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Cyrix Corporation Cyrix logo.svg Industry Semiconductors Fate Merged & Dissolved Successor sold to National Semiconductor (later sold to VIA Technologies), assets sold to Advanced Micro Devices Founded 1988 Founder Jerry Rogers, Tom Brightman[1] Defunct November 11, 1997 Headquarters Richardson, TX, USA Products 6x86 MediaGX CPU Number of employees approx. 300 Cyrix Corporation was a microprocessor developer that was founded in 1988 in Richardson, Texas, as a specialist supplier of math coprocessors for 286 and 386 microprocessors. The company was founded by Tom Brightman and Jerry Rogers. Cyrix founder, President and CEO Jerry Rogers, aggressively recruited engineers and pushed them, eventually assembling a small but efficient design team of 30 people. Cyrix merged with National Semiconductor on 11 November 1997.

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Application Note 116 Performance Rating the Cyrix M II-300 Processor.pdf application/pdf 73.33 KB 27-01-2022
Application Note 120 Cyrix III CPU BIOS Writer’s Guide.PDF application/pdf 140.58 KB 27-01-2022
Application Note 127 Cyrix III CPU MotherBoard Design Considerations.PDF application/pdf 58.70 KB 27-01-2022
Application Note 130 Cyrix III CPU Layout Guidelines for 133 MHz Bus Operation.PDF application/pdf 83.88 KB 27-01-2022
Cyrix 6x86 Datasheet [DIR]
Cyrix 6x86 Thermal Design Considerations.pdf application/pdf 296.44 KB 27-01-2022
Cyrix CPU Detection Guide.pdf application/pdf 66.32 KB 27-01-2022
Cyrix III Processor DataBook.pdf application/pdf 581.67 KB 27-01-2022
Cyrix M II.PDF application/pdf 568.88 KB 27-01-2022
Cyrix_Cx486DLC_Data_Sheet_May92.pdf application/pdf 8.46 MB 04-12-2018
Cyrix_Cx486SLC_Data_Sheet_Feb92.pdf application/pdf 8.24 MB 04-12-2018
The Cyrix M I Architecture.pdf application/pdf 84.23 KB 28-01-2022

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