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Fuse Bible Complete Guide

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The Fuse Warehouse!
                    Finding Fuse Identification a Real Headache?
                    Sometimes it can be hard to identify a fuse because you don't have a part number, so we have
                    created a visual fuse index. This index covers a huge variety of fuses of all shapes and sizes, currently
                    showcasing over one hundred different illustrations with complete referencing to our online Fuse
                    Bible. You simply locate the fuse by picture, and then click on the page number to view more
                    comprehensive technical information.

                    Fuse Part Number Search Engine
                    If you are searching for a fuse and only have the part number, why not try our fuse part number
                    search? Our fuse database contains thousands of different part numbers used by fuse manufacturers
                    around the world. Search results feature complete cross referencing to our online Fuse Bible.

                    Cartridge Fuse Size Guide
                    Cartridge fuses come in a multitude of sizes which can make identification difficult. That is why we
                    created the fuse size guide. Simply measure the length and diameter of your fuse, then find the
                    matching products using the size guide.

                    International Approvals
                    Comprehensive listing of symbols used by many of the world's testing and approval agencies.

                    Fuse Terminology (Fuseology)
                    If you are having trouble understanding electrical terms associated with fuse products, our fuse
                    terminology section will help by providing clear definitions of them.

                    Fuse Manufacturers
                    If you are searching for a product manufactured by one of the 70+ fuse manufacturers on this list,
                    we can help you. Contact us with your requirements today.

                    Ordering Overview
                    This page should answer any questions you may have about ordering, payment, accounts, pricing,
                    retail outlets etc. Alternatively we will be happy to answer any queries by phone, fax, email or mail.

     Order product data
      sheets by E-mail

What is Fusemail?
Fusemail allows you to receive the latest product technical data via email. Simply send an email to
[email protected] listing the product part number(s) or product series(s) for which you require a data sheet
and we will forward the requested information back to you via email. Most manufacturers release product data sheets in
the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded for FREE from the Adobe web site: Once Acrobat is installed on your computer, the data sheets can be easily viewed and printed.


              Surface Mount Fuse               Alarm Indicating Fuses

              Fuse with Radial Leads           Fuse with Axial Leads

              Fuse with Pigtail Caps           Cartridge (Ferrule) Fuses

              Bottle Fuses (Cartridge Fuses)   Automotive Blade Fuses

              Automotive Fuse Links            PAL Fuse Links

              Fuse with Centre Blades          Fuse with Offset Blades

              Fuse with Centre Bolted Tags     Fuse with Single Slotted Tags

              Fuse with Centre Slotted Tags    Fuse with Centre Slotted Tags

              Fuse with Offset Bolted Tags     Fuse with Offset Slotted Tags

              Plug Fuse                        Fuse with Threaded Holes


Electronic European Fuse Markings                                       Brand Logos
  FF or UR      Very Fast Acting, Semiconductor Protection Fuse             Efen                  Pudenz
      F         Fast Acting Fuse
                                                                            Holly                 Schurter
     M          Medium Acting Fuse
      or T      Slow Acting Fuse                                            Littelfuse            Wickmann
     TT         Very Slow Acting Fuse
      L         Low Breaking Capacity
     H          High Breaking Capacity

Industrial European Fuse Markings                       (see page 152 for a comparison of aR vs. gR)

Marking               Fuse Breaking Capacity       Fuse Characteristic
gL, gG, gB, gTr, gR   Full Range (g)               see chart below *
aM, aR                Partial Range (a)            see chart below *

 * 2nd Letter     Fuse Characteristic
       L          General Application, Normal Blow. Protection of wiring.
      G           General Application, Normal Blow.
      B           General Application, Normal Blow. Robust design for mining application.
      Tr          Transformer Protection.
       R          Very Fast Acting. Semiconductor Protection Fuse.
      M           Protection of electrical motors. Capable of withstanding motor starts.

      CSA - Canadian Standards Assocation                 SEV - Schweizerischer Elektrotechnischer Verein (Swiss)
      Korean Testing Laboratories                         VDE - Verband Deutscher Electrotechniker (Germany)
      AS - Standards Australia                            NEMKO - Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll (Norway)
      UMF - Universal Modular Fuse-Links                  T

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