo Diodes are built into wave
amount of fuel that is injected, ignition timing, idle   forming circuit
speed, E G R , fuel pump operation, and feedback         When signal rotor plate passes the space between
of the mixture ratio                                     the L E D and Photo Diode, the s l i t of the signal
                                                         rotor plate alternately cuts the light which is sent
                                                         t o the photo diode from the L E D This causes an
                                                         alternative voltage and it is then converted into an
                                                         on-otf pulse b y the wave forming circuit, which IS
                                                         sent t o the control unit
                                                                                                        Sealed mwr
                                                                                                  Rotor head
                                                                                                        .-- ?
                                                            diode        I-. -
                                                                         '- .
                                                                          1-                 -

                                                                                A . l l l
                                                                                 -. . l -

                                                                                . -, _ , I
                                                                                .   i r -    .I

Crank angle sensor is a basic signal sensor for the
                                                                                    fi-. 1 ,h
                                                               Wave forming-'
entire E C C S I t monitors engine speed and piston            circurt
                                                                                                        '-Rotor piate
position, and it sends signals t o the E C C S con-                                                                  SEFBlJB
trol unit for control of fuel injection, ignition
timing, idle speed, fuel pump operation and E G R

                                                                                      Rotor plate


                                              EF & E C - 1 3
                                               E.C.C.S. DESCRIPTION
                                           E.C.C.S. Components (Cont'd)

The air flow meter measures the mass flowrate of
intake air. Measurements are made in such a man-
ner that the control circuit emits an electrical out-
put signal in relation to the amount of heat dissi-
pated from the hot wire placed in the stream of
intake air.

                                                               I                                                            SEF615B

                                                                                                          E F I relay
                                      Battery source
                            E     l
                       -    6
                                      Output voltage
                                                               31            27 35          1
                                      Variable resistor
                            A                                w30    ECCS        6
           Air flow meter                                           comroi

                            0 .                                25   unit

                                      Self-cleaning                                     ignition switch
                            F-                                 12              34



The air flowing around the hot wire removes the                                                                         I
heat from the hot wire The temperature of the hot                   Temperature
                                                                    compensation resistor
wire is very sensitive to the mass flowrate of the
air. The higher the temperature of the hot wire, the
higher i t s resistance value This change in the                                                                            twire
temperature (or. resistance) IS determined by the
mass flowrate of the air. The control circuit ac-
curately regulates current (I) in relation to the
varying resistance value ( R H ) so that V A always
equals VB The air flow meter transmits an output
for voltage VA to the control unit where the
output is convened into an intake air signal.
                                                                           RH        Hot wore reststance
                                                                           RK        Temperature campenration resistance
                                                                           RA. RB    Constant reSiiIanCe


                                                          EF & EC-14
                                             E.C. C. S. DESCRIPTION
                                         E.C.C.S. Corn1 nents (Cont'd)

Self-cleaning                                                       The cylinder head temperature sensor, built into
                                                                    the cylinder head, monitors changes in cylinder
After engine i s stopped, the E C.C S control unit
                                                                    head temperature and transmits a signal t o the
heats up the hot wire t o approximately 1,OOO"C
                                                                    E C C S control unit
(1,832"F) to burn out dust which adhered t o the
                                                                    The temperature sensing unit employs a thermistor
hot wire
                                                                    which i s sensitive t o the change in temperature
                                                                    Electrical resistance of the thermistor decreases in
                                                                    response to the temperature rise

                             5 rec           1 rec

Self-cleaning operation
                Condition                            Operation
_____~          ~

After running engine a t above 1,500 rpm                            EXHAUST GAS SENSOR
After driving vehicle at above 20 kmlh
(12 MPH)                                             Operates
Cylinder head temperature   is   more than
115OC (239

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