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                                     BODY ELECTRICAL          -    DEFOGGER SYSTEM

                                                 1.       w/o Defogger timer:
                                                          INSPECT DEFOGGER SWITCH CONTINUITY
                                                         Switch position            Tester connection               Specified condition
                                                          Switch OFF                           -                No continuity
                                                           Switch ON                         3-4                Continuity
                                                       Illumination circuit                  4-5                Continuity

                                        I12375   If continuity is not as specified, replace the switch.

                                                 2.    w/ Defogger timer:
                                                       INSPECT DEFOGGER TIMER OPERATION
                            4 3
                                                 (a) Connect the positive (+) lead from the battery to terminal
                                      2                3 and negative (-) lead to terminal 4.
                                                 (b) Connect the positive (+) lead from the battery to terminal
                                                       2 through a 3.4 W test bulb.
                                                 (c) Turn the defogger switch ON and check that the indicator
                                                       light and test bulb light up for 12 for 18 minutes, then the
                                        I12376         indicator light and test bulb lights go out.
                                                 If operation is not as specified, replace the switch.
                                                 3.    w/ Defogger timer:
 Wire harness side:
                                                       INSPECT DEFOGGER SWITCH CIRCUIT
                                                 Disconnect the connector from the switch and inspect the con-
                                                 nector on wire harness side, as shown in the chart.


        Tester connection                              Condition                                         Specified condition
           2 - Ground             Constant                                               Continuity
           4 - Ground             Defogger switch OFF                                    No continuity
           4 - Ground             Defogger switch ON                                     Continuity
           3 - Ground             Ignition switch LOCK or ACC                            No voltage
           3 - Ground             Ignition switch ON                                     Battery positive voltage
                                                 If the circuit is not as specified, replace the switch.

                                                 4.       INSPECT DEFOGGER RELAY CONTINUITY
 2        1                                                Condition                Tester connection               Specified condition
                                                            Constant                         1-2                Continuity
                        3              5
                                                       Apply B + between
                  5                                                                          3-5                Continuity
                                                        terminal 1 and 2.
                        1              2
                                                 If Continuity is not as specified, replace the relay.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                              Author :                     Date :                     1259
                                       BODY ELECTRICAL        -   DEFOGGER SYSTEM

                                                     5.  INSPECT DEFOGGER WIRE
                                                      S  When cleaning the glass, use a soft, dry cloth, and
   Tester Probe
                                                         wipe the glass in the direction of the wire. Take care
                                  Heat WIre              not to damage the wires.
                                                      S  Do not use detergents or glass cleaners with abrasive
                       Tin Foil
                                                      S  When measuring voltage, wind a piece of tin foil
                                            I01291       around the top of the negative probe and press the foil
                                                         against the wire with your finger, as shown.
                          At Center                  (a) Turn the ignition switch ON.
                                                     (b) Turn the defogger switch ON.
                                                     (c) Inspect the voltage at the center of each heat wire, as
                                                                   Voltage                             Criteria
                                                                  Approx. 5V                  Okay (No break in wire)
                                                              Approx. 10V or 0V                    Broken wire
                                                     If there is approximately 10 V, the wire is broken between the
                                                     center of the wire and the positive (+) end. If there is no voltage,
                                  Several            the wire is broken between the center of the wire and ground.
                       0 Volts
                                  Volts              (d) Place the voltmeter positive (+) lead against the defogger
                                                            positive (+) terminal.
                      Wire                           (e) Place the voltmeter negative (-) lead with the foil strip
                                                            against the heat wire at the positive (+) terminal end and
                                                            slide it toward the negative (-) terminal end.
                                                     (f)    The point where the voltmeter deflects from zero to sever-
                                                            al V is the place where the heat wire is broken.
                                                     If the heat wire is not broken, the voltmeter indicates 0 V at the
                                                     positive (+) end of the heat wire but gradually increases to about
                                                     12 V as the meter probe is moved to the other end.

                                                     6.    IF NECESSARY, REPAIR DEFOGGER WIRE
               Repair Point                          (a)   Clean the broken wire tips with grease, wax and silicone
                                                     (b)   Place the masking tape along both sides of the wire for
                                                     (c)   Thoroughly mix the repair agent (Dupont paste No.
Marking Tape


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                         Author :             Date :                     1260
                     BODY ELECTRICAL   -   DEFOGGER SYSTEM

                               (d)   Using a fine tip brush, apply a small amount of the agent
                                     to the wire.
                               (e)   After a few minutes, remove the masking tape.
                               (f)   Do not repair the defogger wire for at least 24 hours.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                 Author :             Date :             1261

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