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SMD CODES-2008_sample

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                               Eugene Turuta

                                                                  2 - pins
   Acti ve

                                                                  3 - pins
   SMD components
   mar king codes

                                                                  SOT - 89

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in 2-pins cases

                                                                  SOT - 223
SMD-codes for semiconductor components in 3-pins cases

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in SOT-89 cases

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in SOT-223 cases

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in BGA and LPP cases

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in 4-pins cases

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in 5-pins cases

SMD-codes for semiconductor components in 6 and more pins cases   4 - pins

Conventional cases drawings. Cases pin assignments. Pinouts

SMD-codes marking style
                                                                  5 - pins

Sample schematics diagrams

Logos, contact and web-adresses of the manufacturers
                                                                  6... - pins

                           Chisinau, 2008 edition

     Surface mount devices (SMDs) are used in a growing number of commercial and industrial products. SMDs
have improved performance over through-hole components due to their smaller size, shorter internal leads, and
smaller board layouts. These factors reduce the circuit's parasitic inductance and capacitance. SMDs can also be
more cost effective than traditional through-hole components due to the smaller board size, fewer board layers,
and fewer holes. Today more than 50% of active semiconductor components are surface-mounted.
     At the same time, SMD devices are, by their very nature, too small to carry conventional semiconductor type
numbers. Therefore, a somewhat arbitrary coding system has grown up, where the device package carries a simple
one, two or more character or graphic ID code. Thus it is necessary to take into account that the colour and (or)
placing of alphanumeric or graphic symbols are also important.
     Identifying the manufacturers type number of an SMD device from the package code can be a difficult task.
Unfortunately, each device code is not necessarily unique.
     It is possible for various manufacturers to place different devices in the same case with the same SMD-code.
For example, with a 6H SMD-code in a SOT-23 case might be either a npn-transistor BC818 (CDIL) or a capacitance-
diode FMMV2104 (Zetex) or a n-channel JFET transistor MMBF5486 (Motorla) or a pnp-digital transistor MUN2131
(Motorola) or a pnp-digital transistor UN2117 (Matsushita) or a CMOS-integrated circuit- voltage detector with reset
output R3131N36EA (Ricoh). Even the same manufacturer may use the same code for different devices.
     To identify a particular SMD device, is necessary to identify the manufacturer, package style and note the ID
code printed on the device.
     The identification of the manufacturer is possible only if on the case are printed the manufacturer's logos, but it
not always happens. Besides, sometimes it is possible to determine the manufacturer with indirect tags. Many recent
Motorola devices have a small superscript letter after the device code, such as SAC (this smaller letter is merely a
month of manufacture code). Siemens and Infineon devices usually have a lower case 's' (ATs, LOs). Philips
devices usually have a lower case 'p' (AHp, Z1p, pB0) or '-' (D-Q, Z-S) for the devices made in Hong Kong and 't'
(ZtS, tT9, Y7t) for the devices made in Malaysia. In section 5 are submitted the logos of the SMD devices manufac-
     The package style is another problem for the identification of SMD devices. The different manufacturers can
designate identical cases according to the various standards (or according to the internal firm system). Besides the
various cases can have an identical kind (form) and differ only by sizes, but this distinction of sizes so it is not
enough, that can be is measured only by special measuring devices. The conformity of the cases name of different
manufacturers is submitted in the bottom table:

                  Table 1
                     JEDEC     EIAJ     Central     Rohm    Sanyo    Hitachi     Motorola     KEC    Panasonic
                                         Maxim                                               Toshiba
                  TO-236     SC-59    SOT-346      SMT3             MPAK2      SC-59        S-Mini    Mini3
                  TO-236AB            SOT-23       SST3    CP                  SOT-23
                  TO-243AA   SC-62    SOT-89A      MPT3             UPAK                    PW-Mini
                  TO-243AB   SC-62    SOT-89B
                  TO252-3    SC-63                 CPT3
                  TO-253              SOT-143      SMT4                        SOT-143
                  TO-253     SC-61B   SOT-143R
                                      SOD-123                                  SOD-123
                             SC-76    SOD-323      UMD2                                     USC
                                      SOT-343R                      CMPAK4
                             SC-70    SOT-323      UMT3    MCP      CMPAK      SOT-323      USM
                             SC-74                 SMT6                                     SM6
                             SC-74A   SOT-753      SMT5                                     SMV       Mini5
                             SC-75A   SOT-416      EMT3             SMPAK      SC-90        SSM
                             SC-79    SOT-523      EMD2    SSFP                             S-Flat    SMini3
                             SC-82                 UMT4
                             SC-88    SOT-363      UMT6                                     US6
                             SC-88A   SOT-353      UMT5                        SC70-5       USV
                             SC-89    SOT-490
                                      SOT23-5                                  SC59-5
                             SC-73    SOT-223
                  DO-214AC            SOD-106      PMDS
                  DO-214AC            SOD-124
                             SC-81                                                                    SSMini3

     In the following tables sections the SMD semiconductor components - irrelevant as to whether it is dealing with
transistors, diodes, integrated circuits etc. are plased in separate tables according to numbers of terminals and (or)
type of cases and are listed in strict alpha-numeric order by SMD-codes.
Column 1 ("SMD-Code")                                      Ext.           External
...(blue)  Color of SMD code                               FM             Frequency Modulation (FM range)
...+ blue  Color of cathode band                           GaAs           Gallium arsenide
                                                           GP             General Purpose Applications
Column 2 ("Type")                                          HF             High Frequency
The type designations correspond to those of the re-       Hi-sp          High-speed
spective manufacturer documentations.                      HV             High Voltage
                                                           Instrum.       Instrumental
Column 3 ("Device")                                        Latch-Pr.      Latch-Protection
Short definition of the semiconductor component.           LDO            Low drop voltage
Used abbreviations:                                        LED            Light-emitting diode
C-Diode         Capacitance diode (varactor, varicap)      LLS            Logic Level Shifter
CMOS-IC         CMOS integrated circuit                    LN             Low Noise
CMOS-Logic CMOS logic integrated circuit                   LogL           Logic Level (Uth > 0,8...2V)
Comp-IC         Volatge comparator integrated circuit      Lo-sat         Low collector-emitter saturation voltage
CPE             Circuit protector element                  Mix            Mixer
Digi-IC         Digital integrated circuit                 MR             Manual Reset
GaAs-Diode Gallium-Arsenide diode                          ODO            Open Drain Output
GaAs-N-FET Gallium-Arsenide n-channel FET                  OVP            Over Voltage protection
                transistor                                 Osc            Oscillator
H-IC            Hall effect integrated circuit             Out            Output
Lin/Dig-IC      Linear/digital combination integrated      PA             Power Amplifier
                circuit                                    Pow            Power
Lin-IC          Linear integrated circuit                  PPO            Push-Pull Output
MOS-...*        With integrated gate protection diode      PWM            Pulse-width modulation
MOS-FET-d Metal oxide FET, depletion type                  Rect           Rectifier
MOS-FET-e Metal oxide FET, enhancement type                Reg            Regulated
n-FET           n-channel field-effect transistor          Res.           Resistor
n/p-FET         n and p-channel field-effect transistors   Reset-Pr.      Reset-Protection
p-FET           p-channel field-effect transistor          RF             Radio Frequency applications
Op-IC           Operational amplifier integrated circuit   St-Down        Step-Down
SA-Diode        Surge absorbtion diode                     Supress.       Supressor
Si-Diode        Silicon diode                              Sw.            Switching
Si-npn          Silicon npn transistor                     T-MOS          Trench-FET MOSFET
Si-npn-Darl     Silicon npn Darlington transistor          Tun            Tuner
Si-npn-Digi     Silicon npn "digital" transistor           U-Speed        Ultra-speed
SiGe-npn        Silicon/Geramanium npn transistor          UHF            RF applications (>250 MHz)
Si-pnp          Silicon pnp transistor                     Var            Variable
Si-pnp-Darl     Silicon pnp Darlington transistor          VCO            Voltage controlled oscillator
Si-pnp-Digi     Silicon pnp "digital" transistor           VDet           Volatge Detector
Si-Stab         Silicon stabistor                          VHF            RF applications (100...250MHz)
Therm-S         Thermal sensor Integrated Circuit          Vid            Video output stages
Thy-SPD         Thyristor-surge protector device           V-MOS
TTL-Logic       Transistor-Transistor Logic integrated     VR             Voltage Regulator
                circuit                                    WB             Wide Band
TVS             Transient voltage supressor
VR-IC           Voltage regulator integrated circuit       Column 5 ("Case")
Vref-IC         Voltage reference integrated circuit       Manufacturers cases designation.
Z-Diode         Zenner diode
Z-Diode/TVS Zenner diode - transient voltage               Column 6 ("Pin.")
                supressor                                  Related drawing number (figure) and pin assignment
                                                           (section 2). All drawings are situated also in the section
Column 4 ("Short description")                             2.
Short data or description of function of each type.
Used abbreviations:                                        Column 7 ("Sch.")
Adj.          Adjust, adjustable                           Sample schematic connection for some ICs. All drawings
AF            Audio Frequency                              are situated in the section 4.
AGC           Automatic Gain Control
ALC           Automatic Level Control                      Column 8 ("St.")
AM            Amplitude Modulation (AM range)              "Style" (upercase placement presentation) of the SMD-
Amp           Amplifier                                    code drawing. All drawings are situated in the section 3.
Ant           Antenna
Att           Attenuator                                   Column 9 ("Mnf.")
Aval          Avalanshe                                    The names of the manufacturers are abbreviated to save
BTL           Bridge Tied Loads                            space. The complete name, logos, contact and web-
Buff          Buffer                                       adresses of each manufacurer is listed alphabetically on
CATV          Broad band cable amplifier                   section 5.
Cell          Cellular
Contr         Controlled
Conv          Converter
Cordl         Cordless
Det           Detector
Diff          Differential
Dr, Drv       Driver
code   Type   Function   Short description            Case   Pin. St.   Mnf.

                                                                                   2 - pins
                                        2-pins SMD semiconductor components
                         SMD-codes for 2-pins cases semiconductor components

           code       Type          Function       Short description                        Case       Pin. St.     Mnf.

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