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                                     DIAGNOSTICS      -   AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE

                                           1.    DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM
                                           (a)   Description
                                                 S    When troubleshooting OBD II vehicles, the only dif-
                                                      ference from the usual troubleshooting procedure
                                                      is that you connect to the vehicle an OBD II scan
                                                      tool complying with SAE J1987 or TOYOTA hand-
                                                      held tester, and read off various data output from
                                                      the vehicle's ECM.

                                                  S    OBD II regulations require that the vehicle's on-
                                                       board computer lights up the Malfunction Indicator
                                                       Lamp (MIL) on the instrument panel when the com-
                                                       puter detects a malfunction in the computer itself or
                                                       in drive system components which affect vehicle
                                                       emissions. In addition to the MIL lighting up when
                                                       a malfunction is detected, the applicable DTCs pre-
                                                       scribed by SAE J2012 are recorded in the ECM
                                  FI0534               memory (See page DI-14 ).
                                           If the malfunction only occurs in 3-trips, the MIL goes off but the
                                           DTCs remain recorded in the ECM memory.

                                                  S       To check the DTCs, connect an OBD II scan tool or
             TOYOTA Hand-held Tester
                                                          TOYOTA hand-held tester to DLC3 on the vehicle.
                                                          The OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester
                                                          also enables you to erase the DTCs and check
                                                          freeze frame data and various forms of engine data
                                                          (For instruction book).
                                                  S       DTCs include SAE controlled codes and Manufac-
                                                          turer controlled codes.
                                 D08002                   SAE controlled codes must be set as prescribed by
                                                          the SAE, while Manufacturer controlled codes can
                                                          be set freely by the manufacturer within the pre-
                                                          scribed limits (See DTC chart on page DI-160 ).

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                               Author :            Date :               319
                                              DIAGNOSTICS       -   AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE

                                                            S  The diagnosis system operates in normal mode
                                                               during normal vehicle use, and also has a check
                                                               mode for technicians to simulate malfunction symp-
                                                               toms and perform troubleshooting. Most DTCs use
                                                               2- trip detection logic (*) to prevent erroneous
                                                               detection. By switching the ECM to check mode
                                                               when troubleshooting, the technician can cause the
                                                               MIL to light up and for a malfunction that is only de-
                                                               tected once or momentarily (TOYOTA hand-held
                                                               tester) (See page DI-149 ).
                                                         S     *2-trip detection logic:
                                                               When a logic malfunction is first detected, the mal-
                                                               function is temporarily stored in the ECM memory.
                                                  If the same malfunction is detected again during the 2nd test
                                                  drive, this 2nd detection causes the MIL to light up .

                                                  (b)       Inspect the DLC3.
                                                            The vehicle's ECM uses ISO 9141-2 for communication.
                                                            The terminal arrangement of DLC3 complies with SAE
                 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8                            J1962 and matches the ISO 9141-2 format.
                 9 1011 1213141516



           Tester connection                            Condition                         Specified condition
7 (Bus   Line) - 5 (Signal ground)   During communication                                 Pulse generation
4 (Chassis Ground) - Body            Always                                                  1  or less
5 (Signal Ground) - Body             Always                                                  1  or less
16 (B+) - Body                       Always                                                    9 - 14 V
                                                  If your display shows "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO VEHICLE"
                                                  when you have connected the cable of OBD II scan tool or
                                                  TOYOTA hand-held tester to DLC3, turned the ignition switch
                                                  ON and operated the scan tool, there is a problem on the ve-
                                                  hicle side or tool side.
                                                   S    If communication is normal when the tool is connected to
                                                        another vehicle, inspect DLC3 on the original vehicle.
                                                   S    If communication is still not possible when the tool is con-
                                                        nected connected to another vehicle, the problem is prob-
                                                        ably in the tool itself, so consult the Service Department
                                                        listed in the tool's instruction manual.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                          Author :          Date :              320
                                     DIAGNOSTICS   -   AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE

                                           2.    INSPECT DIAGNOSIS (NORMAL MODE)
                                           (a)   Check the MIL.
                                                 (1) The MIL comes on when the ignition switch is turned
                                                     ON and the engine is not running.
                                           If the MIL does not light up, troubleshoot the combination meter
                                           (See page BE-2 ).
                                                  (2) When the engine is started, the MIL should go off.
                                  FI0534               If the lamp remains on, the diagnosis system has
                                                       detected a malfunction or abnormality in the sys-
                                           (b) Check the DTC.
                                           TOYOTA hand-held tester only: When the diagnostic sys-
                                           tem is switched from normal mode to check mode, it erases
                                           all DTCs and freeze frame data recorded in normal mode.
                                           So before switching modes, always check the DTCs and
                                           freeze frame data, and note them down.
                                                  (1) Prepare an OBD II scan tool (complying with SAE
                                                       J1978) or TOYOTA hand-held tester.
                                                  (2) Connect the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-
              TOYOTA Hand-held Tester
                                                       held tester to DLC3 at the lower of the instrument
                                                  (3) Turn the ignition switch ON and turn the OBD II scan
                                                       tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester switch ON.
                                                  (4) Use the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held
                                                       tester to check the DTCs and freeze frame data and
                                                       note them down (For operating instructions, see the
                                  D08002               OBD II scan tool's instruction book).
                                                  (5) See page DI-160 to confirm the details of the DTCs.
                                           When simulating symptoms with an OBD II scan tool (ex-
                                           cluding TOYOTA hand-held tester) to check the DTCs, use
                                           normal mode. For codes on the DTCs chart subject to
                                           "2-trip detection logic", turn the ignition switch OFF after
                                           the symptoms have been simulated the 1st time. Then re-
                                           peat the simulation process again. When the program has
                                           DTCs are recorded in the ECM.

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                            Author :             Date :              321
                                         DIAGNOSTICS       -   AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE

                                               3.    INSPECT DIAGNOSIS (CHECK MODE)
                                               TOYOTA hand- held tester only: Compared to the normal
                                               mode, the check mode has high sensing ability to detect mal-
                                               functions. Furthermore, the same diagnostic items which are
                                               detected in Normal mode can also be detected in Check mode.
                                               (a) Check the DTC.
                                                     (1) Check the initial conditions.
                                                            S    Battery positive voltage 11 V or more.
                                                            S    Throttle valve fully closed.
                                                            S    Transaxle in P position.
                                                            S    Air conditioning switched off.
                                                     (2) Turn the ignition switch OFF.
                                                     (3) Prepare a TOYOTA hand-held tester.

                                                     (4)       Connect the TOYOTA hand-held tester to DLC3 at
                 TOYOTA Hand-held Tester
                                                               the lower of the instrument panel.
                                                     (5)       Turn the ignition switch ON and switch the TOYOTA
                                                               hand-held tester ON.


                                                     (6)       Switch the TOYOTA hand-held tester from Normal
                                                               mode to Check mode (Check that the MIL flashes).
     0.13 sec.            0.13 sec.                  (7)       Start the engine (MIL goes out after the engine
  ON                                                 (8)       Simulate the conditions of the malfunction de-
                                                               scribed by the customer.
  OFF                                          Leave the ignition switch ON until you have checked the
                                      BR3904   DTCs, etc.
                                                     (9) After simulating the malfunction conditions, use the
                                                          TOYOTA hand-held tester diagnosis selector to
                                                          check the DTCs and freeze frame data, etc.
                                               Take care not to turn the ignition switch OFF, as turning it off the
                                               diagnosis system from Check mode to Normal mode, so all
                                               DTCs, etc. are erased.
                                                     (10) After checking the DTC, inspect the applicable cir-

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                                     Author :            Date :               322
                                         DIAGNOSTICS    -   AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE

                                               (b)    Clear the DTC.
                                                      The following operation will erase the DTC and freeze
                                                      frame data. Operating an OBD II scan tool (complying
                                                      with SAE J1978) or TOYOTA hand-held tester to erase
                                                      the codes (See the OBD II scan tool's instruction book for
                                                      operating instructions.).
                                                If the TOYOTA hand-held tester switches the ECM from
                                                Normal mode to Check mode or vice-versa, of if the igni-
                                                tion switch is turned from ON to ACC or OFF during chick
                                                mode, the DTCs and freeze frame data will be erased.
Taking into consideration the results of the customer problem analysis, try to reproduce the symptoms of the
trouble. If the problem is that the transaxle does not up-shift, down-shift, or the shift point is too high or too
low, conduct the following road test to confirm the automatic shift schedule and simulate the problem symp-
5.     ROAD TEST
Perform the test at normal operating ATF temperature 50 - 80 

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