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                                      SERVICE PROCEDURE                                             [W4A0] 6-1
                                                                             4. Ignition Coil and Ignitor Assembly

C: CLEANING AND REGAPPING                                   4. Ignition Coil and Ignitor
Clean spark plugs in a sand blast type cleaner.             Assembly
Avoid excessive blasting. Clean and remove car-
bon or oxide deposits, but do not wear away por-            A: REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION
celain.                                                     1) Disconnect battery ground cable.
If deposits are too stubborn, discard plugs.
After cleaning spark plugs, recondition firing sur-
face of electrodes with file. Then correct the spark
plug gap using a gap gauge.
Spark plug gap: L
    1.0 -- 1.1 mm (0.039 -- 0.043 in)


                                                            2) Disconnect spark plug cords from ignition coil
                                                            and ignitor assembly.
                                                            3) Disconnect connector from ignition coil and
                                                            ignitor assembly.

Replace with new spark plug if this area is worn to
"ball" shape.


                                                            4) Remove ignition coil and ignitor assembly.


                                                            5) Install in the reverse order of removal.
                                                            Be sure to connect wires to their proper posi-
                                                            tions. Failure to do so will damage unit.

6-1   [W4B0]                         SERVICE PROCEDURE
5. Spark Plug Cord

B: INSPECTION                                              5. Spark Plug Cord
Using accurate tester, inspect the following items,        A: INSPECTION
and replace if defective.
1) Primary resistance                                      Check for:
2) Secondary coil resistance                               1) Damage to cords, deformation, burning or rust
CAUTION:                                                   formation of terminals
If the resistance is extremely low, this indicates         2) Resistance values of cords
the presence of a short-circuit.                           Resistance value:
Specified resistance:                                          #1 cord: 7.40 --   17.27
                                                               #2 cord: 6.24 --   14.56
[Primary side]                                                 #3 cord: 6.54 --   15.25
  Between terminal No. 1 and No. 2                             #4 cord: 6.59 --   15.37

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