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                                                                                                    Attachment No.2

The following is the information specified in Mode 6 of SAE J1979.
The test value is a parameter used to determine whether a system/circuit diagnostic test is "OK" or "NG" while
being monitored by the ECM during self-diagnosis. The test limit is a reference value which is specified as the
maximum or minimum value and is compared with the test value being monitored.
Items for which these data (test value and test limit) are displayed are the same as SRT code items.
These data (test value and test limit) are specified by Test ID (TID) and Component ID (CID) and can be dis-
played on the GST screen.

                                                                        Test value
   SRT item                Self-diagnostic test item           DTC     (GST display)   Test limit      Conversion
                                                                       TID      CID
  CATALYST               Three way catalyst function           P0420   01H     01H       Max.             1/128
                      EVAP control system (Small leak)         P0440   05H     03H       Max.           1/128mm2
                   EVAP control system purge flow monitoring   P1447   06H     83H       Min.             20mV
                                                               P0130   09H     04H       Max.             10ms
                                                               P0130   0AH     84H       Min.             10mV
                           Heated oxygen sensor 1              P0130   0BH     04H       Max.             10mV
                                                               P0130   0CH     04H       Max.             10mV
     HO2S                                                      P0130   0DH     04H       Max.               1s
                                                               P0136   19H     86H       Min.          10mV/500ms
                                                               P0136   1AH     86H       Min.             10mV
                           Heated oxygen sensor 2
                                                               P0136   1BH     06H       Max.             10mV
                                                               P0136   1CH     06H       Max.             10mV
                                                               P0135   29H     08H       Max.             20mV
                        Heated oxygen sensor 1 heater
                                                               P0135   2AH     88H       Min.             20mV
                                                               P0141   2DH     0AH       Max.             20mV
                        Heated oxygen sensor 2 heater
                                                               P0141   2EH     8AH       Min.             20mV
                                                               P0400   31H     8CH       Min.              1
                                                               P0400   32H     8CH       Min.              1
                                 EGR function                  P0400   33H     8CH       Min.              1
 EGR SYSTEM                                                    P0400   34H     8CH       Min.              1
                                                               P0400   35H     0CH       Max.              1
                                                               P0402   36H     0CH       Max.             1count
                           EGRC-BPT valve function
                                                               P0402   37H     8CH       Min.             1count

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