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                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   ENGINE UNIT

                                 1.    REMOVE BATTERY AND TRAY
                                 2.    REMOVE HOOD
                                 3.    REMOVE OUTER FRONT COWL TOP PANEL (See
                                       page BO-32 )
                                 4.    REMOVE ENGINE UNDER COVERS
                                 5.    DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT
                                 6.    DRAIN ENGINE OIL
                                 7.    DRAIN TRANSAXLE OIL
                                 8.    DISCONNECT ACCELERATOR CABLE

                                 9.    REMOVE AIR CLEANER CAP
                                 (a)   Disconnect the MAF sensor connector.
                                 (b)   Disconnect the PCV hose from the cylinder head.
                                 (c)   Disconnect the 2 hose from the VSV for EVAP.
                                 (d)   Disconnect the 2 clamps, and disconnect the air cleaner
                                       cap from the air cleaner case.
                                 (e)   Loosen the hose clamp, and disconnect the air cleaner
                                       hose from the throttle body.
                        A11233   (f)   Remove the air cleaner cap and air cleaner hose assem-
                                 10.   REMOVE AIR CLEANER CASE
                                 (a)   Remove the air filter.
                                 (b)   Remove the 4 bolts and air cleaner case and air cleaner
                                       inlet assembly.


                                 11.   DISCONNECT TUBE, HOSES AND CONNECTORS
                                 (a)   Remove the fuel pipe clamp.
                                 (b)   Disconnect the fuel tube from fuel pipe on vehicle side.
                                 (c)   Disconnect the heater hose from water bypass pipe.
                                 (d)   Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose from pipe.
                                 (e)   Disconnect the heater hose from water hose union on cyl-
                                       inder head.
                                 12.   REMOVE DRIVE BELT AND GENERATOR (See page
                        A11235         CH-7 )

2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                   Author :           Date :             667
                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   ENGINE UNIT

                                 13.   REMOVE RADIATOR ASSEMBLY (See page CO-16 )

 w/ A/C                          14.   w/ A/C:
                                       DISCONNECT A/C COMPRESSOR FROM ENGINE
                                 (a)   Disconnect the A/C compressor connector.
                                 (b)   Remove the 4 bolts, and disconnect the A/C compressor
                                       from the engine.
                                 Suspend the A/C compressor securely.


 M/T                             15.   M/T:
                                       DISCONNECT CLUTCH RELEASE CYLINDER FROM
                                 (a)   Remove the bolt, and disconnect the bracket from the
                                 (b)   Remove the 2 bolts, and disconnect the release cylinder
                                       from the transaxle.
                                 16.   DISCONNECT TRANSAXLE CONTROL CABLE(S)
                        D08225         FROM TRANSAXLE

                                 17.   DISCONNECT ENGINE WIRE FROM ENGINE
                                 (a)   Disconnect the connector from the relay box.
                                 (b)   Disconnect the cable clamp from the relay box.


                                 (c)   Disconnect the connector from the fusible link.
                                 (d)   Disconnect the positive cable from the positive terminal.


2002 ECHO (RM884U)

                                                    Author :            Date :             668
                     ENGINE MECHANICAL   -   ENGINE UNIT

                                 18.   DISCONNECT ENGINE WIRE FROM CABIN
                                 (a)   Remove the lower panel (See page BO-76 ).
                                 (b)   Disconnect the 4 ECM connectors.
                                 (c)   Disconnect the 2 cowl wire connectors from connectors
                                       on bracket.


                                 (d)   Pull out the engine wire from the cabin.
                                 19.   DISCONNECT PS PUMP FROM ENGINE
                                       (See page SR-24 )


                                 20.   REMOVE CENTER EXHAUST PIPE
                                 (a)   Disconnect the rear heated oxygen sensor.
                                 (b)   Disconnect the connector for front heated oxygen sensor.
                                 (c)   Remove the 2 bolts and floor brace.
                                 (d)   Remove the 3 bolts, 2 springs and pipe clamp.
                                 (e)   Disconnect the 2 O-ring, and remove the center exhaust
                                       pipe and 2 gaskets.
                                 21.   REMOVE DRIVE SHAFTS (See page SA-18 )
                        A11266   22.   REMOVE SUSPENSION MEMBER
                                       (Manual steering: See page SR-35 )
                                       (Power steering: See page SR-48 )
                                 23.   REMOVE REAR ENGINE MOUNTING
                                 (a)   Remove the through bolt, lock nut and rear engine mount-
                                       ing insulator.
                                 (b)   Remove the 2 bolts, nut and rear engine mounting brack-
                                 24.   ATTACH ENGINE SLING DEVICE TO ENGINE HANG-
                                 (a)   Remove the bolt, and disconnect the condenser.

                                 (b)  Install the 2 engine hangers in the correct direction.
                                      Engine hanger part No.: 12281-21010
                                      Bolt part No.:
                                      91512-B1016 2 pieces
                                      Torque: 38 N

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