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A plasma display is a computer video display in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by a tiny bit of plasma or charged gas, somewhat like a tiny neon light. Plasma displays are thinner than cathode ray tube ( CRT ) displays and brighter than liquid crystal displays ( LCD ).

.. [DIR]
32LC2R [DIR]
32PC5RVH32PC5RVH-MF chassisPP78C [DIR]
32PC51 chassis PP78A [DIR]
32PC51 chassis PP78C [DIR]
32PG6000 chassis PD81A [DIR]
42-PC1RR chassis MF-056L [DIR]
42PC1A chassis PD51A [DIR]
42PC1D-DAB chassis PA-61B [DIR]
42PC1DA,+42PC1DA-EC+Chassis+PD61A [DIR]
42PC1RV chassis PP61 [DIR]
42PC1RVRVA 42PC1RVRVA-ZJ chassis PP61A [DIR]
42PC5D [DIR]
42PC51 chassis PP-78A [DIR]
42PC55 [DIR]
42PG20 [DIR]
42PG20 PDP Training 2008 [DIR]
42PG20R MA chassis PP81A [DIR]
42PG60C-UA Chassis PA64C [DIR]
42PG60UD AA chassis PA81A [DIR]
42PG100R [DIR]
42PG200R [DIR]
42PG3000 [DIR]
42PG3000-ZA chassis PD83A [DIR]
42PG6000 [DIR]
42PG6900 chassis PD84A [DIR]
42PJ150 [DIR]
42PJ250 PU01A [DIR]
42PJ350 [DIR]
42PJ350, 42PJ350-UB chassis PU01A [DIR]
42PJ350-AB chassis PA01A [DIR]
42PJ350-ZA chassis PD01A [DIR]
42PJ350R-MA chassis PP01A [DIR]
42PN450B chassis PD31A [DIR]
42PN450D-ZA [DIR]
42PN4500 [DIR]
42PQ20 Video Training [DIR]
42PQ200R chassis PP91B [DIR]
42PQ301R chassis PP91B [DIR]
42PQ1100 [DIR]
42PQ2000-ZA chassis PD92A [DIR]
42PQ3000 [DIR]
42PQ6000 chassis PD92A [DIR]
42PT350 [DIR]
42PW350U chassis PU11A [DIR]
42PX2RVA_ch.MF-056C_s.m.rar application/x-rar 2.03 MB 12-12-2018
42PX4R [DIR]
42PX4RV chassis MF056A [DIR]
42PX4RVH, 50PX5R Chassis RF-052C [DIR]
42PX5D [DIR]
42PX5MH CH RF-052B [DIR]
42PX12X [DIR]
42V5 training [DIR]
42V7 training [DIR]
42X3A [DIR]
47LG90 Training Manual [DIR]
50PA4500-ZM 50PA4510-ZG 50PA4520-ZJ CHASSIS PB23A [DIR]
50PA4510 [DIR]
50PA5500 [DIR]
50PA6500-TF chassis PA21A [DIR]
50PB5600 [DIR]
50PC1DR,Troubleshooting,Manual,2007 [DIR]
50PC5D [DIR]
50PC5DC chassis PA-73E [DIR]
50PC51ZB [DIR]
50PC55 chassis PD-73A [DIR]
50PG20 chassis PU84A [DIR]
50PG20R chassis P81A [DIR]
50PG60UR-TA chassis PP81A [DIR]
50PG200R [DIR]
50PG3000 [DIR]
50PG4500-ZA [DIR]
50PG6000 [DIR]
50PG6300 Chasis PD85A [DIR]
50PG7000 [DIR]
50PH670V Chasis PD32C [DIR]
50PH6700 Chasis PA32A [DIR]
50PJ250 Chassis PU01A [DIR]
50PJ250-ZC [DIR]
50PJ350 Training [DIR]
50PJ350R-TA [DIR]
50PK350 [DIR]
50PK550 [DIR]
50PK750 [DIR]
50PK950 [DIR]
50PK990 [DIR]
50PM1M [DIR]
50PM670S-ZA [DIR]
50PN450B [DIR]
50PQ30 [DIR]
50PQ60D [DIR]
50PQ3000-ZA chassis PD92A [DIR]
50PS80 [DIR]
50PS6000 chassis PD92A [DIR]
50PS8000 [DIR]
50PT250B [DIR]
50PV400-430-450 chassis PU14K [DIR]
50PZ250 [DIR]
50PZ750-ZA [DIR]
60PA650T-ZA chassis PD21B [DIR]
60PA650T-ZG chassis PD23B [DIR]
60PA6500 chassis PD21A [DIR]
60PA6500-UA 60PA6550-UF chassis PU21A [DIR]
60PB660V-ZD chassis PD42A [DIR]
60PB5600 [DIR]
60PB6500 [DIR]
60PF95-ZA ch.PD75A [DIR]
60PH6700 chassis PA32A [DIR]
60PK250 [DIR]
60PK550AEU [DIR]
60PK750 chassis PU02A [DIR]
60PN6500-UA chassis PU31A [DIR]
60PS60 [DIR]
60PV250-UB chassis PU14K [DIR]
60PZ250 [DIR]
60PZ540 [DIR]
2003+PDP+ONE+POINT+REPAIR+GUIDE_[1].part1.rar application/x-rar 3.81 MB 12-12-2018
2003+PDP+ONE+POINT+REPAIR+GUIDE_[1].part2.rar application/x-rar 3.81 MB 12-12-2018
2003+PDP+ONE+POINT+REPAIR+GUIDE_[1].part3.rar application/x-rar 3.81 MB 12-12-2018
2003+PDP+ONE+POINT+REPAIR+GUIDE_[1].part4.rar application/x-rar 37.54 KB 12-12-2018
4200-4205-lg.pdf application/pdf 1.80 MB 12-12-2018
6871QYH053B [DIR]
AF044A chassis [DIR]
AF044P chassis [DIR]
Component_Level_Repair_YZ_board [DIR]
DU-42PY10X [DIR]
DU-50PX10-C Chassis AF044A [DIR]
EAY32808901 Plasma Power Supply Schematic [DIR]
EAY60968801 [DIR]
LG 42PG3000 Plasma TV SM.rar application/x-rar 14.28 MB 12-12-2018
LG 42PG6900 Plasma Tv SM.rar application/x-rar 14.23 MB 12-12-2018
LG 42PJ350 Chassis PD-01A Plasma TV SM.rar application/x-rar 7.03 MB 12-12-2018
LG 42PJ550 Chassis PD01A Plasma TV SM.rar application/x-rar 7.90 MB 12-12-2018
LG 42PX2RVA Chassis MF056C Plasma TV SM.rar application/x-rar 7.51 MB 12-12-2018
LG 42v5 [DIR]
LG 50PT81 Chassis PP7BA Plasma TV SM.rar application/x-rar 15.01 MB 12-12-2018
LG 880LC LB880BU BEJLB880BU Tft Lcd.rar application/x-rar 3.05 MB 12-12-2018
LG 880LC LB880D-UA GM5020 Tft Lcd.rar application/x-rar 3.14 MB 12-12-2018
LG MU-40PA15B_Plasma TV Service_Manual.zip application/zip 5.61 MB 12-12-2018
LG MU-42PM12X_Plasma Monitor Service_Manual.zip application/zip 9.29 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-42PZ42S Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 10.54 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-42PZ43V Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 10.54 MB 12-12-2018
LG mz-42pz44 [DIR]
LG MZ-42PZ44, MZ-42PZ45Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 15.10 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-50PZ43 Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 9.62 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-50PZ46 Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 15.22 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-50PZ93V Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 15.21 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-60PZ10 Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 11.19 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-60PZ13 Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 2.99 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-60PZ14V Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 10.68 MB 12-12-2018
LG MZ-60PZ92V Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 15.63 MB 12-12-2018
LG PDP42V5 Plasma Tv Training Manual.rar application/x-rar 1.04 MB 12-12-2018
LG PDP repair 2003 [DIR]
LG Plasma Display Panel Training Manual 2006_PDPTraining_2006_v2.zip application/zip 27.21 MB 12-12-2018
LG Plasma Panel Alignment Handbook_8-2-2010.pdf application/pdf 12.49 MB 12-12-2018
LG Plasma TV and LCD TV 2006 Firmware.zip application/zip 10.52 MB 12-12-2018
LG PLASMA TV RT42PX10[1].part1.rar application/x-rar 4.77 MB 12-12-2018
LG PLASMA TV RT42PX10[1].part2.rar application/x-rar 4.77 MB 12-12-2018
LG PLASMA TV RT42PX10[1].part3.rar application/x-rar 682.51 KB 12-12-2018
LG RT-50PZ60_70_FR-030B[1].part1.rar application/x-rar 4.77 MB 12-12-2018
LG RT-50PZ60_70_FR-030B[1].part2.rar application/x-rar 4.77 MB 12-12-2018
LG RT-50PZ60_70_FR-030B[1].part3.rar application/x-rar 4.77 MB 12-12-2018
LG RT-50PZ60_70_FR-030B[1].part4.rar application/x-rar 75.98 KB 12-12-2018
LG RZ-42PX10 Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 22.22 MB 12-12-2018
LG RZ-42PX12X Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 13.58 MB 12-12-2018
LG RZ-42PY10X Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 14.04 MB 12-12-2018
LG RZ-50PY10 Plasma TV Service Manual.zip application/zip 13.73 MB 12-12-2018
LG_-_RZ-42PX11_-_Sparks_in_Picture.JPG image/jpeg 438.09 KB 12-12-2018
LG_2003 PDP REPAIR GUIDE_GB.rar application/x-rar 11.53 MB 12-12-2018
List of updated ZSUS, YSUS & Control PCBs [DIR]
M1910A [DIR]
MC51.rar application/x-rar 2.29 MB 12-12-2018
MF-056A chassis [DIR]
MP-40PA10.rar application/x-rar 1.44 MB 12-12-2018
MT-42PZ44 [DIR]
MT-60PZ12V [DIR]
MT-60PZ90V [DIR]
MT-MZ-42PZ10 [DIR]
MW-71PY10G [DIR]
MZ-42PZ13 [DIR]
MZ-42PZ44 [DIR]
MZ-60PZ12 [DIR]
MZ-60PZ92V [DIR]
PB41A chassis [DIR]
PB61A chassis [DIR]
PD11K chassis [DIR]
PD13K chassis [DIR]
PD22A chassis [DIR]
PD23A chassis [DIR]
PDP42V5= Daewoo SP120 chassis [DIR]
pdp42v51_150.jpg image/jpeg 58.00 KB 12-12-2018
Plasma Panel Alignments Handbook [DIR]
Plasma training [DIR]
Plasma Training 2004 [DIR]
PP91B chassis [DIR]
PU82C chassis [DIR]
Quick Reference Alignment Handbook [DIR]
RT-42PX10 [DIR]
RT-42PX11 [DIR]
RT-42PX12X [DIR]
RT-42PZ45V [DIR]
RT-42PZ60H [DIR]
RT-50PX10 [DIR]
RT-50PZ45V [DIR]
RT-50PZ60 [DIR]
rt_ba10__owner_s_manual.pdf application/pdf 2.41 MB 12-12-2018
RU-42PX10, RU-42PX11 [DIR]
RZ-20LA70 [DIR]
RZ-42PX10 [DIR]
RZ-42PX11 [DIR]
RZ-42PX1011 [DIR]
RZ-42PY10X [DIR]
software for LG plasma [DIR]
Technical_manual(LGVer1.0) [DIR]
Training 2007 [DIR]
training Tv plasma Lg [DIR]

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