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3+0pen Version 1.1
Maintenance Update
Release Notes

For 3Corn User Group Information

Part No. 4814-03
Published May 1990. Printed in the U.S.A.
      Before Updating 3+0pen LAN Manager to the
       Maintenance Version 1.1 2
      Fixes and New Features 2
          Fixes 2
          New Features 4
      Known Problems and Solutions 5
          3+ and 3+0pen Passwords 5
          OS/2 Workstations Accessing Files on 3+ Servers 6
          EtherLink II and External Tranceivers 6
          Using Passwords with DOS Basic Workstations and
            User-Level Security Servers 7
          PostScript Despooler and Simultaneous Multiple
            Despooling 7
          Applications and Redirected Drives 7
          Start Up of IBM PS/2 Machines 8
          Netpopup and VGA Boards 8
          Netpopup and Monochrome Displays 8
          CD ROM and DOS Enhanced LAN Manager 8
          Off-Line Printer Problems 9
          Sending Messages to DOS Workstations 9
          Using the COpy Command vs. PRINT
            Command 10
          3F DIR /LINK and 3P DIR /LINK 10
          Out of Dynamic Memory 10
          Compaq 386/16 Mother Board Problem 10
          Redirector Out of Resources 11
      Installation and Setup Notes 12
          Compatibility with Previous Versions of
            3+0pen, OS/2, and 3+ 12
          NET 3054 Error Message 13
          Network Number for 3+0pen LAN Manager Entry
            System 13

    Checking for Overlayed Drive IDs 13
    OS/2 DOS Compatibility Mode 14
    PC Servers Using  osa  DOS Compatibility
     Mode 14
    Creating Generic DOS Workstation Diskettes 15
    3+0pen LAN Manager Server Adaptation
     on a Dedicated Server 16
    Global Path Statement in OS/2 1.1 16
    Logon Command for 3+ and 3+0pen Name
     Service 17
    Setting LOGON for Automatic Links 17
    OS/2 Disk Cache and SQL Server 18
    Installing 3+ for    Workstations and 3+0pen
     LAN Manager 18
    Compaq DOS 3.31 Disk Format Incompatible with
     OS/2    18
    Upgrading from Entry System to Advanced System
     Software 19
    Building 360 KB DOS Boot Diskettes 19
3+0pen Tuning and Configuration 20
    Existing Server Configuration Guidelines 20
    New Server Configuration Guidelines 20
    Server Tuning Guidelines 24
        Performance Tuning 25
        Adding Users 25
        Services Tuning 25
        Applications Tuning 26
Tips and Information 26
    Server Shutdown Guidelines 26
        Task 1: Notify Users of Server Shutdown 26
        Task 2: Stop Installed Services 27
        Task 3: Stop the Server Service, Redirector and
         Disk Cache 27
        Task 4: Power Down your Server 28
    IBM Dual-Async Adapters and EtherLink/MC
     Adapter 28

   IBM Token Ring 16/4 and 16/4/A Addresses 29
   Accessing Shared Modems 29
   Loading the Enhanced Redirector 3ComEMM into
     High Memory 29
   Understanding the Netlogon Service 30
   Running GROWACC on Your Server 33
   Running CHKDSK on 3Servers 34
Network Administration Notes 36
   Parameters for the NET PRINT Command 36
   MAXLOCKS and MAX OPENS Parameters 37
   Using 3+0pen LAN Manager in a NETMAP
    Environment 38
   Backing Up Account Information 38
   Clearing Access Control Records on a Server 39
   User Sharenames Ending in $ 39
   Logging Server Out of Resources Errors 39
   NET ADMIN Error Messages Missing 39
   NET ADMIN User Count 40
   NET ADMIN Error Count 40
   DOS Workstations Auto Reconnection 40
   Autodisconnect Parameter Values 40
3+0pen Documentation 41
   3+0pen MS OS/2 LAN Manager Administrator
    Guide 41
   3+0pen for 3Servers Installation and Setup
    Guide 41
   3+0pen MS-DOS LAN Manager User Reference 42
   3+0pen Messages Guide 42
General Notes 43
   IBM PS{2 Model 80 ESDI Controller Problem 43
   MS-DOS Manager and DOS 4.0 43
   Printing from the DOS Compatibility Box 43
   Autoswitching and/or Monitor-Detecting Video
    Cards 43
   Tested Video Adapters 44
   NET /MONO Option 44

    Universal Name Convention (UNC) Names Invalid
     with Printer 44
    Diskette Drive Access Problems Under OS/2 45
    Expanded Memory Not Supported 45
Application Notes 46
    IBM LAN Manager Program 46
    IBM PC 3270 Version 1.0 46
    IBM 3270 Emulation Version 3.0 47
    IBM PC Network Program 1.3 47
    WindowS/386 and Windows/286 48
Memory Saving Options for DOS Workstations 49
    NBP Protocol 50
    Dynamic Loading/Unloading of XNS Protocols 50
    Downloading Protocols to the Adapter
     (XNS only) 51
    Using the HIMEM Utility 52
    Using DOS Maximizer/386 to Load Programs into
     High Memory 54
    Other Notes on DOS Memory Savings 55
    Conflicts with Memory Mapped Devices 56
    3Com TokenLink Adapter 56
    IBM Token Ring Adapter 57
    3Com EtherLink Plus Adapter 57
    3Com EtherLink II Adapter Configured with
     Memory Mapping 58
Software Developer Notes 58
    NetWkstaSetUid 0 API Change 58
    Named Pipes (Msg/Blocking Type) 58
    Named Pipes Message Size 59
    Named Pipes with Multiple Threads 59

3+0pen Version 1.1 Maintenance

Update Release Notes
     This introductory section provides some basic
     information about these release notes and how to take
     advantage of the information within them.

     These release notes are an integral part of the 3+0pen
     LAN Manager documentation, and supersede all
     previous release notes for 3+0pen LAN Manager. These
     notes contain valuable product infonnation and should be
     read by the network administrator prior to product

     The first section contains information you need before
     you use the 3+0pen Version 1.1 Maintenance Update.
     3Com strongly recommends that all servers and
     workstations on the network be updated with the
     Maintenance Update as it ensures better reliability,
     interoperability, and supportability.

     The next three sections contain information on fixes, and
     new features, known problems and solutions, and
     installation and setup information. You should read
     these carefully.

     The remainder of the release notes contain information
     about tuning, tips and information, network
     administration notes, 3+0pen documentation, and
     application and software developer's notes. Use the table
     of contents to guide you to the section that is of interest
     to you.

1                 3Com Corporation                   May 1990
Before Updating 3+0pen LAN Manager to the
Maintenance Version 1.1
       Before you begin the update process, make backup
       copies of each diskette (using the DISKCOPY utility)
       and label each diskette. Use the backups for the update

Fixes and New Features
       Several problems have been fixed in this maintenance
       update. New features have also been added.

       Problems that were fixed for the 3+0pen Version 1.1
       Maintenance Update include:


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