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                    G2260BE1 (SGML)

                              PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION                                  [G3C0]     1-4
                                                                                3. Road Test Inspection

3. Road Test Inspection                             B: STARTING CONDITION OF ENGINE
A: TEST MODE CONNECTOR                              CHECK POINT
                                                       1. Starting condition of engine
   1. Check engine light flashing                   Check that the engine starts quickly and runs
   2. Test mode connector disconnection             smoothly without any abnormal noise.
FLASHING                                            D Before starting the engine, make sure that
                                                    there is nothing which will burn easily be-
NOTE:                                               hind the car and that there is no dry grass
D When ignition switch is turned to ON (engine
                                                    near the exhaust pipe.
OFF) or to "START" with the test mode connec-       D Do not leave the engine running in a
tor connected, the MIL (check engine light)
                                                    closed garage as there is the danger of poi-
blinks at a cycle of 3 Hz.                          soning from the exhaust gases.
D If engine fails to turn over when the ignition
                                                    D For safety's sake, never touch the follow-
switch is set to START, check the spark plugs.      ing parts while the engine is operating.
                                 (1) Revolving parts such as the belt, fan,
2. CHECK TEST MODE CONNECTOR DIS-                     etc.
CONNECTION                                            (2) High-temperature parts such as the ex-
NOTE:                                                 haust pipe, radiator, etc.
Disconnect test mode connector. If the MIL            (3) Electric system such as the plugs,
(check engine light) illuminates with engine ON,      cords, etc.
this indicates that a trouble has occurred.         D Be careful not to leave inflammable paper
Check diagnostics for CHECK ENGINE mal-             or clothes in the engine compartment.
function indicator light (MIL).                                             NOTE:
                                                    The engine has been tested before shipment.

                                                    C: OPERATION   OF                 INDICATOR
                                                    LIGHTS AND GAUGES
                                                    CHECK POINTS
                                                       1. Operation of indicator lights
                                                       2. Operation of gauges
                                                    Check the operation according to the "Owner's
                                       B1H0084A     D Perform this inspection with the gear shift le-
                                                    ver in the neutral position.
                                                    (For automatic transmission models: Set the se-
                                                    lect lever in the "P" position.)
                                                    D Set the parking brake.
                                                    D Do not race the engine excessively.


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