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3Com Corporation 3com logo.svg Former type Public Traded as NASDAQ: COMS (1984–2010) [1] Industry Computer network products Fate Acquired by Hewlett-Packard Successor Hewlett-Packard Founded 1979; 39 years ago Founder Robert Metcalfe and others Defunct April 12, 2010 Website www.3com.com 3Com Corporation was a digital electronics manufacturer best known for its computer network products. The company was founded in 1979 by Robert Metcalfe, Howard Charney, Bruce Borden, and Greg Shaw and recruited Bill Krause from Hewlett-Packard to be its president in February 1981 when it raised its first round of venture capital. Metcalfe explained the name 3Com was a contraction of "Computer Communication Compatibility",[2] with its focus on Ethernet technology that he had co-invented, which enabled the networking of computers. 3Com provided network interface controller and switches, routers, wireless access points and controllers, IP voice systems, and intrusion prevention systems. The company was based in Santa Clara, California. From its 2007 acquisition of 100 percent ownership of H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C) —initially a joint venture with China-based Huawei Technologies—3Com achieved a market presence in China, and a significant networking market share in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.[citation needed] 3Com products were sold under the brands 3Com, H3C, and TippingPoint. On April 12, 2010, Hewlett-Packard completed the acquisition of 3Com, and it no longer exists as a separate entity

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3C400_May82.pdf application/pdf 2.26 MB 02-12-2018
3C500_Mar83.pdf application/pdf 979.18 KB 02-12-2018
3c505_Etherlink_Plus_Developers_Guide_May86.pdf application/pdf 3.51 MB 02-12-2018
3com_3C400_Multibus_Ethernet_Jul82.pdf application/pdf 1.59 MB 02-12-2018
3Com_UNET_Nov80.pdf application/pdf 995.31 KB 02-12-2018
83X7875_IBM_LAN_Support_Program_Apr87.pdf application/pdf 951.57 KB 02-12-2018
1569-03_EtherLink_Plus_Technical_Reference_Jan89.pdf application/pdf 3.93 MB 02-12-2018
4185-01_EtherLink_II_Technical_Reference_Jan89.pdf application/pdf 2.34 MB 02-12-2018
4205-01_Link_Level_Library_3L_Interface_Specification_Jan89.pdf application/pdf 1.59 MB 02-12-2018
4354-01_EtherLink_MC_Technical_Reference_Jan89.pdf application/pdf 700.62 KB 02-12-2018
6404-00_Protocol_Manager_Binding_NETBIND_1988.pdf application/pdf 504.63 KB 02-12-2018
6406-00_Lan_Manager_NDIS_1.0.2_Preliminary_Jan89.pdf application/pdf 3.26 MB 02-12-2018
Etherbox_Sep83.pdf application/pdf 2.08 MB 02-12-2018

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