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                                     SERVICE PROCEDURE                                           [W4B0] 4-7
                                                                                         4. O-ring Connections

4. O-ring Connections                                      B: REMOVE PROTECTIVE SEALS
A: GENERAL                                                 1) Just prior to making the connection, remove the
                                                           protective seals (A).
The following points should be kept in mind when
assembling O-ring connections:                             CAUTION:
1) Avoid unnecessary handling and contact of               If for any reason you have to stop before mak-
O-rings with your hands, since even clean fingers          ing a connection, recap the tube, component or
contain body acids, which can contaminate the              fitting.
O-ring surface.
2) Do not handle O-rings with gloves, shop towels,
etc., since lint particles may cling to the O-ring,
possibly causing a leak upon assembly.
3) Always lubricate O-rings before assembly to
allow the O-ring to seat itself properly.
4) Be certain to use torque wrenches when tight-
ening O-ring fittings, because overtightening can
not only damage the O-ring, but it can distort the
tube end as well.

                                                           2) Visually inspect the O-ring surface, the O-ring
                                                           mating surface, the threads and the connection
                                                           points. If a defective part is found, replace it.
                                                           The O-ring must sit square against the tube bead.
                                                           If necessary, slide the O-ring into proper position
                                                           with clean hands.


4-7    [W4C0]                        SERVICE PROCEDURE
4. O-ring Connections

C: LUBRICATE THE COMPONENTS                                D: TORQUE THE FITTING
For lubrication of the components, use only refrig-        Using a back-up wrench in conjunction with a cali-
erant oil as described in the appropriate service          brated torque wrench (A), torque the connection to
manual. Apply oil from an oil squirt gun or other          the midrange of the specification.
closed container. Do not use your finger to spread         After completion of torquing, use a clean shop
the oil over the O-ring.                                   towel to remove any excess oil from the connection
Apply a small amount of refrigerant oil to the top         or any oil that may have dripped on the vehicle
and sides of the O-ring. The area covered by oil           body or other parts.
should include the O-ring and the tube bead.
                                                           If a leak is suspected after torquing, do not
                                                           retighten or retorque the connection. Instead,
                                                           disassemble the connection, remove the
                                                           O-ring, and inspect the O-ring, threads, joints
                                                           and seating surfaces.




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